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Sgt Grit Marine Corps Newsletter - December 9, 2004

Sgt Grit,
This week Third Battalion, Sixth Marines returned from a 7 month deployment providing security and stabilization operations in Afghanistan. During their time in country they contributed greatly to securing the first democratic election in that country's history. Welcome home 3/6 and thanks for a job truly well done!

Semper Fi, The family of LCpl Travis Garrett, 0311, Lima Co 3/6

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Lindsay O'Hair
Sgt Grit Marine Specialties

I Must Go Now

As the father of a Marine who was 19 until two weeks ago, M Kabir needs to look within. I have not heard a single Muslim Leader condemn the acts of those who killed my son in the name of Alah. If those insurgents were Catholics, or Southern Baptists or Pentecostals, the leaders of those religions would be outraged and they would work to stop it. IE- Ireland.

While I agree that many religions have extremists, The Muslim religion is the only religion that remains silent regarding their extremists actions.

I must go now and bury my son Sat 12/04- it is also my 22nd wedding anniversary to my Marine's mother.

Politics is what gets our young men killed. Worry about "collateral damage" is politically correct. God knows we would not want to kill an innocent woman or child, but killing our young warriors is acceptable, because we can't insult the Muslims by blowing up their mosque.

Edward West

24 Hrs. R/R

As a Proud Marine Mom, I would like to pass a little information along. My son is in India Company. We all know that the marine who was doing his duty was part of this company. We received a call the next morning after the airing of the video clip. These guys were pulled for 24 hrs of r/r, so we were luck to get a call from our son. I would just like to pass the quote on from him "The FM report and camera man are no longer here as they are afraid that we might shoot the MF." To say that these young men were mad would be a light statement. I'm proud of these young men and women and I know that in the end this young, 25 yr old, married, with 2 children MARINE will see that we as a nation will not turn our backs on our hero's. God Bless the Marine Corps.

PPM of LCpl. Josh

Last Man Out

Hi. My name is Kathy McDole. My dad, Glenn McDole, is a former Marine. He was in World War II and a prisoner of war for almost 3 years. I don't know how many of you have ever heard of the Palawan Massacre, but on the 14th of December, 1944, the Japanese decided to kill all the American Prisoners of War. They threw gasoline in their trenches and followed it with torches. 139 American Prisoners of War were burned and shot to death...11 men escaped. My father was one of the 11 that escaped. I didn't know if anyone was interested, but a book has just been published by McFarland entitled "Last Man Out, Glenn McDole, USMC, Survivor of the Palawan Massacre of WWII" Please think of these men on the 14th of December, the 60th anniversary of the massacre. They truly died a terrible death!

Living History

Sgt Grit
I visited the Kalamazoo Michigan the other day with my grandchildren and one of my daughters and her husband. They have a Guadalcanal Exhibit their. They had a mannequin dressed in Marine dungarees from that era and on the left was of course the globe and anchor. MY 9 year old grandson said "pop that's just like the one on your arm" and as I was talking to the kids an elderly gentleman walked up and asked if I had been in the Marines and I said yes sir I had. He said so had he. In fact he was a veteran of the Canal. Well for the next half hour we had a living history lesson from a hero, he had survived! It was worth the price of admission.

Sgt Frank Huff USMC 1971-1978

If In Doubt

While in Korea and after the cease fire I was transferred to Bat supply. I to survived on Chuckle Bars. Ate them for lunch and supper and in-between.

In reference to the Marine that shot and killed an unarmed "sh- thead". I spent 22 years in the police department and we use to have a saying. " I would rather be tried by eight, then be carried by eight." In other words if in doubt shoot.

Jack Nolan 1131869

Thanksgiving Day, 2004

We are driving north on Interstate-5. The sky is a soft autumn gray and no rain yet. North out of Vancouver, Washington the freeway is occasional curves before you begin the long slow climb towards Seattle. I am driving and my wife and I are both keeping an eye out for the smokey. I am pushing the old '91 Ford truck to the edge of its comfort and we are running hard in the center lane. I run ol'blue with a canopy to keep our gear dry. In the back window of the canopy is one of Sgt. G's Vietnam Service Ribbon decals with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in the center. Riding topside of it is the seal of the USMC and flanking it are the emblems of the Third and Fifth Marine Divisions. Twenty miles out of Vancouver, I look in the side mirror and I see a long column of bikers closing fast on the port side. A quarter mile away, maybe less, the leader of the pack makes an arm signal and the column swings in behind the truck. He signals again, breaks to port and comes flying past me with the next rider on the starboard. They wind around and reform the column in front of the truck. The leader is wearing a big RVN ribbon on his jacket and gives me a thumbs up. Every third or forth rider wears the ribbon and they give the same salute. I hit the horn in one long return salute. When the last two riders have past us and joined the column, they open the throttles and are gone. For the next two miles, every car and truck that passes us looks to see who we are. My wife smiles and says nothing. My eyes are moist and I look down the road. I am no one special: I am another Marine from a war long ago.

