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Welcome to our Marine Corps Newsletter archives. This edition includes a list of all kia Iraq Marines as of May 31, 2004. Remember their sacrifice.

Sgt Grit Marine Corps Newsletter - Memorial Day 2004

Memorial Day Memory!

If I would have known it was our last walk in the rain, I would have kept you out for hours, The years go bye so fast, it was just awhile ago that you were my Marine brother saving my life and helping me out! It's been awhile my brother Marine, You left this world so soon so fast! One day I'll see you, on the other side I hope, helping me again, just like you always did!
I'll always tell you thanks my friend, just like I always did!
Thank You, Dave Bumbaugh!
Harry Nonnemacher 8th Comm!
DS Vet 88 - 92
Semper Fi my brother MARINES!!!


( More than just a day off work )

M is for the memory we have for those who put their lives on the line to give us the freedom and privilege of living in this blessed nation..

E is for the enduring gratitude we have for the sacrifices these men and women make for those who stayed at home..

M is for the merit we recognize in those who serve our nation when such service comes at such a high price..

O is for the obedience we honor when those in uniform follow orders that may, and many times do, cost them their lives..

R is for the reverence we give to the thoughts we have on this day, or any day, when we remember those who give so much..

I is for the integrity we salute when those in uniform stand up for all of us even when some of us do not stand up for them..

A is for the allegiance we have to the nation that these brave warriors fight and die for..

L is for the love that goes with those who are in harms way, and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me..

Offered respectfully by,
W. Larry Chapman, Jr.
Capt. USMC - Vietnam Era

On this Memorial Day let us remember those Marines and Sailors who sacrificed all for this great country of ours. Let us Honor those who gave all. Below is a list of those who gave their all in Iraq, complete with rank, age, unit and the date of their death:

Cpl. Daniel R. Amaya, 22, 3rd BN 4 Marines, Odessa, Texas, April 11, 2004

Lance Cpl. Brian E. Anderson, 26 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Mar Div, Durham, NC, April 2, 2003

Lance Cpl. Levi T. Angell, 20, 11th CSSG, 1st FSSG, St. Louis, Minn., April 8, 2004

Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Todd Arnold, 30,1st Bn 10th Marines, Spring, Texas, April 22, 2003

Staff Sgt. Jimmy J. Arroyave, 30, 11th CSSG, 1st FSSG, Woodland, CA, April 15, 2004

Maj. Jay Aubin, 36, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Waterville, Maine, March 21, 2003

Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Austin, 21, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Sunray, Texas, April 26, 2004

Lance Cpl. Andrew Julian Aviles, 18, 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion, 4th Mar. Div.

Tampa, Florida, on April 7, 2003,

Pfc. Eric A. Ayon, 26, 2nd Bn 4th Marines, Arleta, California, April 9, 2004

Pfc. Chad E. Bales, 20, 1st Transportation Support Battalion, 1st FSSG, Coahoma, Texas, April 3, 2003

Lance Cpl. Aric J. Barr, 22, 2nd Bn 7th Marines, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, April 4, 2004

Gunnery Sgt. Ronald E. Baum, 38, 2nd Intelligence Battalion, 2nd Mar Div, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, May 3, 2004

Capt. Ryan Beaupre, 30, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Bloomington, Ill., March 21, 2003

Sgt. Michael E. Bitz, 31, 2nd Assault Amphibious Battalion, 2nd Mar Div, Ventura, California, March 23, 2003

Lance Cpl. Thomas A. Blair, 24, 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, Air Control Group 28, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, Wagoner, Oklahoma, March 24, 2003

Gunnery Sgt. Jeffrey E. Bohr Jr., 39, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Ossian, Iowa, April 10, 2003

Pvt. Noah L. Boye, 21, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Grand Island, Nebraska, April 13, 2004

Cpl. Travis J. Bradach-Nall, 21, 11th CSSG, Multnomah County, Oregon, July 2, 2003

Cpl. Andrew D. Brownfield, 24, Wing Support Squadron 374, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Summit, Ohio, March 18, 2004

