Marines Arrested

What the hell has happened to our corps? Sixteen marines arrested at Pendleton, for human smuggling to drug-related offenses. Have we lowered our standards that much? Has political correctness, diversity and this transgender bull—it made its way into our corps? I just don’t no.

I’m an old marine (will be 78 my birthday) I still believe in our creed. God, Country, and corps.
And I also believe in these three words, Honor, Valor and Fidelity. This incident is an embarrassment to all marines, past, present and future.

Chuck Wilson
1958 – 1962

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67 thoughts on “Marines Arrested”

  1. AGREED! I will be 58 next week and I cannot understand this total abandonment of of morals & ethics.
    Semper Fi brother

  2. It’s up to every one of our leader’s, in our CORPS, to get a handle on this infection before it spreads !
    Jerry Morton Vietnam Vet 1962 – 1967

  3. I am an 83 year old former United States Marine two tour Viet Nam Veteran one with 3/26 in the I Corp of RVN. The Marines I proudly served with were men of quality, honor and bravery. Yes I agree the lower echelons of our recent and present society has slipped into our Corps and is attempting to corrupt its long history and traditions. As in all aspects of America we are being sabotaged by these individuals and their corrupt and unholy ways. Wake up and protect what we have or we will surely lose it. God Bless the USA and the United States Marine Corps.

  4. Semper Fidelis Chuck. I served run “68-69” in I-Corps, in sunny Vihn Dai on the DMZ. BUT, I’m only 73! hahahahaha!

    You are correct, WTH has happened to Honor, Valor, Integrity…..I was stunned and emotional and pissed! Time to kick some serious butt and re-establish those virtues that make The USMC the finest fighting force in the world, admired by all!!!

    If that was my son, he wouldn’t walk for a few years and by the time he completely healed, his clothes would be out of style!!!!


  5. Totally agree! August 4, 1969 I left for MCRD, San Diego to begin my journey to become a United States Marine. I just turned 68 and remember it like it was yesterday and always will!
    To read these stories and see all the other “PC” stuff is an embarrassment to all of us that earned the title!
    “SEMPER FI”!
    Platoon 2147, August 4-October 15, 1969

  6. This type of behavior has become very common in our society. Our leaders in The Corps should have seen this coming . It was only a matter of time. Just young Marines thinking to make a quick and easy buck and got in too deep. Sad event for The Corps. Harry 1371

  7. Amen Brother, its all about me give me more and less effort on my part.
    No respect for our flag, country, rule of law , religion. Values have deteriorated.
    Unfortunately it is a computer generation, folks cannot carry a conversation
    And look you in the eye., they are constantly looking at their E mails
    Taking phone calls as that is more important than you. The Marines have
    Changed as they bow to political pressures. Our country is in a sad state and
    Getting worse.
    65-71 Viet Nam Vet E-4

  8. I couldn’t agree more! I’m 71 and pent my time in Nam, and still look at myself as old Corps, and the dignity that goes with it, and it’s for life. We fought socialism in Nam, didn’t anybody learn from that?

    1. 72 I have as well …its the quality of available personal….check the date 1960s now 20/20. coming

      we are screwed

  9. I too have to agree with my fellow Marines comments. I am a retired MGySgt, 62 years old. This latest incident has left a lasting tarnish on our motto: “Semper Fidelis”. Those values we have taken an oath to and instill in our brothers; Honor, Courage, Commitment and God, Country and Corps. This is the hallmark that makes us unique. Separate from any other military service. I made Marines at Parris Island as a DI on two separate tours and was the most rewarding duty station I experienced. I beg to question also, have we lowered our standards, have we traveled so far left that we don’t hold Marines to our corps values and beliefs. True it is the opinion of todays society that they feel entitled, not responsible and express that “it’s not my fault”. Each time some dumb ass in our Corps highlights himself in the media in a negative way, another knife it plunged in our strength of who we are. And who we are we take to the end of our days, Once a Marine, Always a Marine.
    I think we need to go back to policing out young Marines the way we used to do: “take him out back be hind the barn and have a one way conversation”.

  10. Agreed! But, the corrupting influence of “drug money” is more than likely the primary factor in this case.

  11. I, too, am 78-years old. Was on active duty 1961-1964. They are innocent until proven guilty They need to be tried and if they are found guilty, they should be executed as criminals. Not a firing squad, but they should be hung by the neck until dead. Their bodies should be then given up for spare parts. Lots of people need kidneys, lungs, etc. Let some good come their evil deeds.
    Jim Brower


  13. We are in a time of “Gimmie Stuff” and, if you won’t give me stuff I’ll take it! Now it has found its way into the Marines. I agree with you Harry It was only a matter of time. Nick 0311/8531

  14. I may be only a 6 year Marine Corp Veteran .And my grandfather was a WWI Veteran. I like the rest of you find this disgusting .and an embarrassment to our beloved Corps.These people should be investigated and prosecuted to the maximum of the UCMJ.

