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"The world is a dangerous place to live—not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
—Albert Einstein

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Here is a funny story from the "big sandbox". Amazing that something humorous comes out of this war torn part of the world, and we sure won't hear anything about it on the news! My son is a Lt, acting as platoon commander in 1/7 Suicide Charlie. His platoon has become almost imbedded in a small border town, functioning within the community, while trying to keep some peace and be constantly on the lookout for insurgents. He learned of Zarkowi's killing, when he entered an Iraqi home and saw it on the TV. The town people were ecstatic and I asked him if they celebrated by firing their guns in the air. He said to me "they would never do that around my Marines". He described to me how they celebrate every little step toward freedom and democracy. They go out in their pick ups and cars, put a big boom box in the window and blast a certain song as loud as possible, while driving around the town to spread the celebration. I almost choked with laughter as he told me the song they blast is Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On , from the Titanic. We all thought maybe "Eye of the Tiger" or some aggressive piece. I'm counting down the days until he comes home for the third time!

Proud mom of Rich

I would like to thank SSgt Huntsinger for his words. My daughter is a Marine in Iraq and while I'm not happy that women are choosing combat roles or even to choose to be a Marine, I stand PROUD of her, VERY PROUD! May I say that Marines are a MAN's organization and that they really would prefer that it stayed that way. As her mother I have listened long to her and how she has been treated by her fellow Marines. It is a very difficult position for any young women. As her mom (and yes, when she phones, my tough Marine still calls me "Mommy") I do feel like I am going thru her choice of career WITH her. I have never done anything in my life that has been more difficult. I'm sure that this goes for Dad's as well as Wives, Children, Grandparents and Siblings also. Indeed, any who love them! I have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on my necklace since she graduated from boot camp. I also wear my son's Air Force boot camp medallion. I am proud of them both and what they and their comrades are doing for us and for every person in this great country! I will continue to wear their symbols as long as they are in active duty, and I would encourage all others that support what they are doing to wear them also. Our troops need all the encouragement that we can give them and more.

A very grateful Mom,
Carolyn Laumann

Dear Sgt.

This is a Semper Fi family, My son is of the new generation Marines, his father is of the old generation of Marines, Core principles never changed between the two generations, I have heard the stories of Korea, Nam, and now I will be hearing the stories of Iraq. My son LCpl Andrew Gales, is now in Iraq, not because he was sent or ordered to go but because he volunteered to go. He told me it was his obligation to the Corps, I talk to him some times several times a week, and email when I can. His father Gunny Sgt. Donald Gales, is retired and is so proud of him. At his boot camp graduation, his father cried with pride. As well as the rest of us who were there. It felt so good to see the two of them share something so special. He talks to his father regularly and they share stories of their experiences. My son is due to return in October. And we will be there when he does. The support that has been given to my son from all the people in our lives is unbelievable. The funny part of my son's platoon is that he, his best friend, a Marine who he share young Marine program with, and two Marines from another county, who are from out old home town who he went to day care and school with before we move are now with him in Iraq. So you see I am supporting 5 Marines personally as I know each of them and am so proud of them. I always ask about them and talk to them all. So you see this is one big Semper Fi family, and I can't hardly wait to go welcome them all home.

One proud Marine mom,

"The rights of neutrality will only be respected when they are defended by an adequate power. A nation, despicable by its weakness, forfeits even the privilege of being neutral." —Alexander Hamilton

In response to Linda Dodson (Proud Marine Mom). You took the words right out of my heart and soul. Sometimes I feel like America has forgotten that several thousand Americans lost their lives on September 11th. As a proud Mom of a Marine that is on his second deployment in that area of Iraq, I too am upset that Civilians have to be killed. Isn’t that called collateral damage? My son said that they are over there fighting so that Americans don’t have to have war fought on American soil. We have told our son not to trust anyone over there except his brother Marines. Then when I read the briefing on CNN on what the Marines are being told, parts of it really bothered me. A Marine is taught to obey orders without question. That is what keeps them alive! I am also sure that the mothers of those 7 Marines and the Corpsman do feel the same way.

If we could just get the Media out of the War (they make our servicemen look like barbarians), maybe our young men could get the job done and all come home.

