Marine Gunny Tattoo With EGA

I’ve waited 17 years to finally get my tat! I have 3 years left before I retired and I knew it was time. I gave my idea to the artist and he made it what it is, I love it! Tat done by: Robert Wolf @ Incredible Ink Tattoo 37 New Orleans rd. (Orleans Plaza suite Y) Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928

5 thoughts on “Marine Gunny Tattoo With EGA”

  1. I hate to say sir that is one of the worst tats I’ve seen. To me it looks like you are missing a top stripe and a bottom rocker!! EGA looks good though. Sorry for a bad review but I would be pissed with that. Just saying.. But Thank You for your service sir.

  2. Wow, what imagery! I like how you have EGA in the rank insignia (black area). You have clearly shown the three chevrons and two bottom rockers with the crossed rifles. The last time I spoke with my father, a retired Gunnery Sergeant, you’ve hit it spot on. Waiting 17 years to get this tattoo, which says a lot, wear it proudly!! Plus, your artist did a wonderful job. It’s clear, sharp and the shadowing is outstanding. Thank you for your service and Semper Fi!!

  3. I feel that this Tattoo is “Spot ON”, I am a Marine Gunnery Sergeant(Ret.) Semper Fidelis brother. Wear it with pride.
    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I guess the tat is in the eyes of beholder! Some see it as awesome and some see it and say WTfred! When I first saw it, I was like WTfred. But, after looking at it for a while, I could see it. So, if you get some long stares at you it’s probably the tat Gunny. Thanks for giving the name of the tat artist because I think I’ll stay away. “Semper Fi”

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