#MARINE OF THE WEEK // “We got shot at every 500 meters after that. We pushed through”

#MARINE OF THE WEEK // “We got shot at every 500 meters after that. We pushed through”

Sgt. Robert Lopez
Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment
Aug 22-23, 2010
Sangin Province, Afghanistan
Award: Bronze Star W/ combat “V”

Sergeant Lopez was preparing to enter a compound when an improvised grenade — a water bottle filled with explosives and fragmentation — was lobbed over a wall. He called it out and scrambled to get his Marines away, but one tripped. He picked the Marine up, but it was too late to run.
Lopez turned to shield the fallen infantryman from the blast, and he and his Marines were sprayed with shrapnel; one was so seriously injured.
The Marines were eventually able to clear that compound, and Lopez said they discovered that the owners were being intimidated by Taliban fighters. The next day, as his squad was investigating another compound, they discovered a cache of weapons, including explosives, magazines and grenades. As they were collecting intelligence, they came under heavy fire from multiple positions.
He sprinted under direct fire across the top of the narrow wall, finally positioning himself to see that the fire was likely coming from a nearby treeline. Lopez ordered his machine gunners to fire on the area and called in a mortar attack, acting as the spotter. By the second round, the enemy fire was silenced.

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26 thoughts on “#MARINE OF THE WEEK // “We got shot at every 500 meters after that. We pushed through””

  1. Thank you seems to not be enough. But my heart is full of thanks for your selflessness, for your hard training to be able to make those quick responses and for your actions toward and for your brothers. As a Marine MoM, I know the constant training you have and it goes w/o saying, I’m so proud of you. May you be blessed, as you have blessed.

  2. You are a good man and better Marine. That was selfless and actionable action that you gave to your marines and command. You truly deserve your decoration and the love of your marines. May God Bless you in your ongoing perserverence throughout your life. Semper Fi!!!

  3. Another day at the office: Sempre Hell Yeah! Call for fire, adjust, and fire for effect. An awesome Marine making the spectacular look mundane. You make all of us so proud!

  4. We as Marines are given training and reacting under FIRE is different – but sometimes a Marine will react on instinct as well as training in certain situations. This is good- you are taught to react- but some times you just do the right thing on instinct – it happens out there! We are the Few and the Proud – and sometimes we do not overcome situations in a “: proper manner “: – but as long as we are supporting each other in all climbs and places we will are the Chosen and will do the right thing- sometimes we lose Brothers – and it hurts- but as a older Brother from another era- we still feel for each other and we will always I hope Support each other always.

  5. Semper Fi! Marine, job well done that is exactly why we are Marines. We get the job done at any price! You earned that Silver Star!!!!

    1. He was awarded a Bronze Star, not a Silver. I have seen guys awarded Silver Stars for less. He should have received the Silver Star!!

  6. Outstanding job on your Valor! As an aside here, that one picture shows what appears to be discarded or captured firearms and one of them looks like a break-barrel pellet rifle? What the heck? Semper Fi!

  7. Fantastic job Marine. Taking care of his men. Semper Fi from an old Fifties Marine Sergeant. Should have been a Silver Star and probably started out that way but the Remf’s got hold of it and downgraded it to their satisfaction. Hard working Marines get screwed this way everyday.

  8. This young man, Marine, is an example of what Honor, And Courage are all about and what they represent as a Marine, Not only as a Marine but as an NCO in the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fi And God Bless You and all Marines (Past, Present And Future).

  9. Outstanding job, that’s how valor., honor, and courage. Is displayed by Marines in the mist of chaos. Siempre Fi

  10. SEMPER FI ..My Brother,We say “Some will and Some won’t, Some can and Some can’ t, But when it comes down to it”, ONLY THE FEW AND THE PROUD. WE NEED NO METAL FOR WHEN THAT GREAT DAY COMES AND WE ARE STANDING AT HEAVEN GATE WE KNOW WE WERE THE CHOSEN FEW..Job well DONE MARINE..0ooo rah..

  11. Your training and determination is what enabled you and your men to fully complete there mission. You are a fine example of what a US MARINE does on a consistent basis. Semper Fi.

  12. Sgt. Lopez , From an ” Old Phart” ’67-68 . You did it right! and used Radio too. What can anybody say?? When asked why , because your Marines needed it.. You reply , ‘” It seemed like a good idea at the time. ‘” Live the rest of your life by the same you give to others. .Semper Fi.

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