my time in the Nam

I was attached to Bravo 1/7 , 1st Marine Division as a Corpsman. Went to NSA hospital three times ,as a patient, in the first three months. Two purple hearts, ten medals in all. Good grief; didn’t know Corpsman were such a big target. I love the Corps; never saw a ship! That’s fine too, I go to Marine Corps functions only. Semper Fi , Doc 1966-1970

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      1. Harry, where is everybody? Did they move to another web site and forget to pass the word? Been waiting for someone to comment on this story. Doc, I made the NSA Tour after 9 mo. in country, 18 Aug 67 stayed couple days, then off to Japan then Okinawa and back to Vietnam in end of Oct first Nov. then extended for 6 months. I was attached to 1/9 ,2/9,3/9, 2/26 and others. I did go on a ship, I think the smallest, in Aug 1969 Nixon, first 50,000 pulled out. You got way more medals then me, and I don’t go to any functions. I have always like the Marine Corps, it was just some of the people in it that I didn’t like. I was in the same time you were Feb 66 to Nov 69. I was with 3rd Div must be why we never met. Joke. Good Luck in the future.

        1. Murry, I was in Nam Nov 66 to Aug 67. Hue LCU Ramp, Camp Evans, Thuan An, and Dong Ha. We may have crossed paths sometime.

          1. Bob, I was with C company 3rd Eng.Bn attached to different grunt units for the booby traps and mines. Was in all those places except Thuan An doesn’t ring a bell. Who were you with? Are rear area was Dong Ha.

          2. Murray, I was with A Co. 3rd Shore Party Bn (Redpatchers). We sent out HST’s (Helicopter Support Teams) with the grunts. At Dong Ha, we were located on the opposite side of the air strip from 3rd Engineers next to the resupply LZ. I was on operation Chinook north of Hue prior to going to Dong Ha. Thuan An was a small Island at the mouth of the Perfume River. At that time the only way we had to shuttle back and forth was on a landing craft during the day. They stopped running at sundown. There was a mortar platoon and bulk fuel there also. We went into Hue and pulled 24 hour shifts unloading LCU’s and at night when not in Hue we pulled guard duty on the Causeway on the mainland where the landing crafts docked to pick up anyone going to and from Thuan An. Or, pulled perimeter guard and different security details.

        2. April or May of 67 I crossed Perfume river on a tank retriever pulling a dead flame tank. Since we pulled on to the landing craft we had to push the dead tank out backwards, when the dead tank hit the ramp and we thrower the power to the retriever the landing craft shot out from under us dropping us into the river damn near submerged us. Driver never let off and we came out ok. Was you there then

          1. Jim, middle May 67 was on Hickory with H 2/9 just northeast of Con Thien. Two tanks were hit with RPG’s, No balls Mother Fucker and Soul Sause. Soul Sause was a Flame tank. We got some of the crew out alive, one guy his skin was pealing off. He was black but white where his skin was pealing. I always wondered if he made it home. We lost 7 KIA and 12 WIA in that exchange. Might have been your flame Tank.

        3. Murray…..When were you at Camp Evans? I was there from December 1966 until about the middle to last of February 1967. I think I forgot to tell you that in Dong Ha, I was next to the ammo dump and left Nam about a month or so before it was blown up. A buddy of mine that was there at the time of the explosions said that our company area was destroyed and that 3rd Engineers came over and loaded them on trucks to get them out of the area.

          1. Bob, I was there in Apr 67 but just for about a half of day, coming in from an operation with F 2/26 and went right back out with H 2/9 stayed with them in the field till middle of May than came into Dong Ha. I got in country Dec 66. I was back at Camp evens in Dec 67 that was 3rd Eng Bn stationed there and I was on my way home for leave, I had extended for 6 months. When I came back, they moved to Quang Tri. I remember the ammo dump getting hit a couple of times, that’s why they built Quang Tri it was back south far enough so the artillery couldn’t reach it. was in the field when the ammo dump was hit I think.

        4. Hey Murray. It’s official today 29 March is now Vietnam War Day! To bad it is not Vietnam War Victory Day! Any way……29 March 73 last combat units left Nam??? Still lost good men after that and we all know that. Harry…..Proud 1371

          1. Good to hear from you Harry, I was wondering where you were. Not many know what a 1371 did but you and I do and yes I am proud to have been one. Or is it like always a Marine, we are always a 1371? Been waiting for the new stories they should be on the page soon maybe later today. One of these days I am going to submit a story, I keep telling myself that any way, will see. Don’t be bummin’ out today. Happy Vietnam War day back at you Harry.

          2. Harry, I refuse to let the stupid politics of the war take away the fact that we fought our ass off!! NEVER ! We did not lose the war our SMART ASS politicians just walked away from it. Hold your head high brother Nick

  1. Doc, Thank you for being there for us. I was with Fox 2/5 from Chi Lai to the DMZ and back down to An Hoa. Later on I was with Hotel 25 and 2/5 took over the responsibility of 1/7 area of Responsibility. I am very familiar with Hill 10 and the other Hills fom Hill 65 pushing West. Corpsmen are great .and you could not have a better friend.