  15. Brother Chuck…. am pushin’ 86 years now, and like you and all of us, once a Marine – Always a Marine. you said it all for me and the rest of the beloved Corps, and all those who went before us, with us now, and those leathernecks who will come after us. God bless them all..
    C. Ernest Jones 1953

  16. Crime in the USMC is nothing new. When I was in we had brigs full of them from stealing gov property ,stealing from their fellow Marines ,using drugs and even assault and murder but we are in a new age the crimes may be different and it made national news but a crime is a crime no matter how you shake it. Paul 0311

  17. I have to commend the leadership of the 5th Marines to have these arrests made public knowledge. It could have been just as easy for them to keep this as quiet as possible and let it blow over.
    As we all know, the bad things that happen with in the Corps makes news. Why ? Because our standards are supposed to be higher than everybody else. So when that standard gets tarnished it makes headlines. Just like every generation of Marines, there are always a few that slip in and give the Corps a black eye. Overall The Marine Corps will grow even stronger from this.
    Remember, we have got great Marines that you don’t hear about because they do their jobs and Honor the Code that we still live by today.
    God Bless the United States and God Bless the Marine Corps

    1. I agree with the way the leadership handled this instead of trying to bury it. I believe it is time to also bring back drumming out in front of the troops after they are found guilty.
      GySgt (ret)

  18. Once a Marine-Always a Marine! 1956-62. Never saw combat but learned much from my service. The Corps made men from what ever enlisted-I hope and pray they continue to do so. I have a feeling there will be extreme punishment for those that have dishonored the Marine Corps. Both by the Corps and by the rest of the Corps and the outside society. I have a young man, son of a friend, who was headed the wrong way, his father was actually afraid of him. His father asked me what I thought of him joining the Marines. I replied It would either kill or cure the young man. The young man became a Marine and since has proven what the Marine Corps can do. He has become an outstanding citizen and a productive member of society. Thanks to the Marine Corps=Semper Fi!



  20. There was a time you could leave your wallet, keys or other valuables on your rack, and not worry about them being there when you returned.. Now you’d better place an armed person on guard duty to keep a dirty sock 🧦 safe. At 83, enlisted at 17, and still proud of my service, I was appalled to hear about this bunch of “STUPID” numb skulls. Not only that but I was in B Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines.
    If convicted, how about 20 years hard labor in Portsmouth. If it’s still in operation. If not Leavenworth might be an option.

  21. Served from 66-70 with 30 months at DMZ with 2/4 and An Hoa with 5th Marines. I feel our standards have slipped for those entering, plus with time outs and less stress in boot camp moral character is becoming slack.

  22. 72 year old Marine Sgt, Parris Island to FMFPAC Force Recon, Pearl Harbor. Full Metal Jacket filemd today would prob’ly look more like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  23. Enlisted in ’65, Nam in ’66-’67, 0331 – Echo 2/4! I am embarrassed beyond words. The Corps has changed thoughout the years due mostly to political intervention. I am 74 now and tried to reenlist right after 911. I felt pretty good when the recruiter didn’t laugh, he told me I was a bit too far past 35. Remember – change is inevitable, never stops. I’m very happy I won’t have to deal with this crap too much longer. Semper Fi until I die!!

  24. Our beloved USMC will prosecute and boot-out these bad apples and survive this unfortunate incident. Recruiting standards must be maintained and cannot continue to be lowered in order to bring in and retain quality people our Corps. SEMPER FI, MARINES!!! USMC 1958- 1962 MOS 0849

  25. A sad time for the Corps. But the Corps will survive and grow. Remember the time in 1950’s when some careless DI drowned some recruits in the PI swamps. The Corps survives.

  26. I joined the CORPS in 1962 on my birtday 12/27/62. I was 17 yrs old. I went to boot 4/1/63 camp MCRD SAN DIEGO. The morning I stepped of that bus I knew I was in another world. It was the world of the MARINES!!!!! I Was scared but proud. I served my time in Okinawa,Nam and Cuba. I will always be a UNITED STATES MARINE!!!!!

  27. I am a 68 year old daughter of a now deceased marine DI who did his duty at Paris Island. If my dad were still alive I know that he would be disgusted and sickened by these so called “marines.” Dad believed in honor, commitment, loyalty, integrity, and character. The people of today have no idea what those words mean – very sad state of affairs.