R.A. Wulff
L. Co., Guns
Third Marines, RVN 1968

Chinese Letters

I had some funny times oddly enough when I was in boot camp back in 1999 from Sept through Dec with Platoon 3106 Lima Co. in MCRD San Diego CA. One night during Mail Call the our DI on duty that night was DI SSgt. Ortiz was calling out the names for recruits mail. We were all sitting Indian style on the floor in front of him. DI SSgt Ortiz then got to a letter which had some "Chinese Letters" written on the back of the envelope. The envelope belonged to Recruit Morales. DI SSgt. Ortiz called out the recruit and the recruit then went up and said "Mail Received I Sir!". DI SSgt Ortiz took it back and said "What does that say? Recruit!". Recruit Morales whispered something to the DI....The DI said "What?!" then Recruit whispered again....DI SSgt Ortiz then said "What the f*^k are you saying Recruit? Speak the f*^k up like you got a pair! What does that say on the back of the letter?"...Recruit Morales then said in his loudest voice "I LOVE YOU SIR!"...

Those letters on the back of the envelope where something that Recruit Morales's girlfriend had placed there for him to understand...we had permission from DI SSgt Ortiz to laugh for a few seconds...

Rey Gonzalez
Cpl of Marines 99-03

Two Differences

Sgt.Grit I read on your web page where someone wanted to know the difference in the Dress Blue Uniform in 1945 and today. I went into the Marine Corp Jan.1952 so my uniform was I am sure the same as the uniform in 1945. The two differences would be that the uniforms were made out of wool. All so in 1945 the belt for the blouse was made out of leather. I think the Marine Corp went to the cloth belt in 1948.

Ira Joseph. USMC 52 to 56
WWII USMC Uniforms

He Quit College

Sgt. Grit:
A note to all of his Marine buddies that my father, Donald B. Kaag, Sr., passed away quietly at 0415, Saturday, 27 Nov 04, at the age of 82. He quit college and enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor, graduated from Parris Island in 1942, and served with the 4th MarDiv in the Pacific on Saipan and Tinian as a platoon sergeant, earning the Bronze Star with combat "V". Until the day he died, he suffered survivor's guilt because he was sent back to CONUS for OCS preparatory to the invasion of Japan, and missed the Iwo landings. Commissioned at Quantico in 1944, he served during the Korean Conflict and retired as a major of Marines. One of the things he was proudest of was that his son, also a mustang, made lieutenant colonel. He is survived by his wife, Nan, his three sons (two Marines, one Air Force), his two Marine sergeant grandsons, and seven other grandchildren. He was a paragon of military virtue, a man to look up to, and a good friend.

Semper Fi, Dad

Don Kaag
LTC, Armor, AUS(Ret.)
(...and former Sgt. and Cpt. of Marines)

I Know The Feeling

To Brown, 3rdMARDIV, PA.
Thanks man. Appreciate the support. It's a long road back. But I'll overcome, $h*t, I have to. The dreams and the guilt are the hardest part.

To William C. Kohler, I know the feeling about that. As a dedicated Marine, I followed orders. I killed to keep from being killed and to help my buds too. What right has an observer to say such $h*t and ruin a Marines life. Your right. Take away his camera and give him a weapon and see how long it takes him to use it. It's easy to sit back and take pics and flap the gums, but put a weapon in their hands it's entirely different. I too know about no purple heart. I received a injury, not serious, but, a injury is a injury, right?. Kept it hid the best I could so I wouldn't have to leave my unit. Some says that's crazy, I call it loyalty. As a result, there was no record of any such injury, so, no purple heart. I know they need solid proof (I have the scar, but that aint enough). All I have is my word, but it seems like that aint worth much anymore. But life goes on, I aint gonna sit and cry about it. Even though they wont believe me, I aint gonna lose respect for my country. I'll be a proud Marine that loves his country till they lay me away.

God bless, Semper Fi, Dan Lisowe


Sgt. Grit
I was sorry to hear the Marine Barracks Detachment has left Iceland. The Corp. has had a presents in Iceland since the last 40s' covering our countries needs before World War II. I understand the last day was April 30, 2003. I served at this duty station from March 75-76. This same day April 30, 2003 I finished 26 years of service to my local police department. I plan on returning next time on Vacation. Iceland is not a bad place to visit.

