New Proud Marine Mom

New Proud Marine Mom

Sgt Grit,

I found your website when I was looking for Christmas gifts last November for my son. He has wanted to be a Marine since he was twelve years old. In November 2008 he signed up and was in the Poolee program the rest of his Senior year. Although he wasn’t a Marine yet, we purchased a few items from your site and tried to become enthusiastic about his decision (which I’m very proud to say we are very happy for his decision). It is a very scary thing for a Mom to let her son grow up and go out on his own but when you add joining the Marine Corps to the mix it adds a new dimension to the feeling. Nonetheless, I have since enjoyed your newsletter, loved the items you sell and found great comfort from the stories I read in the newsletter. I have since discovered what Honor, Courage and Commitment truly means and now understand the pride felt by all Marines, new and old. I have learned to embrace my son’s decision and to be very proud of his decision. I wear a badge with my son’s picture and tell everyone I meet about how proud I am to be a Mother of a US Marine.

He was to leave for boot camp at the end of July but received a call the Wednesday before Father’s Day and asked if he would leave earlier. So on Father’s Day and with a heavy heart we said goodbye to our ‘boy”. I am very proud to say, we have welcomed back the ‘man’, a brand new United States Marine. I have attached a picture of our family during liberty on family day at the MCRD San Diego.

God Bless you Sgt Grit, for all you do. You have provided me with great encouragement through your newsletter and through the wonderful stories you share. And God Bless all the Marines since 1775 who have heard the call to defend this great country of ours. May God always protect them as they defend and protect us. I can now say I am proud to be the Mother of one of the Few and the Proud. A United States Marine.

With God’s Blessing,
Ida Henscheid,
Mother of Pfc. Benjamin Henscheid

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