GySgt. Nick Popaditch
1st Tank Battalion, Iraq, April 2004
Award: Silver Star

On April 6-7, 2004, Gunnery Sgt. Popaditch was serving as a Tank Platoon Sergeant in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in Fallujah, Iraq. The Marines of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines came under heavy enemy fire and without hesitation, GySgt. Popaditch surged his two tanks into the city to support the Marines under fire, drawing enemy fire away from the beleaguered Marines and enabling Fox Company to evacuate a critically wounded Marine. For several hours, enemy forces engaged his tank section with withering rocket-propelled grenade fire until they were destroyed by accurate machine gun fire. Acting as the forward observer for a AC-130 gunship, GySgt. Popaditch directed fire onto enemy targets, effecting their annihilation. With complete disregard for his personal safety, he moved his tank forward to draw the enemy from their covered and concealed positions and allowing the AC-130 to engage them. On the morning of April 7, GySgt. Popaditch was severely wounded by an enemy rocket-propelled grenade blast. Blinded and deafened by the blast, he remained calm and ordered his crew to a medical evacuation site. By his bold leadership, wise judgment, and complete dedication to duty, GySgt. Popaditch was awarded the Marine Corps’ third highest award for valor, the Silver Star.

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  1. He was the guest speaker in 3/4’s birthday Ball back in 2007. Fox 2/1 was the unit my buddy Christopher McCrackin served in before he was KIA.

  2. In the finest tradition of our beloved Corps. Always and forever, a United States Marine. SEMPER FIDELIS, Brother!

  3. Semper Fi Gunny I came before your time but I admire your Marine Spirit.
    I think we need to load Congress with Marines and get this ship upright again.
    Carry On.

    1. I totaly agree with you. We need our great and fearless Marines in our government. They will get the job done for the betterment of all of us here in our great country. Semper Fi, Marines. God bless you and keep you safe

  4. My wife and campaigned and supported GySgt. Popaditch 8n his run for congress. This wasn’t that long after he was wounded and he was still hurting and healing. But that didn’t stop or even slow him down. A more honorable, humble and motivated Marine will not be found. I still have a couple of his “tell it to the Marine ” stickers. SEMPER FI BROTHER.

  5. You’re just like some of the Gunnys I had the honor of serving with. Their leadership made you feel secure. It also inspired you to be like them.

  6. You encapsulate the true meaning of being a Marine! The strength, selflessness and concern for your fellow Marines was clearly shown by your incredible, courageous actions! I am a Marine Mom and know the constant training, sacrifices and pure love for our Country it takes to hold the honor of being a Marine. I am pleased to see that your bravery has not gone unnoticed and want to not only thank you, GySgt. Nick Popaditch, for your service, but wish to thank all of our service men and woman, past and present, for their service! Semper Fi Marines!

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