Cpl. Ed Onley 73-76

A Hero's Sacrifice

FALLUJAH, Iraq (Dec. 3, 2004) -- "You're still here, don't forget that. Tell your kids, your grandkids, what Sgt. Peralta did for you and the other Marines today."

My Son Had Decided

Sgt. Grit,
I was a little frustrated trying to find the perfect birthday gift for my 24 year old son. I had it in my head that he should own a USMC K-Bar. You see, my son has been out of the Marine Corps for about a year now. He was one of the first Marines with 5/11 to go over the burm last year. I got the idea for a K-Bar from my brother who served in the AAB Amory for about eight years, I just couldn't find one. The Marine recruiters pointed me to your web site and not only did I find a K-Bar, I found the commemorative "Operation Iraqi Freedom" one and shipped it to him in a matter of moments.

My son had decided while he was in High School he wanted to be a Marine and the happiest day of my life is when he returned from combat unscathed. His want to be a Marine started early. I spent six years in the Marine Corps on active duty. My brother two years my junior spent 13 years in the Marines and my youngest brother spent eight years. At one time we three were stationed at Camp Pendleton at the same time, much to the chagrin of our wifes of the time. Over this last weekend our little town had it's Christmas Parade. The Marine Corps always is the color guard, It's my job to secure them for that. I always manage to find a birthday ball on November 10th and always have a great time. I swell with pride over having served which is something I have found so few do anymore. But it always is extra special to me on the Birthday because mine is also November 10th. I've had many free beers with that. I could go on and on with stories but I wanted to let you know how glad I am to have found your site and will be here often. Semper Fi !

G. Bach, Sgt. '75-'80

Operation Iraqi Freedom Ka-Bar

Will Be Fed Up

Sgt. Grit,
On 3 Dec. 04 I will be returning to Parris Island, S.C. for the first time since I graduated, 18 May 69. My grandson, Bill, will be graduating on that day. Bill is the only relative of mine to become a MARINE. He is the second oldest of 15 grandchildren, so I still have a chance for a few more to join.

I hope this visit will bring back a few old memories, and I'm sure that my grandson will have a bunch of new stories to tell us.

It has been a lot of fun telling Bill the difference between the Old Corps and the New Corps. every time he wrote me about something they did in boot camp, I would tell him how we did it in the Old Corps. I know that I don't really have the right to talk about the Old Corps, I'm sure the that there are a great many older MARINES out there that can tell me a lot about their Old Corps, but it was a lot of fun cranking on my grandson while he was in boot. Now I am looking forward to the day that I can call him MARINE! Bill called his parents today 28 Nov. 04. he said he was promoted to Pfc (that's my boy), His plt. 2109 finished the Crucible earlier this week.

I'll bet that everyone in our car will be fed up with the boot camp stories on the trip home (at least a 12 hour drive), but Bill and I will have a good time. That's all for now, but I'm sure there will be many new stories to tell after the visit. SEMPER FI. May GOD bless all of our troops, especially our MARINES. Thank you Sgt. Grit for this forum.

Bob Rohrbaugh, SGT> 69-75 PISC Plt.240

Made Them Change

I read every Sgt Grit and have replied a few times. Our MARINE's anniversary date was 11/13/04. He extended to go to IRAQ he is with 3/5 and his picture is attached to an article on the USMC website. He was involved in taking the Blackwater Bridge. On 11/01/04 he called to say they would be on the move. We know when he says that to start watching the news. On 11/20/04 he called to say he was ok. They lost 7 MARINES from his platoon. He said they made them change FU on the bridge because it was insensitive. When will the press realize this is a WAR. As parents and brother of a MARINE, we are sick and tired of everyone being politically correct. Our MARINES and other servicemen and women are giving their lives, watching their "brothers" being killed. What does the media expect them to say???? "Golly Gee".......

Semper Fi


Sgt Grit,
I was reading through some of the entries and I came across someone telling you to watch your language and "innuendoes", to "walk and talk like a Marine". Well maybe I took it wrong but during my time in the Marine corps we all trained hard and played hard. That is what's wrong with the Marine Corps today, people so concerned about how others are acting and quick to correct; Do as I say and not as I do, is the new saying. We are a unique group of men/women, and I say f*^k that comment and keep on with what your doing.