I am so very proud of all the servicemen and women that are over there watching our backs. I pray for their safe return.

Proud Mom of a Good Marine
Chrissie Rankins

All the flap created by Rep. Murtha's continuing calls for us to cut & run & calling the Haditha Marines murderers caused me to think just what a Marine is & is the Marine a Marine for life? I have come up with the following definition of an Ex Marine: An ex Marine is a former Marine who knowingly, by his words or actions, causes harm to his/her fellow Marines or his/her country. I can think of 2 people I'd classify as ex-Marines: Lee Harvey Oswald & Jack Murtha.

Further on Murtha, by his actions he is doing the same thing to the current Marines in Iraq as the anti-war Lefties did to HIS men as they served in the Vietnam War! It was despicable then & it is despicable now.

Marsha Rader, Lejeune "Devil Pup" and daughter of WWII Marine (A-1-8) Hawk Rader Jr., Tarawa vet

I would add any Marines who have r*ped, murdered molested a Child ect, they have all forfeited there right to be called a Marine. This includes Politicians who will do anything to push their agenda, to include falsely besmirching Marines.

It IS the members of our military who are the true superstars. The 'average' men and women who voluntarily leave behind their families, their jobs, their homes in order that we might remain safe with ours. Selfless people, the names of whom, most, we will never know; the sacrifices, we can never fully appreciate. They are our true heroes. Thank you, Mr. Stein, for so clearly defining the perspective and for so astutely putting it into words. Your writing reinforces what I have always believed in my heart, and I will pass your letter on to my son, a Lance Corporal with the soon-to-be-deployed 1st Battalion/24th Marines, as required reading!

Proud Marine Mom

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action." —George Washington

Sgt. Grit,
I attended the funeral of Sgt. Noyes in Vinita, Ok. Sadly to say that this was not the first military funeral that I have attended. Oklahoma has had several young men that have given the ultimate sacrifice. This is, however, the first Marine military funeral that I have attended and I am very proud that I am a Marine mom.

My son joined the Marines in their delayed entry program when he was 17 years old. He left for boot camp in San Diego two weeks after his high school graduation. I thought, at the time, that it was the hardest thing that I had to go through but now I know it isn't. He is being deployed to Iraq in September and that will be the hardest. He tells me that this is what he is trained for and he will be ok. My faith in God and also the Blue Star Mothers will get me through this trying time.

I just want to say how proud I was and am of the military men and women that attended Sgt. Noyes funeral. When you are a Marine mom, you look at all Marines as your own child.

MOM = Mother Of a Marine
Dawn Smith

As you look toward the future, always remember the treasures of our past. Every generation stands on the shoulders of the generation that came before. Jealously guard the values and principles of our heritage. They did not come easy.
Ronald Reagan

I'm tired of these things being called "suicide" missions. When someone you know commits suicide, you feel sorry for them, search for reasons why, and some people tend to blame themselves for it. I most certainly do not feel sorry for these bozos, I don't care why, and I sure as h&ll don't blame myself or any other fine upstanding American, least of all those in uniform. I want these things called what they are, "HOMICIDE" missions. They're out to kill, don't care who they take with them, and the end result is always the same. They're murderers, not combatants that participate with at least some modicum of respect for the innocent and the rules that govern warfare. Thank you.

Semper Fi,
Cpl. Arnie Ruperts, USMC

"Whatever enables us to go to war, secures our peace."
—Thomas Jefferson

Sgt. Grit,
Just to set the record straight in Larry Green's letter, Eddie Wright's CO was Capt. Brent Morel, USMC. I am Brent's mother and am extremely proud of him, Eddie, and all the other guys there on April 7, 2004. We also agree that Eddie deserved more recognition than he received. He is a remarkable young man with an amazing attitude. As a side note about Brent, he is included as one of 19 "unsung heroes" in the recently released book "Home of the Brave, The Unsung Heroes of the War on Terrorism" co-written with Casper Weinberger. If you are interested in the battle involving Eddie and Brent, the story is Chapter 11 in the book, along with other amazing stories of bravery. It is great that positive things are being written in a time when the negative stories seem to overshadow the media. There are many articles available on the internet about the battle involving Brent and Eddie. One, written by Owen West, is the "Ghosts of Fallujah" which is noteworthy in its retelling of the battle. As a proud mother, I just wanted you all to know that Larry's letter listed Bryan Moran, which is a reasonable mistake for what should have read Capt. Brent Morel.