  28. Stood on the yellow foot print’s MCRD Plt 2028 joined 17/ Dec/1968 corps retired me 17/June/1974 (wood stock years) LOL I total agree they need to curl the heard.

  29. Sadly, there will always be a less than ideal element. But know that as the Corps evolves like all things, it will remain the best known fighting force. Get over it.

  30. US Marine 1956 59 MCAS Kaneohe, Hawaii, just one thing to say, I would hate to be in the shoes of these 16 dirt bags while in custody of proud Marine police officers and guards. Semper-Fi Brothers.

  31. At least it was uncovered, those responsible caught, and hopefully they will pay appropriately. We also had some clowns that wanted to spoil the apple barrel. The Corps will live forever.

  32. take the ucmj and shit can it . it all comes back to discipline. the navy , marines should be back

  33. Yes it has! Political correctness, coed boot camp, lowered standards, and drill instructors that can no longer discipline lest they face brig time! Heaven forbid a fire team leader, squad leader etc hand out any form of “punishment”! Now we are being told that young Marines are not able to be fire team leaders, squad leaders by army retired generals and who knows who else. one last thing, when all of my generation of “baby killers” came home, how many “mass” shootings did we have? Just maybe raising a society of little pukes that suffer no consequences for anything may have a bearing, you think?
    What would I know?
    Cpl. USMC ret 1964-68 RVN 66-68

  34. While at Pendelton in 69-70, there was a GySgt smuggling illegals past the inspection station on I-5 by driving them through the base to avoid the station. He did something to attract the attention of MPs who chased him. Not sure now what happened, but the GySgt was shot and killed by the MPs, and the MPs found a bunch of illegals in the Gunny’s car.

    While there I served with a Korean vet who participated in a “Drumming Out” ceremony as a young PFC. I still remember his description of the event. Part of the “ceremony” was that the entire 1st Division lined VanDegreff Blvd. and the “honoree” was marched the entire length to the main gate, with drummers playing a tattoo the entire way.
    Might not be a bad idea to do this before they are taken to a federal prison.

  35. I really think that a lot of you need to do a reboot of your memory banks and look closer at things that have occurred in every era of the Corps. We have always had malcontents and ill disciplined Marines in our midst. Didn’t someone name them “ten per-centers ” who never seem to get the word, or think that the rules are made for everyone but them. I seem to remember quite a few, including Steve McQueen whom most of us (including myself) probably immortalized. I applaud the leadership shown by the battalion CO & NCIS to call out and arrest these people at a battalion formation for all to see and make example of. I agree with GySgt Montague about bringing back displays of punishment. While in boot camp at MCRD SD we were marched to the main gate to see a man receive a bad conduct discharge. After his BCD was read aloud, all indications of being a Marine were stripped from his uniform and those attending did an about-face as he shouldered his sea bag and walked out the gate. It made a lasting impression on me that I will never forget. Problems will always be with us and only good, positive leadership will prevail. But please don’t despair, the Corps has and always will handle them. Semper Fi!!!

    1. Right on point Top. What I will take away from this post is all of you proud Marines that won’t be beaten down by this, and remember: You’re not a “former” or “was”, you are.

      Do I recognize your name from Rally Edd??

    2. You are so right there will always be 10% ers. I remember in 1969 a Captain and Sgt were stealing from the club in Dong Ha 12th Marines. They waited till the Captain was due to rotate and that same day they arrested both of them,

    3. Went through Parris Island July to Sept 1961. I do not remember where I was stationed but I do remember reading about a guy getting drummed out of the Marine Corps. It happened just as MSgt Edd Prothro discribed it in his comments. Feel they should bring back this “Drumming out” of the bad elements from our Marine Corps. Semper Fi!! Marines.

  36. I’m an old Marine. enlisted in 1963 & got my honorable discharge in 1972. served 9 1/2 years. 2 tours in Nam, I corps. it seems these newer Marines are coming from the gangs we have now that’s causing problems all over America. Those 16 dirt bags should spend a life of hard labor,, in the most tough prison’s here in America.

  37. As a proud 81 year old Marine, these alpha hotels must be punished appropriately. I enlisted in 1955 Parris Island, Lejuene, then NTC Great Lakes for Electronics school. Before being transferred to Camp Pendleton, I was assigned as a Prisoner Chaser at the Great Lakes brig. That experience taught me that I never wanted to violate regulations.

  38. These Ass Hats have disgraced themselves and the Corps. They should loose the title of Marine and spend the rest of their lives locked up. The don’t deserve the title Marine and should be the center point of being drummed out of the Corps. The corps doesn’t nedd these kind of idiots. Did something go wrong at boot camp or was it the recruiters trying to make numbers?

