Newsletter Story from 2000

Hello Sgt Grit!

Quite some time ago I emailed you requesting some WM merchandise. You responded that you would appreciate some ideas and you would see what you could do. I haven’t forgotten, just haven’t found the time. I ordered the WM shirt and have received many comments each time I wear it. Some good, some bad. I was confronted by a male Marine at the gym and he asked if that shirt meant I was fewer and prouder than male Marines.

He was clearly “confused” about the wording. After picking
myself up off the floor from laughing (didn’t actually laugh that hard)
I explained that to me the words meant there are fewer women Marines in the world than Women and that women Marines that I have met “are” prouder than most “civi” women I’ve met. As the Marine walked away, he turned his head and said in a bark, “Hey Marine, Semper Fi.” I think my pride was evident. I simply wanted to share that story with you. Thought it was neat. None the less, I wear my WM shirt with as much pride as I wear my other USMC shirts and wanted to say thanks for offering the shirt. 

Beckie Nelson

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