Molly Morel
Proud Mother of
Capt. Brent Morel, USMC

This is a war we are in. Nothing less than our very way of life is at stake! If we don't win this war, then nothing that has happened before now will matter. What Washington, Jefferson or Madison envisioned will be wiped out of the history books like it never even happened. This is a war, anything less than total victory will be total defeat. It is time we became the UNITED States of America again. It is time we started winning this war and quit trying to just win elections.

Jerry L. Womack
CDR USN (ret'd)
Madisonville, KY

In response to Buzz Barkovich re John Murtha, there are two categories of Marines,"Marines" and "ex-Marines." Marines are those on active duty, Reserves, retired, former and deceased. Ex-Marines are the sh**birds and maggots who are the 10-per centers.

In my books, Murtha is an ex-Marine and is a disgrace to the Marine Corps Reserves.

Semper Fi,

CWO-4 T. Kano
USMCR (ret)

Sgt. Grit,

Wanted to share a story re: my father, H. C. Bitter, a proud Marine, 1944-52. Everyday, as soon as he gets up, he puts out the colors. Before he leaves the house, he puts on his Marine Corps cover. One day, with a flat tire, we went to the local tire store for 2 new tires. I noticed the young man behind the counter stood up a little straighter when we approached. Checking the price of 2 tires, the salesman leaned forward and told my Dad that that didn't include the "Devil dog" discount. It was then that I noticed the USMC tattoo on his arm. My Dad thanked the young man who promised to have his truck fixed right away. Shortly, my Dad's truck was outfitted with 2 top brand tires at a serious discount. After paying for them, my Dad, thank the salesman with, "Semper Fi". The young Marine beamed brightly and gave my Dad a "oo-rah!" in response. My Dad beamed with pride.

Being former Air Force, I was completely out of the loop on this. Although I was born at Camp Lejuene, this was something that I guess only Marines could share.

L. R. Bitter
USAF 1969-1973

It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it.

What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world.

General Robert E. Lee CSA (cir-1860's)

HHH---Cpl---USMC--- 61- 65 & Always

Can you imagine that I panic if the newsletter does not come!? I have already shed a few tears over this latest newsletter... they generally have that effect on me! Thanks for the reply.


I did Nam from 5/67 to 9/ 69. I won't go into details of my "welcome back" or my "send off". But both were slaps in the face.

Today there are a bunch of us, many Nam vets- most not. We number 45,000 strong and most of us ride motorcycles- tho that is not a requirement for joining. We ride to show our respect for those that wear the uniform today. We started riding in Kansas in Aug. of '05 in response to protesters at a young soldiers funeral. By Oct of '05 we were really organizing and the word was getting around that we were "Americans doing the right thing"- and the numbers grew. And the press began to write about us instead of the protesters- and the numbers grew. And we broadened our mission to ride for other heroes- fallen firefighters and police officers- and the numbers grew. And we got letters of thanks from soldiers and Marines deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan- and they joined our ranks from afar so the numbers grew. And then we got requests to ride for send offs for units and even individuals being deployed and the mission expanded as the numbers grew. And now we ride for the funerals of all vets of all wars and all services. We'll put together a motorcycle escort of 50 to 200 bikes for a young hero or an old vets funeral. Flags fly and the bikes roar but all with respect for the fallen and their family.

We are a movement of patriotism and pride. And check us out at www.PatriotGuard.org and come join us and give thanks to these warriors that have given us our freedom for so many years.

Jack Albright
0369 E-5
8/66 - 11/69
Semper Fi

Dear Sgt Grit,

After having seen all the letters about families wearing the Globe and Anchor I just had to respond. Our second son was a Marine, he died of melanoma in 2002 after being medically retired as a Staff Sgt. in 2001. He served almost 9 yrs active duty and followed his Grandpa Warrington's footsteps into the Marines. He commented to us shortly before the end that he always knew he might die in the USMC-sure didn't think it would be from cancer. He had gotten to be friends with retired Marine Brig. Gen. Jay Hubbard who wrote his eulogy-the Marines meant everything to him.

