Navy Cross : 52 Years After

16-Apr.-2019. Former Marine and Vietnam Veteran L/Cpl James Stogan received the Navy Cross for heroic action in Apr 1967 while serving with Charlie 1/9 as part of machine gun team. He was originally nominated for the Medal Of Honor but there were not enough of the required witness’s available. He is credited with the rescue of his gun team leader who was captured and dragged off by 4 NVA and using only a K-Bar to fight them off. There is a lot more to this story that can be found in the citation SEMPER FI !! Harry 1371

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8 thoughts on “Navy Cross : 52 Years After”

  1. This Marine had it all together and to do it like he did. Thanks for sending will look his Cross up. I have to friends that also had the Cross in Nam. Is he still living?

    1. WOW! First it was there are no EX-Marines only FORMER Marines and now it is We are all Marines period ? I can’t keep up. Who keeps changing this stuff? Paul 0311

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