Lance Cpl. Cedric E. Bruns, 22, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, 4th FSSG, Vancouver, Washington, May 9, 2003

Lance Cpl. Brian Rory Buesing, 20, 1st Bn 2nd Marines, Cedar Key, Fla. March 23, 2003

Lance Cpl. Jeffrey C. Burgess, 20, Wing Support Squadron 373, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Plymouth, Massachusetts, March 25, 2004

Pfc. Tamario D. Burkett, 21, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Buffalo, New York, March 23, 2003

Pfc. Benjamin R. Carman, 20, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Jefferson, Iowa, April 6, 2004

Lance Cpl. James A. Casper, 20, 2nd Bn, 11th Marines, Coolidge, Texas, March 25, 2004

Staff Sgt. James W. Cawley, 41, F Company, 2nd Bn, 23rd Marines, 4th Marine Division

Roy, Utah, March 29, 2003

Cpl. Kemaphoom A. Chanawong- se, 22, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Waterford, Conn., March 23, 2003

Chief Warrant Officer Robert William Channell Jr., 36, 1st Bn, 10th Marines, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 22, 2003

Lance Cpl. Marcus M. Cherry, 18, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Imperial, CA., April 6, 2004

2nd Lt. Therrel S. Childers, 30, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Harrison, Miss., March 21, 2003

Lance Cpl. Donald J. Cline Jr., 21, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Washoe, Nev., March 23, 2003

Pfc. Christopher R. Cobb, 19, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Bradenton, Florida, April 6, 2004

Capt. Aaron J. Contreras, 31, Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169, Marine Aircraft Group 39, Sherwood, Oregon, March 30, 2003

Pfc. Ryan R. Cox, 19, 1st Bn, 7th Marines, Derby, Kansas, June 15, 2003

Lance Cpl. Kyle D. Crowley, 18, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, San Ramon, CA., April 6, 2004

Pfc. Brian K. Cutter, 19, 3rd Assault Amphibian Bn, Riverside, California, May 13, 2004

Cpl. Nicholas J. Dieruf, 21, 1st Light Armored Recon Bn, Versailles, KY., April 8, 2004

Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, 22, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Scio, New York, April 22, 2004

Cpl. Mark A. Evnin, 21, 3rd Bn, 4th Marines, Burlington, Vermont, April 3

Cpl. Tyler R. Fey, 22, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, Eden Prarie, MN., April 4, 2004

Capt. Travis A. Ford, 30, Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267, Ogallala, Nebraska, April 4, 2003

Lance Cpl. Phillip E. Frank, 20, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Elk Grove, Illinois, April 8, 2004

Lance Cpl. David K. Fribley, 26, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Lee, Florida, March 23, 2003

Capt. Richard J. Gannon II, 31, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Escondido, CA., April 17, 2004

Cpl. Jose A. Garibay, 21, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Orange, California, March 23, 2003

Pfc. Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr., 20, 1st Bn, 4th Marines, Temperance, MI., April 8, 2003

Lance Cpl. Cory Ryan Geurin, 18, 1st Bn, 7th Marines, Santee, California, July 15, 2003

Cpl. Christopher A. Gibson, 23, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Simi Valley, CA., April 18, 2004

Pvt. Jonathan L. Gifford, 30, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Decatur, Illinois, March 23, 2003

Lance Cpl. Shane L. Goldman, 20, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Orange, Texas, April 5, 2004

Cpl. Armando Ariel Gonzalez, 25, Wing Support Squadron 273, Hialeah, Florida, April 14, 2003

Cpl. Jesus A. Gonzalez, 22, 1st Tank Battalion, Indio, California, April 12, 2003

Cpl. Jorge A. Gonzalez, 20, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Los Angeles, CA., March 23, 2003

Cpl. Bernard G. Gooden, 22, 2nd Tank Battalion, Mt. Vernon, New York, April 4, 2003

Lance Cpl. Torrey L. Gray, 19, 3rd Bn, 4th Marines, Patoka, Illinois, April 11, 2004