We have continued to have USMC magnets on our car and his truck still has his stickers from SOI Camp Pendleton, San Onifrey on them. He put them there and there they will stay! Last week my magnet that said "Proud parent of US Marine" was taken off of my car and completely destroyed. They left the magnet and peeled the rest off of it. We have shirts, jewelry and other items that he gave us-we still wear them. We are still proud parents of a US Marine-we figure he is standing guard at the gates of Heaven with Gen. Hubbard giving him orders.......and we continue to fly the USMC flag as well as the United States flag out of respect for the Marines who continue the battle.

God Bless,
Candi and Jim Warrington
Gibbon, NE

I am a Marine mom from Pennsylvania. Our 21 year old son will be going back to Iraq for his third tour of duty. To all of you mothers and dads, and other relatives, I would give you a word of advice.....do not watch the news and give your son/daughter to God. In reading some of the letters there are those of you who are doing that. And in response to the gentleman who had some comments about John Murtha....from Pennsylvania, which I am certainly not proud to say....I would like to see our young men and women in the military from every state respond to him and let him know what a traitor he is. He is called a Marine...but he is not a brother and to call himself an American is disgraceful. Our soldiers are not cold-blooded murderers and I'm not sure how he can sleep at night knowing how he is aiding the enemy by spreading these kinds of "stories". I hope a full report comes from Haditha...and maybe it has....that clears our men from such accusations.

We are all guilty of wrong things, but to turn your back on our country and aid the enemy in the time of war is a shameful thing. Thank you to all of our men and women who serve and to the families who have lost those serving.

I wish I could hug each one and cry with you personally. Who knows, if I lose our son I will need the same. Semper Fi and God bless the efforts of all who are involved in bringing security and peace to our country and to others. We are very proud of you all.

Marine Mom from Clarence PA

"Happily for America, happily, we trust, for the whole human race, they pursued a new and more noble course. They accomplished a revolution which has no parallel in the annals of human society."
-- James Madison

Oh _ _it, Sgt. Grit!!!! Just read the short commentary about the young Marine your better half considers a son ... my boy is in his MOS school right now (graduated from MCRD right around Memorial Day (always has been a special day in my book but now will be just a little more special for us!). And I just got word yesterday from him that he got the job he wanted ... 0311!!!!! My grunt!

Like I said, Oh _ _it, Sgt. Grit!!! Makes the mom in me terribly nervous, but that aside, I know my son is gonna do the Marine Corps proud!

Just had to comment about the 11's!

Proud Marine Mom ...

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong." —Voltaire

Sgt Grit I would like to first thank you for all you do. Boy do I have a story for you. Ok first I will start off by telling you my Husband is a Marine serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom on his second tour . He and the Brave Marines of 2/25 have Volunteered to serve along side their Brothers in arms 1/25. I am very proud to tell you they are kicking a$$ in Fallujah and making us all proud. The 1st Sgt has an awesome Blog for anyone interested in reading. My daughter is on a Color Guard team and they have won the North East Region and South East Group and New York Wing Competitions. With that being said they made their way to the National Color Guard Competition in Washington DC. I want you to know this is the first time NY has made it to Washington for this event in 30 years. I am proud Mom of an Air Force Auxiliary Cadet (CAP). My daughter had a knee injury and would not give up she had torn cartilage on the knees and still ran her mile run and was able to get through the Competition and receive knee surgery after it was all over. I truly believe she did this for her Dad to make him proud ( he already is ) The Marine Corps has also instilled these Corps values in our children. Never give in Never Give up .Ok on to the meat of the matter. We took our cadets to see all the Memorials in Washington and went to have a bite to eat and stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe. There were 17 of us and as we started to make our way towards our table one of the cadets said '' Mrs Martino you are not going to like this" I look to the left and there was a picture mocking Iwo Jima Marines and the worst part was it had a JAPANESE FLAG . So half of our party was seated already my daughter and a few of the Cadets started taking pictures of it.

