Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis
Hometown: Richland, WA

Retired Marine Gen. Mattis is our modern day “Chesty” Puller. The “Warrior Monk” led Marines in combat in three different wars — the Persian Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). On Christmas Day 1998, his boss, Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Charles Krulak, was visiting duty posts in the Washington D.C. area. Krulak asked the duty who the officer of the day was and the Marine replied, “Sir, it’s Brigadier General Mattis.” Krulak peeked into the duty hut and saw two cots — one for the OOD and one for the duty. He asked, “Who was the officer who slept in that bed last night?” The duty replied, “Sir, Brigadier General Mattis.” Krulak asked Mattis why he — a general officer — was standing duty, to which Mattis replied, “Sir, I looked at the duty roster for today and there was a young major who had it who is married and had a family; and so I’m a bachelor, I thought why should the major miss out on the fun of having Christmas with his family, and so I took the duty for him.” Always leading by example. Semper Fi, sir! (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mallory Vanderschans)

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52 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK”

    1. A Marine’s Marine would not have dishonored himself and the Corps leaving the White House in the manner that he left!

      Sgt. J. Parker, 3rd Btl., 1st. Mar., Lima Co., 3rd Plt. ’65-’67 Vietnam

      1. Agreed. He proved himself to be way short of Chesty. He should have done something to “win” those wars. Not just talk a good game.

        1. With all due respect, Floyd: For 16 years he followed Bush and Obama leading Marines in 2 failed political wars. The Taliban won because both of those Presidents turned it into a Vietnam style war not allowing our troops to win. Mattis went along, faithfully. Talked tough but let it drag on. When he really had a chance to make policy; When he was in charge of it all, he screwed the pooch. He threw President Trump under the bus. He was just part of the swamp. What a disappointment to me because I know what it is like to lose friends and know the bastards are not going to let you win.

      2. I fine it amazing all my Marine brothers chose to follow a lying, draft dodging, coward “trump”. A truly honorable man, General James Mattis, who devoted his entire life to our country and our Marine Corps, to be disparaged by you blindly led trumpers is a disgrace in its self. You choose to support and follow this coward trump, who inspired an insurrection and throw out our constitution which we all swore to defend and honor, I find appalling. trump has done nothing but take and take his entire life where General Mattis gave his entire life to our country. Don’t be so blindly led Marines, research and read the facts. Semper Fi, to my country and constitution and my brother Marines.

        1. Bill: “blindly led”? Korea; Vietnam; Iraq; Afghanistan; All since since WWII where we followed orders, to destroy communism and muslim terrorism. All failed. Mattis was the leader that said “have a plan to kill them all” and then when he served a president that wanted to win or get out, he punted. Then back stabbed. Harry Truman fired Doug for good reason. But Doug was right. Patton was right about the Russians. General Mattis, in the end was just another swamp creature with a uniform. Talk about how we were all blindly led. Do not be so blind about our government.

    2. Sadly you have been misguided, Mattis sold out my great country AMERICA and the worlds finest UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! His comment of get rid of the AMERICA first comes straight out of the mouth of a COMMIE.
      My Father MSGT Russell Dalrymple UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS (RET) 1940/1960 , who is most likely the longest held MARINE in captivity by the japs in WWII and a Chosin Reservoir Marine
      was the quartermaster of the 5th Marine Reg and personally new Chesty had the highest regard for this warrior and his combat accomplishments, if he were alive today would say Mattis not be fit to carry his 782 gear.


      3rd PLT Charlie Co.
      1st BN 9th Marine Reg
      3rd MAR DIV 1974/1975

    3. I’m calling B.S. At one time Mattis was a Marine. He became a piece of shit politician. I never like speaking bad about a brother, just because you become a Marine doesn’t mean you carry that character forever. Mattis sold his character for money, politics and power. No, it is not about Trump but that is one example. Mattis is what has become a problem in the suck.

  1. To me, General Mattis is one of the “New Breed” officers who has now become one of the “Old Breed” and I welcome him to our ranks. He is first General whom I noticed was younger then me, and that’s when I knew I was part of the “Old Corps.” We certainly need more officers of his caliber. As in the past, I’m sure that they will soon emerge from the ranks and we will be amazed at their abilities and leadership. Semper Fi!!!

    1. He did not win the war. Talked a good game though. He is a disappointment. Should have been loyal to President Trump.

      1. Wooo, let’s hold up here. General Mattis was what he was suppose to be, a Marine that’s LOYAL to the standards of the Corps and our nation. No way should he or any Americans that love our country should ever be loyal to a TRAITOR!!! trumPIG is as slick and nasty as snot on a door knob.

      1. Horse cock. We need Marines not politicians. If you can’t see that maybe your just to close or just another politician Marine who doesn’t give a shit about anything except advancing his career and politics.

  2. No wamby pamby here!
    I’m proud to be a Marine w leaders like you!

    KJ, USMC, Vietnam, 1968, 0331 machine gunner & 9940 Vietnamese interpreter

  3. It’s to bad mattis couldn’t be as loyal to the real President Trump instead of stabbing him in the back. But when you want to be a politician rather then a Marine that how it goes

    1. Thank YOU for your opinion, yes he was good Marine decades ago but when STABED President Trump in the back he chucked his rep. In the SHITER❗️

  4. The kind of officer we follow through hell. It’s called leadership. General Mad Dog Mattis is now marine legacy. Semper Fi’!
    Oh, good warrior leaders never do well in politics. Bootlicking is not in their wojo.