Cpl. Jeffrey G. Green, 20, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Dallas, Texas, May 5, 2004

Pfc. Christian D. Gurtner, 19, 3rd Light Armored Recon Bn, Ohio City, Ohio, April 2, 2003

Lance Cpl. Jose Gutierrez, 22, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Los Angeles, CA., March 21, 2003

Pfc. Deryk L. Hallal, 24, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Indianapolis, Indiana, April 6, 2004

Staff Sgt. William M. Harrell, 30, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Placentia, CA., April 8, 2004

Sgt. Nicholas M. Hodson, 22, 3rd Bn, 2nd Marines, Smithville, Missouri, March 23, 2003

Pvt. Nolen R. Hutchings, 19, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Boiling Springs, SC, March 23, 2003

Cpl. Evan T. James, 21, 6th Engineer Support Bn, 4th FSSG, LaHarpe, Ill., March 24, 2003

Pfc. Ryan M. Jerabek, 18, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Oneida, Wisconsin, April 6, 2004

1st Lt. Oscar Jimenez, 34, 3rd Bn, 4th Marines, San Diego, California, April 11, 2004

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Michael Vann Johnson Jr., 25, Naval Medical Center San Diego, 3rd Marine Division Detachment, Little Rock, Arkansas, March 25, 2003

Lt. Kylan A. Jones- Huffman, 31, A Navy officer on temporary duty with the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, Aptos, California, August 21, 2003

Staff Sgt. Phillip A. Jordan, 42, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Enfield, Conn., March 23, 2003

Cpl. Brian Kennedy, 25, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, Houston, Texas, March 21, 2003

Lance Cpl. Nicholas Brian Kleiboeker, 19, 2nd Combat Engineer Bn, Irvington, Illinois, May 13, 2003

Cpl. Kevin T. Kolm, 23, 3rd Assault Amphibian Bn, Hicksville, NY, April 13, 2004

Sgt. Bradley S. Korthaus, 28, 6th Engineer Support Bn, 4th FSSG, Davenport, Iowa, March 24, 2003

Lance Cpl. Jakub Henryk Kowalik, 21, 1st Maintenance Battalion, 1st Marine FSSG, Schaumburg, Illinois, May 12, 2003

Sgt. Michael V. Lalush, 23, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron169, Troutville, Virginia, March 30, 2003

Lance Cpl. Alan Dinh Lam, 19, 8th Communication Bn, Snow Camp, NC, April 22, 2003

Sgt. Jonathan W. Lambert, 28, Headquarters Bn, 1st Mar Div, Newsite, Miss., June 1, 2003

Capt. Andrew David La Mont, 31, Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Eureka, CA., shortly after takeoff in the Shatt Al Hillah Canal, in Iraq

Pfc. Moises A. Langhorst, 19, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Moose Lake, Minn., April 5, 2004

Lance Cpl. Travis J. Layfield, 19, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Fremont, CA, April 6, 2004

Pfc. Christopher D. Mabry, 19, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Chunky, Mississippi, April 7, 2004

Lance Cpl. Gregory E. MacDonald, 29, 4th Light Armored Recon Bn, 4th Mar Div, Washington, D.C, June 25, 2003

Lance Cpl. Joseph B. Maglione, 22, 6th Engineer Support Bn, 4th FSSG, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, April 1, 2003

Cpl. Douglas Jose Marencoreyes, 28, 4th Light Armored Recon Bn, 4th Mar Div, Chino, California, May 18, 2003

Pfc. Francisco A. Martinez Flores, 21, 1st Tank Bn, Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2003

Cpl. Matthew E. Matula, 20, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Lacewood, Texas, April 9, 2004

Staff Sgt. Donald C. May Jr., 31, 1st Tank Bn, Richmond, Virginia, March 25, 2003

Sgt. Brian D. McGinnis, 23, Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169, St. George, Delaware, March 30, 2003

Hospitalman Joshua McIntosh, 22, A Navy corpsman assigned to the 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Kingman, Arizona, June 26, 2003

