Mean Marine Machine

Mean Marine Machine

My husband I are both Viet Nam Marine Veterans. I wanted to personally thank him for his service and for being such a wonderful husband, friend and someone who loves God, Corps and Country as much as I do. (We met on 8/2010 and were married 38 days later) We bought a Can Am Spyder because of medical conditions we both have ( his are contributed to his tour in Nam)

It took me almost a year but I finally saved enough money on the side to have the bike custom painted as a Valentine's Day Gift to him!  For us it is more than just the artistic works of a talented airbrush artist but it represents both of us, our time and love of the Corps and in the lower center above the BRP Symbol is an eye…I wanted to give my husband back the eye he lost in Viet Nam when he stepped on a mine.

So now when we ride, we do so with pride, honor and glory to all who serve with the guidance of the EGA and our eye on the road!!!!

Semper Fi!

Karen and Joe Brewer, USMC

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  1. Well I thank you both for your service and Semper Fi,, That is just awesome that you had that gift of airbrush and art work done. Hopefully they will be better at replacing eyes soon have a friend who also lost his and it was a prefectly good eye only he had cancer and the bone structure was no longer able to support it. Well Good to read your story.
    Thank you Semper Fi Sgt Whitehead USMC

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