I asked to speak to the Manager and he came out and I said can you please explain to me what this is ? My husband is a United States Marine and I find this to be disgraceful and insulting to every Marine who has ever served in the United States Military I went on to tell him 7,000 Marines died taking Iwo Jima during WW 2 and it was a Monumental moment . I asked him to take it down he didn't so Our Party of 17 got up and exited the restaurant . He told me Jane Fonda hung it there. I told him I took a picture of it and their license and would be sending it to every Marine I know including Fox news. I was sick to my stomach for hours after even the cadets 15 and 16 year old Teens were offended. Our Cadets fathers have all served in the Army Navy and Marine Corps. One of them said this is not just insulting to the Marines but to all branches of the Armed Forces. The kids inspired me to write a letter to the Hard Rock cafe..here is there response....and I will also show you the photos..I am definitely happy the picture was removed I almost feel a small victory over Hanoi Jane. Message to Jane Don't underestimate the power of a pissed off Marines Wife and Daughter . Ooh Rah.

To Our Marines serving all over the Globe God Bless you and to My husband and the 25th Marines. Your Families are proud of you and we are Honored to be your Wives Mothers Fathers and Son's and daughters. There is nothing we wouldn't do for you ALL.

Semper Fidelis Sharon Martino
Proud Wife of SSgt Joe Martino
H&S Co SSP 2/25


Dear Mrs. Martino,

Thank you for contacting Hard Rock Cafe International to share your comments and concerns regarding our selection of music memorabilia in our Washington DC Cafe. We would like to thank you for being such a loyal Hard Rock Cafe customer and assure you that Hard Rock would never want a guest to feel uncomfortable in one of our cafes. At Hard Rock Cafe, we select memorabilia from all music genres including such classics as Elvis and The Beatles to more obscure artists, such as Husker Du, a band featured on the concert flyer mentioned in your email. These pieces are certainly not intended to offend any of our patrons, but are meant to show the history of rock music and its irreverent nature. We do recognize and understand that due to the variety of customers that we serve, that not everyone will agree with the selection of memorabilia we choose.

Here at Hard Rock one of our favorite sayings is that “Rock is Democratic.” From the love it or leave it rock of Lynyrd Skynyrd to the protest songs of Pete Seeger we strive to reflect the breadth and depth of music during many of our Nation’s most turbulent times. We greatly respect the sacrifices made by our armed service men and women. World War II was fought to keep us free from the most totalitarian and repressive fascist regimes in history. It was their sacrifice that enables us to enjoy the freedom of speech and expression that we have today.

Out of respect for your opinion, and others like you, this piece has been removed from the walls of the Washington DC Hard Rock. We hope this gesture will ensure your return to the Hard Rock Cafe and restore your faith in the Hard Rock Brand.

It is through correspondence such as yours that we have the opportunity to learn how to provide better service to our guests. For this, we thank you for taking the time to write to us. Please accept our sincere apology for any dissatisfaction you may have experienced while dining at the Hard Rock Cafe. We do hope to serve you and your family in the future.

Love All Serve All!


Customer Care Team Supervisor
Hard Rock Cafe

At 17 yrs old my husband joined the Marines he wanted only 3 things to be a Marine marry one day and to be a dad. He was able to do all three and was stationed at Henderson Hall for 26months.He also got to see Cuba and ended up at P.I. He lost his wife very young and was left with 3 young children. When I came into the picture he helped me raise 4 children .He was a Marine every single day of his life. We had the battle flag in front of the house to this day. Our youngest son is now a Marine and I know Steven would be so proud of him.

Thank you, Ruthann Schiavone

My son is a lance corporal in the 2/25 who was re-assigned to the 1/25 for deployment to Al Anbar earlier this year. Three weeks into his tour and some cockroach (aka insurgent) took a shot at him, wounding him clean through the upper calf. He's home recuperating and is expected to make a full recovery. As an aside I cannot say enough good things about the care and treatment that's been provided to him by the Navy and Marine medical staff at Bethesda.