1st Lt. Brian M. McPhillips, 25, 2nd Tank Bn, Pembroke, Massachusetts, April 4, 2003

Cpl. Jesus Martin Antonio Medellin, 21, 3rd Assault Amphibian Bn, Fort Worth, Texas, April 7, 2003

Petty Officer 3rd Class Fernando A. Mendez Aceves, 27, Naval Medical Center San Diego, 1st Mar Div Detachment, Ponce, Puerto Rico, April 6, 2004

Gunnery Sgt. Joseph Menusa, 33, 1st Combat Engineer Bn, San Jose, CA, March 27, 2003

Pfc. Matthew G. Milczark, 18, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Kettle River, Minn., March 8, 2004

Cpl. Jason David Mileo, 20, 3rd Bn, 4th Marines, Centreville, Maryland, April 14, 2003

Lance Cpl. Jason William Moore, 21, Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, San Marcos, California, shortly after takeoff in the Shatt Al Hillah Canal, in Iraq

Capt. Brent L. Morel, 27, 1st Recon Bn, Martin, Tennessee, April 7, 2004

Petty Officer 3rd Class David J. Moreno, 26, Naval Medical Center San Diego, 4th Mar Div Detachment, Gering, Nebraska, July 17, 2003

Pfc. Geoffery S. Morris, 19, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Gurnee, Illinois, April 4, 20

Pfc. Ricky A. Morris Jr., 20, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Lubbock, Texas, March 18, 2004

Maj. Kevin G. Nave, 36, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, Union Lake, Michigan, March 26, 2003

Lance Cpl. Patrick R. Nixon, 21, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, St. Louis, MO, March 23, 2003

Lance Cpl. Patrick T. O'Day, 20, 1st Tank Bn, Santa Rosa, California, March 25, 2003

Lance Cpl. Eric J. Orlowski, 26, 2nd Tank Bn, Buffalo, New York, March 22, 2003

Cpl. David Edward Owens Jr., 20, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, Winchester, VA, April 12, 2003

Sgt. Fernando Padilla- Ramirez, 26, Wing Support Squadron 371, Yuma, AZ, March 28, 2003

1st Lt. Joshua M. Palmer, 25, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Banning, California, April 8, 2004

Pfc. Chance R. Phelps, 19, 3rd Bn, 11th Marines, Clifton, Colorado, April 9, 2004

2nd Lt. Frederick E. Pokorney Jr., 31, Headquarters Battery, 1st Bn, 10th Marines, Nye, Nevada, March 23, 2003

Pfc. Christopher Ramos, 26, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Albuquerque, NM, April 5, 2004

Sgt. Brendon C. Reiss, 23, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Natrona, Wyoming, March 23, 2003

Sgt. Duane R. Rios, 25, 1st Combat Engineer Bn, Hammond, Indiana, April 4, 2003

Lance Cpl. Anthony P. Roberts, 18, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Bear, Delaware, April 6, 2004

Lance Cpl. Bob W. Roberts, 30, 1st Combat Engineer Bn, Newport, OR, May 17, 2004

Pfc. Jose Francis Gonzalez Rodriguez, 19, 1st Maintenance Bn, 1st Marine FSSG Norwalk, California, May 12, 2003

Cpl. Robert M. Rodriguez, 21, 1st Tank Bn, Queens, New York, March 27, 2003

Cpl. Randal Kent Rosacker, 21, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, San Diego, CA, March 23, 2003

1st Lt. Timothy Louis Ryan, 30, Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Aurora, Ill, May 19, 2003

Capt. Benjamin W. Sammis, 29, Marine Aircraft Group 39, Rehobeth, MA, April 4, 2003

Pfc. Leroy Sandoval Jr., 21, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Houston, Texas, March 26, 2004

Lance Cpl. Jeremiah E. Savage, 21, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Livingston, TN, May 12, 2004

Cpl. Dustin H. Schrage, 20, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Brevard, Florida, May 6, 2004

Pfc. Dustin M. Sekula, 18, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines, Edinburg, Texas, April 1, 2004