Lifetaker and Heartbreaker, USMC

Different Perspective

G'day Sarge. I normally don't respond to things but I've checked out Kevin Sites web log. I will provide a link to it, I think all Marines should read it before we judge Kevin. It will give everyone a different perspective. I've never met him, but I get the impression he is a Marine at heart, a highly principled man (unusual for a journalist) who deserves his story to be told. I believe he walks the walk as well as talk the talk. Not sure if your readers noticed while viewing the video tape or not, but Kevin went out of his way to explain the situation in mitigation. Maybe you could use some of what he wrote for your other readers. Oh, by the way, I came up through the ranks, 4 years in the Army, 27 in the Marine Corps. I'm a Vietnam, Beirut, Desert Storm and East Timor veteran. Helicopter gunship (Cobra) pilot. Semper Fidelis

Mike Williams
Colonel, USMC (Ret'd)

Besides, We Marines

Hey Sgt. Grit,
Concerning Mr. Christian Eck's virgin ears (or maybe virgin eyes cuz of language and innuendos, the h&ll with him. Oops, the heck with him. It's your website not his. Besides, we Marines have always used improper language, and gestures, everywhere we've been and continue to go. I'll tell ya----it often felt good to use the "F" word in Danang. Let him get over it and let him unsubscribe.

Still Proud And Standing Tall,
Vince (USMC/1963-66)

Split Second

I know that there are many, many view points on the Kevin Sikes report. I have always believed that civilians need to know what's going on in the wars we have fought and are fighting, but I think there is a point that they should be removed from their embedded status. War is nasty. It is violent and ugly, but Marines are trained to do the job. Mr. Sikes cannot put himself in the shoes of the young Marine and know just what went on in that split second. Until you've walked in a man's shoes ( A Marine's Shoes ) you should not comment or report what you don't understand.

SGT Tasker USMC 1962-1967 (NAM)

Trying To Kill Marines

It seems to me that there is a lot of angry mail flying back and forth on this. Muslim Marines being upset that someone is painting them with the same brush as the people shooting at us in Iraq, People upset that the coverage seems slanted by the media to make the young Marine look bad for reacting in the heat of battle ETC. We need to remember that the people shooting at us don't care if we are Muslim Marines, Christian Marines, Buddhist Marines whatever. Who really cares what religion they are either! They are the ENEMY! They are trying to kill Marines and that is all that matters! Personally I have never cared what the religion was of the person covering my ass. That they were doing it was enough for me! I don't think anyone should take offense at the letters slamming these terrorists! The people writing them are upset because these people are trying to kill Marines! I am sure no offense was meant towards any Marine because of their religion. We are all just upset that people are trying to kill Marines doing their job of defending our great country. We should remember two things. First and foremost we are all Americans and second most of us writing these emails are MARINES and that should be enough!

MSGT Steve Phillips USMCR

He Took His Injury

On Monday, November 29, 2004, I had the great privilege of sharing the company with a Lance Corporal in the Marines on my train (#3, headed West). He was missing his right eye, and had a steel plate in his forehead. He is still a Marine, and fighting to go back to action. He is what I, like others like me, wanted to be. He is alive, only because, his fellow Marines looked out for him, and by the grace of God, a Corpsman patching him up. He still loves His God, Country, and Corps. As well, he doesn't care for Towel Heads. However, he feels he took his injury so that we have the right and privilege to agree and disagree.

Please sign the petition, to support one Marine. By doing so, you are supporting those who have been injured and gave the ultimate sacrifice (their life), and those who are still in harms way and headed into harms way!

Semper Fi
Chuck Bailey
PFC USMC 2001-2002

Petition supporting the Marine in question

Or contact Congress

I Would Suggest

Some of the rhetoric by my fellow Marines sets me back a little. The incident involving the shooting of a wounded Iraqi soldier is regrettable, but understandable. Under the heat and pressure of combat, the mindset of a grunt is summed up in the slogan "When in doubt, empty your magazine". Having been a grunt with E 2/7 in '69, I know that it is the marine's sole responsibility to look out for his fire team members. Evidently, that marine perceived the situation as threatening and responded. Of course, the cameras captured the action but the NBC reporting was out of context, that is, the chain of events in the previous 24 hour period leading up to the incident was omitted and the staggering treachery of the enemy to employ ruses against our guys was not mentioned.

As to some comments I've read on this site, I would suggest to my fellow marines that I'll join you in focusing my wrath and hatred toward the punk terrorists, but I won't support a blanket indictment on the people of the Muslim nation. Focus instead on the cowardly murdering jerk offs scrambling like vermin to take out one of our brother marines. I recall my PMI's (primary marksmanship instructor) preaching on what constitutes a good clean shot.."When the tip of the front sight blade is halfway up and centered from left to right in the rear sight aperture"..squeeze...BAM, how do you like me now, b!tch!