Anyway, my son recently threw a BBQ party for his friends and asked that, in lieu of bringing something for the party, everyone bring something for his 2/25 and 1/25 buddies in Iraq. The volume of stuff that these young adults brought was overwhelming! Everything from munchies, candy, magazines, games, powdered soft drink mix, wipes, socks, (even a case of IV fluid for the Navy medics to use) was dropped off. He'll likely have to make two trips up to Picatinny to have these gifts shipped out as his Explorer is not big enough to fit everything in a single trip, and with the seat folded down, the Explorer has A LOT of storage space.

It was heartening and reassuring to experience the generosity that my son's friends showed that evening, in spite of all the noise (aka music). Good for them and good for our Marines!

"Everything our leaders do must be judged by whether it helps or hurts us in defeating terrorists and their state sponsors." —Newt Gingrich

Mr. Peters, I have never written in to Sgt. Grit before although I read the newsletter religiously through smiles and tears. My experience was different than yours. I was stationed in 29 palms for almost my whole enlistment from 1997 until 2001 and reserve duty until 2005 in NJ , I was attached to MWSS 374 at the airfield , however as you probably know due to the CAX exercise I was moved to tanks and attached to 7th Marines for various things. There are too many Marines and Sailors I have had the honor to meet that went out and I haven't heard from. I have suggested to my father that we change our annual motorcycle trip together and go to D.C. instead of the usual bike rally's here in the northeast, but he is from that era - graduated high school in 1970 - and lost a lot of friends in that jungle as I have in the sand box. We all feel pain when we hear of another brother (or sister) moving on to sentry duty at the pearly gates and let me say to you sir that is where you do fit in. Some Marines I know (and a few squids too) volunteer down at the VA hospital in S. Jersey when we can, I think you should find a place like that among your fellow Marines I guarantee you will fit in. Sometimes talking to someone who knows the same lingo can help, they say time heals all wounds but some may need bandages that can only come from a Corpsman or fellow Marine. If you want to go to that memorial in D.C. I say go, cry, speak to the ones who may know what your feeling there, I hope it helps so you can begin to recover from those wounds.

I too am a Marine, and always will be..I Enlisted in 1965, and served in Nam 66 to 68, with the 1st Marine Division.. Was Honorably discharged in 1971..The only problem I have now is that our troops aren't allowed to do as they were trained to do, confront all enemies and destroy them...Why do we have to play by rules when the enemy doesn't have any? This is not a game to be played out by people sitting at a desk..Let our troops destroy all who would try and destroy us...My GOD BLESS all our troops and lead them all to return home to their loved ones..Also, all those bleeding heart people out there who think they have the right to protest, you got the rights because GOOD MEN & WOMAN of our armed forces fought and died so you can enjoy the freedoms we as AMERICANS gave our blood for and are d*mned PROUD OF IT !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS !!!

The Sarge
T. Cicchetti, BKLYN. N.Y.

"It would be dangerous to be in a world without partners. But it would be more dangerous to see friendship where none exists." —Tony Blankley

Semper lie: Fake veteran must wear sandwich board By CHERY SABOL The Daily Inter Lake

A Whitefish man was sentenced Thursday to spend 50 hours wearing a sandwich board with the words, “I am a liar. I am not a Marine. I have never served my country.”

Chief U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy in Missoula also sentenced William Horvath to four months of house arrest for making a false statement.

Horvath, 36, was convicted of making a false statement — a felony.

According to court documents, in 2001 he told a probation officer that he served time in the U.S. Marine Corps. The probation officer was gathering information on Horvath on a prior charge of being a fugitive in possession of firearms or ammunition.

When the officer attempted to verify Horvath’s military service, the Marine Corps stated there was no record of him having served.

Horvath then presented evidence to the probation officer, including photographs and decorations. Representatives of the Marine Corps said Horvath’s uniform was worn improperly, decorations were improperly displayed, and equipment and uniforms in the photos did not fit with the era or were inconsistent with other items in the photos.

A veteran himself, Molloy ordered Horvath to perform 50 hours of community service by marching in front of the U.S. courthouse in Missoula during regular business hours. He must wear a sandwich board with large letters that will read, “I am a liar. I am not a Marine,” on the front. On the back will be: “I have never served my country. I have dishonored veterans of all wars.”

