Meet Your Fate

You threaten us with terror

You threaten us with death

You claim it’s in the name of God

Your brothers do protest

Blow yourselves up, dress in women’s attire

Soon you will dance in Hell’s burning fire

Hide in your hills, hide in your holes

Hide behind children and the very old

Crawl and slither like a snake in the grass

Nothing is going to save your ass

The promise of virgins is all a big lie

No welcoming smiles await when you die

So go ahead and spread your hate

He’ll gladly help you meet your fate

Your days are quickly nearing the end

A mighty warrior we will send

He’s young and brave, has a heart of stone

To whomever threatens one of his own

He’s cunning with stealth, lean and mean

Meet your worst nightmare

He’s a U.S. Marine

© 2011 Leatherman

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