L/Cpl Dave
Wyoming, DE


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That Reporter

Let that reporter (didn't use newsman because I don't think he's a man) put down is mike and carry a rifle in combat for six months. (Walk in another mans shoes.) Why is it I never see on the news the good things we are doing over there?

I'll close now because I get mad when I think about those young men and women over there, fighting and dying, so we can live in freedom.

Joe O'brien 1599752, Sgt. P.S. Hey guys a lot of moms read Sgt. Grit. Lets clean it a little.

Remember That

i stand by the marine that shot that iraqi, h&ll remember the prayer we all said in boot camp, this is my rifle there are many like it but this one is mine, my rifle is my best friend without me my rifle is useless without my rifle i am useless. i must shot straighter than my enemy that is Trying to kill me. Remember that Marines, They are out to kill us, I Stand by that Marines all the way.

Semper fidelis, Cpl Toni Beltrano, 1st Persian Gulf War

New Marine Corps stamp due in May 05

See the new USMC Stamp

Clear The Room First

Sgt. Grit
In response to the comments of smbeane on being a war protester, I Say that I lost a brother in the only unappreciated war.(thank god) I believe you never earned the title that my aforementioned brother, myself, my wife and our son have earned. I guess other things were going through your grape at MCRD. I wasn't the best recruit by far, but by god, I AM A MARINE! I don't have the luxury of questioning my government. I hope you understand the brotherhood you just left! As far as education, I graduated High school in 1976 and went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in American Patriotism at the University of The United States Marine Corps. Sir, it is my distinct honor and privilege, with the consent of my fellow brothers and sisters, to strip you of the title you so disrespected. Our Marines out there need our support. Let the next cameraman clear the room first!

Hats Off to Sgt. Grit and his staff for giving this t*rd his say. After all, we all defended his right to this opinion. Semper Fi, May god bless all our troops.

J. Allen Sgt. of Marines

Authorized Use of Deadly Force

(paragraph 3.2 and E2.1.1)
Enough said!
MSgt Montney

Doing His Job

Being a Viet Nam MARINE we learned that in Indian County you do what you have to do to stay alive. I think the NBC reporter was looking for the BIG PAYDAY. Next time let him go through the door first. This MARINE was just doing his job.

Cpl. Robert Uderitz (USELESS BOB)
9th. Eng. Bn. 3th Plt. Viet Nam 67-68-69

Nail Chewing

To every hard charging, devil dog, leatherneck, dirt eat'n, mud spitt'n, steel nail chewing Marine out there. I know where I've been, know what I've done and I'm secure enough in my manhood to be able to shed a stinkin tear when and where I good and well get ready.

Semper FI. Bo

Short Rounds

I am a Nam Vet that belongs to the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, I had heard that Motorcycles are being used in the war theater....does anyone know if that is true?
Mark Gallant, Chu Lai 68.....USMC

Nine years in the our beloved corps 47 too old but its h&ll to watch it happen knowing you could make a difference!
Gunnery Sergeant W.R. Fleshman {1979-1988}

Sgt. Grit--
Thanks for a great newsletter! I just read tonight's, and I don't know how you handle some of the criticism you get. Must be that good Marine training! Semper Fi!
Rebecca USMCR a long time ago...
but still love the Corps!

Do it right the first time, remain honorable, keep your bearing, and protect your fellow Marines. Semper Fidelis.
1st Marines Rick Toth

This is war and people get killed. This sounds like Nam. If you haven't been in a war don't critique the men fighting it. Cameras don't tell the whole story only half. You can make anything look the way you want or think it is.
Cpl-1966 Viet Nam G.Lupo

Goodnight Chesty Wherever You Are!

Sgt. Grit,
I'm really sick of the media and people that live off the heroism of others. What reporter ever carried a rifle instead of a camera or a bayonet instead of a tape recorder?
Cpl. Tim Vallery Sr. U.S.M.C. 1982-1986 Beirut

Sgt. Grit, too bad the news media has never heard of "Suicide by Marine".
Semper Fi JJ Papietro, Former Cpl. of Marines

To all the news media
You are not filming a reality show, this is war. Leave your camera behind, pick up a rifle and fight. Otherwise, get the heck out of the way and let Marines do their job.
GySgt Rosillo, USMC (Ret), San Diego CA.

Thank you. My son is in the middle of the Sunni Triangle in Ramadi, so your words really touched home. Thank you.
Marcia, Proud Marine Mom

Armed Forces Tribute
Forwarded by R.W. Tandy, Former "Sgt Of Marines"

Marines Always Welcome!
Relatives by Appointment!
Semper fi
Sgt Grit

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