  2. Corpsmen were the greatest in Korea. Thank you so much for the service’s you people did and are doing.

  3. I was with 3rd Plt, Bravo 1/7 from Jan69-Jan70. The most important time of my life, perhaps we crossed paths. I wish you the very best with everyday you have left to share with those you love.

  4. May God bless each and every one of you……. I want a hug!! Thats what I say to every corpsman I meet..

  5. Coreman were made in heaven and that is where they will wind up in the end. Be well my good friend.

  6. CORPSMAN UP!!! Never heard those words without seeing azzholes and elbows coming to me! Semper Fi Doc, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

  7. I was on Ross in January 1970 three days after that little incursion by the V/C (I think it was 3 days anyway) . I was assigned to Delta 1/7/1 as a Corpsman. I regret only lasting 2 months before being injured (but not wounded) while on patrol. My grunts were great to me and showed great respect to us for what we, as Corpsmen, were expected to treat the ones in our care. I lost my best friend, a fellow Corpsman, in late 1968 over there as well as 2 others I served with while a member of Charlie Med 5/5 at Camp Pendleton. As I have seen the Corpsmen who followed us uphold the tradition of caring for our Marines and going in harms way with them. May all our deceased fellow Corpsmen and Marines rest in peace knowing they the best …….

  8. I was with CAP unit at Chi Lai 68-70. I have the respect for all corpsman that served with the units, they fought beside us and helped when we were wounded. Thanks for your service.

  9. WELL SAID LARRY AND JAMES, well said. If you were Bravo 1/7 in ’67/’69 Doc that would be Hill 55 SW of Danang, Quang Tri, where Carlos Hathcock and John Burke took out “Cobra” with the scope shot and Hathcock took out “Apache” (the female sniper that was the base of a lot of the Marine torture stories – some true, some fiction). I was an 0311/8651 (grunt/Recon) attached to Alpha 1/7 on 55, then 3/7 on 10 in ’69, one of only 2 Tet’s in Vietnam. Had a Corpsman on 10 named Holliday (you got it: we called him Doc Holliday). He loved the children, hated most everyone else except his Marines. Hope he’s still kickin’ it out there. Semper Fi Doc!, Semper Fi!

    1. Not a big deal Willard but Danang was Quang Nam. Bill 0331 E-2/1 68-69 Bless the “Docs” P.S. Anyone remember the incident near Firebase Ross in 70? Bill

      1. Do you mean the SonThong massacre Feb 70 ? 16 civilians were murdered (5 women and 11 children) by Marines from “Hunter Killer “squad of out of Ross. Huge scar left on 7th Marines Two Marines served time and the others probably got a BCD not sure about the latter. to bad. The the OIC tried to cover it up and got written up for it and maybe charged with something don’t know. Not as bad a Me-Lai but pretty bad Nick H&S 3/7 69-70

  10. I was with 1/7 all of 69 and part of 70. Alpha 2/1 we loved our corpsman is baldy la Ross hill 55 hill 37 sound familiar.

    1. Alpha 2/1? I don’t think so! Alpha would have been 1/1. I was Echo 2/1 for most of my tour and,then H&S for about a month. Bill 0331 68-69

  11. My father, a ww2, Korea & vietnam vet served from 1942-1972. Retired as a MGY/SGT ,E-9 always spoke extremely high of navy corpsman, which he always said were as much a marine as he was. SEMPER-FI

  12. One of my best friends in the Marine Corps was a Corpsman. During off hours we would talk about medical issues and how I as a grunt could take care of wounded Marines, prior to the Medic arriving. Sorry to say, he was killed during the Battle of Hue.

  13. Speaking of Medals, I have 8,including 2 PH ,turned down the next 2 band-aid wounds ,the centipede bite was worse! also PUC,MUC..CAUC,CAR,GCUC Why am I telling this? Someone opened the door! Bill 0331 “Suddendeath”

  14. Paul Ford: Selected by interview board for D.I. School ’70 while at 2nd Recon, Onslow Beach. Came out on the Field (3rd Bn) June ’70 at 20 yrs old. Think I was more scared first day out than you recruits lol. For some reason E-6’s, E-7’s, E-8’s, and Bn Sgt Maj kept me under their wing constantly, like big brothers. FOREVER grateful to them!! Bill 0331: Not that it matters at all, that is geographically correct gunner, but the first battle for Quang Tri province primarily affected Quang Tri City, Thanh Pho Hue, AND Danang.

  15. YES Bill. The time I thought I was wrong….and I wasn’t. Think we learned to use that one week one in D.I. school at P.I. LOLOLOL. (Not an original line. Fonzi said that to Richie Cunningham when Richie asked him that same question on “Happy Days”). Thanks for making me laugh at myself Gunner, made my day. Speaking of right and wrong Bill, excellent pick on Alpha “2/1”!!! And props to you; NOTHING more terrifying than a shotgun blast and you guys breathing fire out of a “60” in the dark of night. Hump all the belts I could for you ’31’s. SEMPER FI Bill.

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