He must also write a letter of apology to the commandant of the Marine Corps, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and American Legion in Kalispell. Similar letters will go to the Missoulian and Daily Inter Lake newspapers, Molloy ordered. Horvath must admit in the letters that he lied repeatedly about serving and being wounded.

Horvath will be on probation for four years.

Molloy also fined Horvath $1,500.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

I would like to let someone know that 2 of my children are at Parris Island at the same time. Jolyn Ritzie (19) will graduate on July 28th from Boot Camp, she is platoon 4. Her brother Lathing Ritzie was in platoon 2 (17) but his first graduate date was Sept. 1st. He has been put into MRP for at least two weeks. Now we are not sure of his graduation date. But dare say you have a brother and sister both on Parris Island at the same time. Some time of publication in our local paper or on our local news station would be wonderful. Might even help with recruiting in our home area. We are from KY-Marshall County. There were not many recruited from that area. This computer will be down the rest of the week. But we are in the area for graduation on the 28th. We can be reached on a cell phone 1-270-752-0990. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you again,
John & Townya Ritzie

After leaving active duty, I went into the Marine Reserves. I began a career in law enforcement here in California, and left the reserves.

Recently I responded to a retail establishment regarding a shoplifting by a sailor. I have the discretion to accept the retailer’s recommendation for them to ban the individual from returning to the establishment or citing them for theft from a retail store. When I asked what merchandise she had taken, the loss prevention agent showed me several small items; make up brush, make up items, and the most current Dixie Chicks Compact Disc.

I told the loss prevention agents, I will be taking her into custody. One of them seemed confused but the other, a former army ranger, gave me a look that he understood. After placing her in the back of my patrol car, we left for the station to have her fingerprinted, photographed and released with a citation to appear in court.

She began to cry and whine, “The store security guard said I could just be banned from the store and released!”

I replied, “I am a former Gunnery Sergeant! First, you are military and I’ve seen sailors get away with just a ‘slap on the hand.’ And second, your choice in music is terrible. The dixie chicks don’t have to support the war but support the men and women protecting our way of life. The dixie chicks used their first amendment right of freedom of speech by not supporting the president, the war and the armed forces members. Then flaunt it in our faces.” So not to hear her argument I put Toby Keith’s greatest hits in the CD player and loudly played “the angry American” and “whiskey for my men and beer for my horses” for the trip back to the station.

I am not a big country western fan but I love Toby Keith not only for the entertainment he provides but the support for America’s service members by doing USO shows in Iraq and bases in the US.

After she was processed, cited and released, she had to find a ride back to her car… 7 miles away. I did cut her a break. I could have impounded her car!

"Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individual...but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country."
—Samuel Adams

All the proceeds go directly to benefit wounded Marines.

Steve Danyluk

You may not like that the government, through the USPS, is doing this but it is. If you send anything to the troops, this will save you in packaging costs.

Hope all is well,
Jim Harris

"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips."
—Oliver Goldsmith

While at a party, following an attendance at the Sarasota Florida Ballet at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, a friend was discussing a "Notice of Cancellation" for "Hanoi Jane" Fondas' cancellation of her appearance at the Hall, which seats 1,800 people. The local newspaper (owned by the New York Times) stated the cancellation of the program "An Evening with Jane Fonda" was due to family reasons. The friend had spoken to the Hall's Manager after the Ballet and asked him the real reason for the cancellation. He replied, with a twinkle in his eye, "Because we only sold 40 tickets!!" It's thought that those 40 were 'family' bought tickets.

Joe Newman
SSgt USMC 65-71

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.

If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.

Posted on the bulletin board by John Wear

"Nations crumble from within when the citizenry asks of government those things which the citizenry might better provide for itself... [I] hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There's a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts." —Ronald Reagan

"[T]here have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere else. If cease-fires actually promoted peace, the Middle East would be the most peaceful region on the face of the earth instead of the most violent." —Thomas Sowell

It Can't Always Be Someone Else's Son
It Can't Always Be Someone Else's Son

Strength and Honor
Strength and Honor

God Bless America!
Semper fi
Sgt Grit

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