My Son Survived Boot Camp

When my son left for Boot Camp, I was a lunatic. Our family had no military experience and this was my oldest son. Being the computer dummy, that I am, I naturally took to the Internet for information about how I could help or support my son. The first thing I found said "send letters, lots of letters". Well, my son joined in June, but didn't leave for Boot Camp until October, so I started writing, every day, in June. When I finally got his mailing address, I took off to the post office with 105 letters. His first mail call was more like an avalanche of insanity that was not appreciated by his Sgt. The next thing I learned was a list of all the things Poolies needed at Boot Camp, like band aids, gel foot inserts, foot powder, socks, mole skin (didn't even know what that was).  So, off I go to Walmart, then directly to the post office. After I got back home, I read the part that says NEVER SEND ANYTHING UNTIL YOUR POOLEES ASKS FOR IT AND HAS GOTTEN PERMISSION TO RECEIVE IT. Oops!  When he received this package his Sgt asked why he had gotten all this stuff and my brilliant soon to be Marine said "I guess because this Poolees Mom thinks his feet hurt, Sir."  That really cost him. Now 8 years later and after several deployments, that Marine, is a Sgt himself and getting ready to come home for good. He will be coming home to us a proud, confident and much stronger man than the boy that left all those years ago. 

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