    1. I would not follow that political piece of shit to the head if I had Montezuma’s revenge so bad I would fill a water Buffalo. Mattis licked alot of boots, then fucked Marines and the country for politics and acceptance into the D.C. swamp. Maybe you should do some research into the turd. Being good once does not make one good always.

  5. Gen. Mattis should re-read the Officers Handbook as he seems to have forgotten the number one rule for Officers- you don’t openly disobey or Criticizeyour superior’s which he did when President Trump fired him. He is a disgrace to the Marine Corps uniform.



  7. The replies prior mine say it all on both sides. The general did disgrace himself at the end of his carrier which gives me much despair. A real worrier bit the dust!

  8. Sadly, General Mattis sold out his country and our Corps by becoming a Chinese agent after his abrupt departure from the government. To me, his joining with one of our biggest adversaries is unforgiveable.

    1. No one wants to talk about the shit he has done to advance himself at the peril of the Corp and country. Just because he was once a good Marine should not make fellow Marines give him a pass for becoming a piece of shit. This is not about Trump for me although that was a blunder that helped Mattis politically, it made many take a hard look at him. Then you could see what a piece of shit he became. Mattis has just as much innocent blood on him as McKenna, Millet and Austin.

  9. Thank you for your leadership Gen. Mattis, especially after having to deal with draft dodgen’ Don who had no leadership skills. God bless and Semper Fi!!!!!

  10. Interesting comments on General Mattis. Just about evenly divided between thumbs up and thumbs down. Had he just retired as an outstanding Marine general, there would be no controversy. Unfortunately, I’m siding with James John, David, Robert, Mark, Ed and C.

    1. President Trump needed a Chesty or a Patton. Mattis came up way short. Good talker though.

      1. How one could ever compare a man who became a political whore, traitor to a real hero is beyond this Marine. Ignorance coupled with media puffing would be my guess. Chesty hated politicians and paid the price for it.

  11. General Mattis is a rare general officer in this day and age of general officer mediocracy prevalent in all branches of the service. Our nation could use General Mattis as an example of what is expected from all levels of the officer corps.

  12. Outstanding in his USMC boots,
    Out of his element as a politico in his bunny slippers.
    Who should have known better about publicly badmouthing a commander in chief.

  13. I went into the USMC in 1964 Parris Island ,I was a Sergeant Radar tech on Monkey Mountain Vietnam 1967-1968, no combat, But I worked 12 hours on 24 hours off to keep my radar set up and working to keep those bomb coming for you ground US Marines like Kevin 0331, Semper Fi to you guys! got out of active duty as a Staff sergeant in 1971. Became a University of California State Police officer for 28 years. In 1982, I went back into active USMC Reserve, Headquarters and Service Company, 2nd BAT. 23 marines as The Comm. Platoon Sergeant in 1982 and in 1984 (or so, I forgot, a long time ago!) became the Company Gunnery sergeant, which is the best JOB in the U. S. Marine Corps. Retired in 1995 with 20 years in the USMC as a Master Sergeant. I never met
    Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis But I have worked with many USMC Officers who had his abilities and leadership skills.
    Note: I have a photo “LEAD FROM THE FRONT!” of LtCol. “Chesty” Pulley with His “XO with his arms crossed AND HIS RANK “oak leaves”(you can see them in the photo) ON HIS COLLARS” Dumb Axx and His three Rifle Company COs (no rank), who are very happy being with the best Officer Marine EVER! When they were on Guadalcanal. It is a great photo, the OX is not a happy camper! But the USMC will not allow that to ever happen again, because when I was in the H&S Co. A RIFLE BATTALLON GOES INTO BATTLE! THE BAT. CO AND Rifle Company COs are in the “A” Command unit with the First Sergeant! And the Bat. XO, rifle co. XOs are in “B” Command unit with the Company Gunnery! I have been there and done that! The Rifle Companies are being let by the LTs, STAFF SERGEANTS leaders of the Rifle Platoons under the RADIO CONTROL OF THE COMMAND UNITS. Now that was how it was when I retired in 1995, 26 years, A long time ago! God bless and keep all of the active duty Marines and retired Marines too, SAFE. SEMPER FI.

  14. Mattis is certainly no one I will ever honor or respect. He disgraced his legacy by undermining his Commander in Chief and the one president who made America great again-President Trump.

    SEMPER FI HOPWOOD NAM 67-69 0341 81’S F.O.

  16. Col Mattis led TF Ripper during DS/DS. I was attached for a short time pre-stepoff. Went into Kuwait attached to TF Papa Bear. (Senility sets in: don’t recall the CO’s name – OUTSTANDING Marine will do.)

    Both Colonels went brought up and molded by the second “Chesty” Puller – General A. Gray. Truly a man to emulate.

    Still many a good officer out there. Some get sideways at times…LtCol Sheller; I think would’ve been handled differently in the “Old Corps” but the type of C.O. Marines have been following since Day 1

  17. Mad Dog Mattis willfully and openly violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) by publicly maligning President Trump in an effort to undermine his policies and force him out of office. Career members of the military, just like everyone else who takes the oath, are subject to the jurisdiction of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), even after they retire and draw pay. This has been affirmed and reaffirmed by the US Supreme Court. Mad Dog allowed himself to become politicized and should be held accountable under the UCMJ.

    Donald Trump was the first President in forever who did not drag the USA into some kind of military involvement which would lead to dead Americans. For that he was rewarded by being publicly castigated by over 500 flag officers of the US Military, including Mad Dog, who sold out this country for political purposes.

    At one time I idolized the man just like almost every other Marine. Now — I wouldn’t give him the sweat off of my ass to drink if he was dying of thirst in the desert.

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