Marine Malachy Murphy

Marine Malachy Murphy

Sgt Grit:

I am trying to locate and/or get any available information about a Marine, Malachy Murphy, that I grew up with as a youngster, and later served briefly with when we were "young" Marines. I thought perhaps one (or more) of your Newsletter subscribers may have known or even served with Malachy. I am writing a story about Malachy and would really like to talk with anyone who may have known him in or out of the Corps. He may be deceased, as all efforts to locate him and his family (and I have written many letters) have not produced any results. You have no idea how many "Malachy Murphy's" there are out there, I have found many in my search efforts, including on and other similar sites. Some have written and given me a Malachy Murphy they thought was him; even though the date of birth was different, I checked that lead out and it was not him.

I have information from a reliable source that Malachy Murphy may not be just any Marine either, but may well be the Marine shown in the famous 1950's Life Magazine Photo taken by renowned Photographer David Duncan. This stirring photo, and a similar request from me, is shown on the Marine Corps Combat Correspondents web site: There is also additional information about Malachy and his family on this listing that I will not have to use additional space to repeat here.

I have been informed that there is at least one other Marine who claims he is the Marine in that photo, and he may well be. It is not my intention nor will I get into any "disputes" with anyone over this. My sole intent at this time is just to locate Malachy, any member of his family, or anyone else who may have known him.

Attached are a couple of pictures of young Malachy and me with fellow Marine Hugh McAvinue, who also grew up with us at St. Agnes, one of Malachy alone (wearing the old "Battle Jacket" referred to also as an "Ike Jacket,)" and another with an unknown Marine thought to be taken at Camp Delmar (dates unknown).

Many thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

Semper Fi,

Gerald F. (Jerry) Merna
1stLt USMC (Ret.).
Mustang (MGySgt)

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