“Marine Mom”

This is a poem My daughter sent home to me just before graduation from boot camp at Parris Island, SC. Written by Jessica Lee Bianco, 1998:


“Marine Mom”

Three long moths it had been

Since you’ve seen your oldest one

You could not but imagine

All she’d been through and done


You waited anxiously in the dark

On a clear Parris Island night

After meeting with her DI’s

Who assured you she was alright


Then you heard the footsteps

Of a hundred or so proud women

Their cadence growing stronger

And your waiting soon to end


Out of the dark they marched

So proud, so strong, so lean

Pressed and polished and shining

In the uniform of a Marine


Row after row, each looking like the other

But every special one

Reunited with their Mother


Where was your little girl

Who left three months ago

Who is this grown up woman

I now must come to know?


She looked you in the eye

With a confidence so keen

You recognized your precious one

A United States Marine


Your heart filled with pride

Your eyes brimmed with tears

You know you had not lost her

But must share her for four years


To wear the title of Marine

They say is like no other

But how can one be prouder

Than a  US Marine’s Mother?


(I love you mom and dad! I’m coming home a United States Marine!!)

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