MARINE OF THE WEEK // Under fire, pulled his fallen comrade from the burning Humvee

Sgt. Jarred Adams
Scout sniper, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines-First Team , 1st Marine Division
Jan 6, 2005
Husaybah, Iraq
Award: Silver Star

In downtown Husaybah, Iraq, then-Corporal Adams’ patrol came under intense enemy fire causing the lead vehicle to crash. He exited the vehicle and began returning fire as fellow Marines attempted to dislodge the vehicle from the wall. After freeing the vehicle and retrograding back to Camp Gannon, the patrol realized one of the vehicles was separated and needed to be located. Re-entering the kill zone again, his vehicle suffered a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade, causing the vehicle to erupt into flames. Corporal Adams exited the vehicle and began to fire on enemy positions. Suffering from multiple shrapnel wounds and burns, he began returning fire on enemy positions while trying to communicate with the Command Post. Realizing that the turret gunner was still inside the burning vehicle, he jumped back inside the burning wreckage, subjecting himself to the imminent threat of exploding friendly munitions from within the vehicle and enemy fire, refusing to depart the area before retrieving the fallen Marine. Freeing the gunner from the turret, and suffering from multiple wounds, he carried the gunner across the intersection under enemy fire while the remaining Marines provided suppressive fire on the enemy threat. By his bold leadership, wise judgment, and complete dedication to duty, Corporal Adams reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

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12 thoughts on “MARINE OF THE WEEK // Under fire, pulled his fallen comrade from the burning Humvee”

  1. Uurah!! Another story of valor about a Marine carrying on the tradition of the Corps. Semper Fi!!

    1. God bless all my Brother Marines for what they do and will do. I served 15 Jan 1956 to 15 Jan 1959. I was never tested as my Brothers were before me and after me. My tour of duty included being stationed at Henderson Hall, Headquarters Marine Core, Arlington Va. Special Ops, MP, Security assignments an pulling colors at the Marine Core monument, Arlington Va.

  2. OOHRAHH Sgt. Adams! Thank you from all your brothers! Every day, Marines worldwide ? are doing what it takes to make the world ? a better place! Staring down our enemies with steel cold resolve. At a moments notice stepping in to do what’s right in far away countries or here at home! Marines-first to fight-last to leave! OOHRAH!!!

  3. Ooooorha brother!???The few the proud ! Git some. 1982 Grenada just call me nickname Shooter ! Proud of you. Thank you for your service brother ?ooooorha ??

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