Capt. Eddie Ray (at time of awarding)
1st Marine Division
Kuwait, Feb. 25, 1991
Award: Navy Cross

During the early morning hours of Operation Desert Storm, an Iraqi mechanized division counter-attacked elements of the 1st Marine Division in Southeastern Kuwait … During the ensuing intense ten hour battle, Capt. Ray repeatedly maneuvered his Light Armored Vehicle Company in harm’s way, skillfully integrating his Light Armored Infantry weapons, reinforcing TOW’s, and AH-1W Attack Helicopters to decisively defeat main Iraqi counter-attacks. Leading from the front and constantly exposed to large volumes of enemy fire, Ray led swift, violent attacks directly into the face of the vastly larger enemy force. These attacks shocked the enemy, destroyed 50 enemy Armored Personnel Carriers, and resulted in the capture of over 250 Iraqi soldiers. (U.S. Marine Corps photo)

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8 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK:”

    1. It makes me proud to be A Unite States Marine. Parachute Rigger , F4B Phantom, Cpl., Viet Nam, 1965 – 1966.
      Fr. Paul

  1. Thank you Marine for your “tough balls and hardcore fighting spirit”. Semper Fi my friend and God Bless.

  2. I had the Honor and Privilege to be in the same company as Capt. Ray. 3rd LAI 2-4. The citation doesn’t even come close to the things that happened nd the things that were done. If I was asked to go to hell with this man, I’d do so with a smile because I know how well he leads and takes care of his Marines.

    Streetman 89-94

  3. The NC is a well deserved Medal. BUT, why was he not recommended for the
    CMOH ? Perhaps one day after a REVIEW.

    Tony Woconish

    1. The requirements for the MoH are much more stringent, one of which is putting your life in danger to protect others, which is why most are awarded posthumously.

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