MARINE OF THE WEEK // “Everything you’ve been trained to do matters”

Sgt. Joshua L. Moore
2D BN 8TH Marines, RCT-1, 2nd Marine Division
Operation Enduring Freedom
March 14, 2011
Award: Navy Cross

Then-Lance Corporal Moore demonstrated audacity and selfless devotion to duty in the face of a determined enemy when his element came under attack north of Marjah. Two Marines who were outside the structure the team was using for cover immediately became casualties. Insurgents then threw two grenades over the wall into the team’s position. Without hesitation, and with complete disregard for his own life, Lance Corporal Moore picked up the first grenade and threw it out of the building, where it immediately detonated. He then picked up the second grenade, recognized it had malfunctioned and would not detonate, discarded it, and charged out of the structure to aid the wounded. Though instantly taken under fire by an enemy force one hundred meters away, Lance Corporal Moore audaciously stood his ground, returning fire with his M-4 rifle and M-203 grenade launcher. The effects of his fire neutralized the enemy and forced them to abandon their position, buying his team precious time to regroup and aid their wounded. He then immediately took action to assist in the scouting and securing of a landing zone to extract wounded personnel. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of fire, and complete dedication to duty, Lance Corporal Moore reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.

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16 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK // “Everything you’ve been trained to do matters””

  1. Hoo Ra and Semper Fi , job well done Marine !
    Great to see today’s marines are stepping up to the plate. What you did helping to save your fellow Marines, is something they will never forget. The Marines you served with, will remain your close friends for the rest of your life. I was with 2/8 in Iraq in 90-91. And I still keep in touch with the Marines I served with, over 30 years ago.
    Former Sergeant, William T. Minor

  2. Another story that reads like Medal of Honor! Guess Sgt. Moore would have to die to receive one medal higher.

  3. Semper Fi Marine! Thanks for showing what we Marines are made of, and our dedication to one another. Again Semper Fi and God bless our Corps.

  4. In a difficult time in our country, it is good to see another great generation of Marines stepping up.

    Well done Marine.

    EN 3 NAM 62 64 USN

  6. Well done! Few will understand that this is what is expected from all who wear the uniform …. Emphasizing taking care of your own and maximizing one’s training. Reflects duty/honor/country. Although I’m Army, my father was retired MSG USMC – he passed away last year, and would also have been proud of this display of courage and honor. Well done!

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