Marine with class and big heart.

I was at my Medical Board, Lakeland AFB in Texas in 1995. The was a van full of men and I was Only female. We pulled up to the flight terminal and this Marine about fifty stuck out his arm and said wait= you heathens! There is a lady here!He lifted out my bag even though he was walking with a limp. Till this day I remember that Marine. So yes all these years later i remember sweetly this nice kind Marine classy to the Core(“Corps”)and how he made me feel . We are not broken men and women soldier but a spear sharpened by our experience to teach the next generation! On the other side of physical and metal suffering we served a country we love day and night. Honor does not take a day or hour off it is true and steadfast.Though my hair is gray I am still able to remember this kindness. A new Movie Says ,”People try to forget a lot but they never forget kindness.”

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4 thoughts on “Marine with class and big heart.”

  1. “Chivalry is not dead.”
    It’s shield is the EGA,
    and lives in the heart
    of every Marine. S/F

    Tony Woconish
    SSGT. 1976-1982

  2. A most pleasant story. I have two shirts displaying the EGA emblem and Corps Values.
    DaNang 69/70

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