  39. What in Gods name is wrong with these young people anymore and it seems the Corps isn’t bringing discipline to these knot heads. At the age of 72 I still feel I’m a part of the Corps and proud of it and this kind of nonsense needs to be stopped and now. As someone else stated this needs start at the top and all the way down with action taken and now.

    Semper FI

  40. I agree that it is a bunch of crap But things like this happen. All families have their black sheep
    They used to say, in my day, you have 10%. 10% that will excel at anything and 10% that will f… up everything.

  41. There’s about 190,000 active duty Marines and 16 knuckleheads don’t represent the entire Corps. We recruit from the human race and the general population (despite rumors to the contrary) and with that you’ll get the occasional ‘maggot.’

    I served from 1961 to 65 and even back then we had some losers who, somehow, skated through Boot Camp, ITR and landed in units and – wow – were still Losers. We all had some clowns that spent more time drunk, malingering, stealing or not packing their gear than serving.

    There’s a reason the services have brigs and stockades: Some folks don’t play well with others, don’t believe in their oath of office and fail to adhere to our code of ethics.

    Yes, this suggests some failure of Marine leadership and, yes, we’re probably seeing some fallout from The New Corps and a sense of ‘cutting slack’ when a boot in the ass would be called for. But that’s probably what the first Marine recruited at Tun Tavern said about the next Marine sworn in … Let’s don’t throw out a magnificent Corps over these mopes.

    Semper Fi,

    1. I don’t know if it was the time period, places or units I was in but I don’t remember but once a Marine was charged with drug abuse. The day I left Dong Ha on my way stateside there was another Marine being taken to Battalion HQ in Phu Bia on charges of possession of marijuana. Also, I never heard of any Marine being “gay”. If they were, they did a good job of “staying in the closet”. AND, there was no “don’t ask-don’t” tell.” In my opinion, the Supreme Court along with many in our Congress and the DOD top brass have led to the disciplinary problems all branches of the military are facing today. IT HAS TO START AT THE TOP!

  42. I served from 1957-1961, one of the (many) things that the DI’s drilled into us was–Don’t ever do anything to bring disgrace on the “Corps”, the newspapers, TV, etc. will always make it a point to mention if you were a Marine, no so any of the other branches.
    Semper Fi, Corps and Country!

  43. I completely agree. It is an embarrassment every time I see a negative news story about the Corps or any of its’ members. What happened to integrity? I find it less and less in the civilian workplace and I see myself spending a lot of time with the younger generation talking about respect, accountability and integrity. I am teaching my kids these important values, I am a huge believer in the 14 Leadership Traits and I will not give up this fight!

    Semper Fi!

  44. I had the exact same reaction when I heard the news report. What an embarrassment to our Corps. Nothing less than shameful. We need to recruit better people. I turned 70 in July.
    Nam 1969 – 70
    Lima 3/5

  45. The entire United States is no longer “United”. The “Left” and it’s Co conspirator “Left Wing Media”
    has gradually (since the 1960’s beginning with Johnson and his failed “Great Society” fiasco) turned the United States into a haven of American Hating Victims who want everything and pay nothing.
    As for the MUTTS who were arrested that were referred to as Marines – they are NOT Marines. Because they made it through boot camp – does not qualify them for the title. There is an Ethos imbedded in
    Marines that does not allow despicable deeds like these to be performed. I fear that “God and Country”
    has gone to the wayside and that Civil War is eminent.

    1. Mike….I totally agree. There are a lot of people that hate the United States and our Flag, but love our money as long as they don’t have to do anything to get it. I am all for helping those in need. However, I get tired of going to the grocery store and watching people pay for groceries with Food Stamps, EBT, etc and then pull out a One Hundred Dollar Bill and pay for their beer and cigarettes. If a person wants to smoke and drink beer that’s their choice, BUT clothing, food and housing should come first. When you and I were coming up there was a distinction between Republican and Democrats. Know the parties as we knew it no longer exists. It’s Left and Right…Liberals and Conservatives with their own agendas and personal gain as their sole purpose in being there. In my opinion most that are there don’t know how the common American lives and don’t really care. As far as the Morons, there doesn’t seem to be the discipline there were when we we served. I don’t know about you, but most of the Marines I served with had enough discipline drummed into them that they resisted the temptations of that time. Sure, they enjoyed having a good time on liberty, drinking a few beers and carousing around but stayed cleared of severe illegal activities. We all knew that we had to be responsible for our actions and had to suffer the consequences for those that were unacceptable. . There have always had bad apples bit it doesn’t seem there were as many and as prevalent as they are in today’s Corps. Like I indicated in an earlier post, DISCIPLINE HAS TO START AT THE TOP.

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