12 thoughts on “Marine Humor”

  1. Remember this when you’re hit and yelling for Doc and we let you bleed out Doc Nam 67-69

    1. Lighten up Doc, it’s just humor and you oughta know by now that FMF Doc’s are not even considered regular Navy by most Marines and held in high regard!

    2. Now you see DOC, with all this attention and comments, you gotta admit, That is Love, pure hard core and salty Love!! SEMPER-FI Doc!!!

  2. Doc there is no disrespect to you it just shows that you had more common sense then the regular navy by hanging out with a bunch of marines. Semper Fi We are all in the same boat for the same cause

  3. I am retired I love the humor how can I get it text to me my oldest son one of first babies born in usmc in 1976 when they let. Women. Have children noticed I a Marine that can get pregnant. Women. Marine okay 1970_1991 gunny

  4. My husband(a former Marine)World War 2..a grandson now a Marine..my son Navy(surely he made a mistake)..we laugh about this often

  5. My brother-in-law (wife’s brother) was Navy; catapult on the USS Essex, God rest his soul. We used to banter back and forth. He always said we (Marines) were just a part of the Navy & I (as a true Marine) always replied,”Yeah, the Men’s Dept.” Sgt ’66-’70 Nam ’67-’68 Semper Fi

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