My marine corps story

I spent 9 months in electronics school, learned how to study, spent one year in the field, six months in Vietnam, returned stateside and was an electronics instructor for a year. After 3 years, two months and six days I got out a sergeant E5 and went to college on the GI bill. I met the girl I would marry while in the Corps and we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year. While I got a biology degree in college, it was my electronics training that got me my first job that would be my career. The Corps gave me a wife, the tools I needed to get through college, and a 40 year career.

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  1. I to am a Marine I dropped out of school at a early age in December of ’66 I received my draft notice didn’t want to get drafted I enlisted in the Marines found my self in San Diego in March of ’67 I went to that hell whole still today think about it I am very proud I served proud to be an American

  2. I was a wild kid without any goals in life. I barely graduated from high school and I did some time in juvenile hall and graduated from there to the local county jail. The only smart thing I did in life was join the Marine Corps. I got out of jail at noon time on the 24th of January 1974 and I had to be in the Marine Corps the next day! I served 30 years in the Marine Corps and I would do it all over again. Retired as a Master Gunnery Sergeant and awarded the Bronze Star Medal. Semper Fi to all the crazy Marines out there!

  3. I had 4 years of electronics in high school,
    1972-1976. Served 6 years in the Marines
    1976-1982. Had a total of 1.5 years of Avionics training, then 4.5 years with the
    F-4 Phantom Jet Gun Squadron as a RADAR Tech. Then got hired into Commercial Aviation for 26 years, 1986 to 2012 RETIREMENT. The Marines gave me great Avionics schooling . SEMPER FI.

    Tony Woconish

  4. I had my apendix taken out the last week of high school and had to wait before enlisting. My mother was hell bent on me going to college. I took two classes that summer and enrolled in the fall semester of 1969. I hated going to school. I wasn’t dumb I just did not want to got to school. The Marine Corps in their infinite wisdom decided I should got to school so I spent almost the first year after boot camp in Communications and Electronics Battalion at MCRD San Diego and 29 Palms. What year were you in school?

  5. It is so cool to hear these stories with similar differences. I left school after the 11th grade on the honor roll. I had the bright idea of joining the Marines in time to be in Parris Island in the summer of 1968. I got warehousing training and shipped to Da Nang in very early 1969. I started there as a forklift driver and graduated to a forklift mechanic. After a tour and a half, I was back home and in high school with maturity and a purpose. Then on to business school and work and still working 52 years later.

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