Lance Cpl. Matthew K. Serio, 21, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, North Providence, RI, April 5, 2004

Lance Cpl. Brad S. Shuder, 21, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, El Dorado, CA, April 12, 2004

Cpl. Erik H. Silva, 22, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, Chula Vista, California, April 3, 2003

Lance Cpl. John T. Sims Jr., 21, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Alexander City, AL, April 10, 2004

Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Slocum, 22, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Adams, CO, March 23, 2003

Pfc. Brandon C. Smith, 20, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Fayetteville, Arkansas, March 18, 2004

1st Sgt. Edward Smith, 38, 2nd Bn , 5th Marines, Chicago, Illinois, April 5, 2003

Lance Cpl. Matthew R. Smith, 20, H & S Bn, 4th Marine FSSG, Anderson, IN, May 10, 2003

Lance Cpl. Michael J. Smith Jr., 21, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Jefferson, Ohio, April 17, 2004

Cpl. Michael R. Speer, 24, 2nd Bn, 2nd Marines, Davenport, Iowa, April 9, 2004

Sgt. Kirk Allen Straseskie, 23, 1st Bn, 4th Marines, Beaver Dam, WS, May 19, 2003

Pfc. Brandon C. Sturdy, 19, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Urbandale, Iowa, May 13, 2004

Lance Cpl. Jesus A. Suarez Del Solar, 20, 1st Light Armored Recon Bn, Escondido, California, March 27, 2003

Staff Sgt. Riayan A. Tejeda, 26, 3rd Bn, 5th Marines, New York, NY, April 11, 2003

Lance Cpl. Jason Andrew Tetrault, 20, 7th Marines, Moreno Valley, CA, July 9, 2003

Cpl. Jesse L. Thiry, 23, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Casco, Wisconsin, April 5, 2004

Master Sgt. Timothy Toney, 37, Headquarters Bn, 1st Mar Div, Manhattan, NY, March 27, 2004

Pfc. George D. Torres, 23, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Long Beach, California, April 11, 2004

Lance Cpl. Elias Torrez III, 21, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Veribest, Texas, April 9, 2004

Lance Cpl. Ruben Valdez Jr., 21, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, San Diego, Texas, April 17, 2004

Lance Cpl. Gary F. Van Leuven, 20, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Klamath Falls, OR, April 17, 2004

Cpl. David M. Vicente, 25, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines, Massachusetts, March 19, 2004

Cpl. Scott M. Vincent, 21, 2nd Light Armored Recon Bn, Bokoshe, OK, April 30, 2004

Lance Cpl. Michael B. Wafford, 20, 1st Bn, 5th Marines, Spring, Texas, April 8, 2004

Staff Sgt. Allan K. Walker, 28, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Lancaster, California, April 6, 2004

Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Wasser, 21, 3rd Bn, 7th Marines, Ottawa, KA, April 8, 2004

Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey, 29, 3d Marine Aircraft Wing, Baltimore, Maryland, March 21, 2003

Staff Sgt. Aaron Dean White, 27, Medium Helicopter Squadron 364, Shawnee, Oklahoma, May 19, 2003

Lance Cpl. William W. White, 24, 3rd Amphibious Assault Bn, Brooklyn, NY, March 29, 2003

Cpl. Joshua S. Wilfong, 22, 2nd Combat Engineer Bn, Walker, WV, April 30, 2004

Lance Cpl. Michael J. Williams, 31, 1st Bn, 2nd Marines, Yuma, AZ, March 23, 2003

Lance Cpl. William J. Wiscowiche, 20, 1st Combat Engineer Bn, Victorville, CA, March 30, 2004

2nd Lt. John T. Wroblewski, 25, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines, Oak Ridge, NJ, April 6, 2004

Lance Cpl. Robert P. Zurheide Jr., 20, 2nd Bn, 1st Marines, Tucson, AZ, April 12, 2004

Submitted Respectfully by William Thompson, former LCpl 1989-1992

Always Faithful!
Always Remember!
Always Ready!
Sgt Grit

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