MARINE OF THE WEEK // “Somebody had to get this child out of the river”

Lance Cpl. Tucker Watson-Veal
Infantry Marine, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
Salt River, Arizona
September 17, 2016
Award: Navy and Marine Corps Medal

While on vacation, then-PFC Watson-Veal was approached by a distraught man who said a child was caught up in a strong current and couldn’t swim. Watson-Veal immediately sprung into action, pushing up-river past the child before plunging into the icy cold waters. After letting the current take him to the child, Watson-Veal latched onto him with one arm while grabbing onto a tree branch. Because of the nearby terrain, there was no way to pull the boy onto land. Additionally, the Marine noticed the young boy was showing signs of hypothermia. Watson-Veal held his position against the current and cold until an airboat belonging to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene to assist, preventing the child from drowning.

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11 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK // “Somebody had to get this child out of the river””

  1. 3rd LAR still saving the day!

    3rd LAR for life!

    Great job by Watson-Veal. Reflecting great credit on himself and the Marine Corps.

    Sgt. Rodriguez

    1. Because of Lance Cpl. Tucker Watson-Veal’s quick actions this boy has been given another five years of life and counting… a great gift! Well done!

  2. Once a Marine Always a Marine My Father Me and Three of my (4) Brothers One Army Happy Birthday Everyday Dad WW2 all the rest Viet Nam

  3. Thank you….responsible, compassionate, and dedicated to all the principles of being a USMC….Semper Fi…. spread the Faith the Marine Corps way….,,💈

  4. So impressed with the Caliber of Marines today,,, sincerely believe as good as ever were,,, OOOOORAH,, Semper Fi Marines!

  5. A brave and heroic task completed by another marine that thought of others instead of himself in a time of need. Semper Fi marine.

  6. LCpl Watson-Veal’s actions epitomize what the Marine Corps is all about. He didn’t waste any time waiting for someone else to do something, instead quickly evaluating the situation and taking action. He did so with full acceptance of the risk to his own life. Because of his immediate response, a young boy is still alive, and his family will be forever grateful. LCpl Watson-Veal, you are eminently deserving of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. We are extremely proud of you!

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