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AmericanCourage #214     26 NOV 2009

By way of introducing myself, I served from 1967 thru 1971 with a tour of Nam with 3/7/1 12/69-12/69 I now work in a small Emergency Room in the L.A. area. Near our hospital is a Marine Corps Recruiters Office. A couple of weeks ago I was arriving at work for the night shift when I heard the unmistakable sound of Marines or in this case Poolees doing P.T.

While amusing I didn't think too much more about it until about an hour in to my shift the Paramedics brought in a young Poolee with a dislocated shoulder. (Just as an aside, when I learned that he was a Poolee I put on my best Drill Instructor face and voice and told him to 'GET on your FEET!' wasn't very professional of me but the Recruiter found it quite amusing.)

To get back to my story this young man had what it takes to be one of the finest. Even though he was in a great deal of pain he was polite and showed true 'Warrior Spirit' With young men like this one and the young Marines I have met over the last few years I believe our beloved Corps is in excellent hands.

Semper Fidelis, Happy 234th Birthday and Happy Veteran's Day

Dave Coup
Sgt USMC 1967-1971

AmericanCourage Shirts

Funeral services will be held today, 11/16/09 in Union Bridge, MD for Fallen Hero Sgt. Charles Cartwright, 26 yrs. old, who was killed in action on 11/07/09 in Afghanistan, while serving with the 1st MSOB. Sgt. Charles Cartwright Cartwright was on his 5th combat deployment, since enlisting into the Marine Corps in 2001. He was the recipient of 2 Purple Hearts, as well as, numerous declarations for valor.

He served with my son, Lt. Clayton Anderson, USMC, in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. Clay, along with many former 1/5 Marines will attend the funeral. Charles leaves behind his wife, Marissa, of 11 months, his parents, and one sister. He paid the ultimate sacrifice and we thank him for his service to his country and our Marine Corps. Please pray for his wife and family that he leaves behind. Semper Fi, J. T. Anderson, USMC. '71-'73

Hey Sgt. Grit,
I have seen and heard both sides of this debate. I agree with the side that believes we must protect America. It is unfortunate that pacifist think that obviously we are war mongers. No one hates war more than the warrior who fights it. I remember all too well my war... Vietnam. Everyone thought we should not be there either. There were various reasons for why we should not be there. I mean we had enough problems right here.

As a Black American, we were told we fighting a brown man for the white oppressor. The whites were being told they were pawns of a controlling government and that the war was about money and can you believe...rice. The bottom line was they were a people in need. Communism was on the move and this little country did what countries have been doing for many many years, called on the United States of America for help.

The War on Terrorism is different from the stand point that THEY attacked us! If "R" thinks these terrorist and their rhetoric are a BS lie, tell him to go and talk with any of the victim's families of 9/11 or better tell him to join the Peace Corps and go to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or any of the countries struggling to be free and live and work with any of those people and get a feel for what they don't have...freedom.

See, he's here in the USA talking freely. Tell him to try that in Saudi Arabia or any of those countries previously mentioned and see how long he is left standing. I don't remember who the patriot was that said "People can sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand at the ready to do violence on their behalf." In the case of "R", the reason he can spout off his line of BS is because there have been rough men and women who DID do violence on their behalf and are still doing. I am proud to say I am one of them.

I am one of the Few, the Proud, The UNITED STATES MARINES. I say to our Legacy, OohRah, I have nothing but Mad Love for you. You are carrying on something so much greater than yourselves and you are doing dam well. To the other forces in our military. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing tall in our time of emergency. You are the best of America. You are the new Great Generation.

L/Cpl R.Y. Booker, USMC

Adopt a Marine

I emailed you last week regarding sending Christmas gifts to my son at his APO address and you responded that shipping is complimentary. I wanted to thank you for your support and let you know I have mailed my order, it is the hanging bag, suitcase and shaving bag to LCpl. Joseph Eichholtz. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

God Bless,

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And I Quote...

"The circumstances that endanger the safety of nations are infinite."
--Alexander Hamilton

2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines
Messages from the CO

28 October 2009

Sometime tonight our first main body flight should be departing Manas Air Force Base in Kyrgyzstan in route to Hawaii. They will be followed, hopefully in short order, by the remainder of our main body flights as we return home. We are making every effort to communicate with our personnel in Kaneohe to provide as up to the minute information as possible regarding flight manifests and times. Occasionally higher priority missions result in reassignments or flight changes, please be assured that we will make every effort to get that information to Kaneohe for distribution as quickly as possible.

This is a bit of an odd update I'm afraid. It isn't my intention to talk about Afghanistan or our mission here, but instead to address just what incredible men your Marines and Sailors are. I doubt that I will ever be able to express the extent of the respect and admiration I have for your loved ones in this Battalion. I can use words like dedication, courage, honor but in the end words don't quite cut it. So let me tell you what I have seen:

I saw a LCpl bring in his buddy's gear following a horrible IED strike and practically beg to go back out so he could get back in the fight.

I saw a Marine leaning out over the edge of a roof in the middle of a firefight, leaving himself in the open purposefully in order to tempt an enemy RPG shooter to break cover in order to end him.

I've seen numerous Marines standing a lonely post in the pre- dawn hours, keeping watch carefully and correctly even though no one would know if they cut a corner, but doing it right because they were responsible for their buddies' lives.

I watched a Sailor calmly grab his gear and run out in the open to a casualty who needed him, he never asked "How bad is he hurt?" or "How much enemy fire is there?", the only thing he asked was "Where's the casualty?" then he went. Because Corpsmen always come when they are needed, always.

I watched 19 and 20 year old men, who a mere few years before were undoubtedly typical self centered teenagers, earnestly try to make a young child who has only known poverty and war smile. I even saw a very imposing Marine in this Battalion who, frankly, scares the heck out of me, see a little girl off to the side of a group of kids with nothing in her hands so he very seriously went around saying "Somebody give me a teddy-bear, who has a F-ing teddy bear?" until he found one and presented it to her. The only person there with a bigger smile than the little girl was the Marine. He then went right back to chewing on his squad to keep their dispersion and move faster.

I watched FST medical personnel try every desperate measure to keep a good Marine with us, to the point of opening his chest and massaging his heart for what seemed like an interminable time. At the same time I saw a line of Marines and Sailors and Soldiers forming outside to donate blood, we had enough donors to transfuse all of Hannibal's elephants but they all wanted to do something and at that time the only thing they could do was give some of their blood.

I watched an NCO very patiently sum up all the complex nuances of counter-insurgency warfare to a young Marine while both were being pummeled with stones and physically knocking intruders off our wall from a mob threatening to breach the walls of our police station; "They want us to shoot them, so then they can make us all look like bad guys." So we didn't shoot, even though we had more than sufficient justification, and in the end what could have been a horrible incident broadcast around the world actually became a positive as the locals started talking about the restraint of "their Marines" and became angry with the rioters for their "un-Islamic" behavior.

I watched a Marine, with excruciating slowness and superhuman patience, lead an Afghan Policeman through a patrol brief. And I saw the pride in the ANP officer's face when he lead his patrol out the entry control point, in his town and in front of his people, with the Marines trailing along behind in case he needed some help. I also saw an Afghan Policeman's face when I told him that the Marines thought highly of him and had told me that "Spider" (his nickname) was a good guy to have alongside you in a fight. He sputtered a little bit then said something short and stared at me very intensely, the linguist told me "He says he is just so very proud that the US Marines think that". Once Spider was sure that I understood that he meant it, he strutted away like he had just won the world's highest honor. And perhaps he had.

I know that for the rest of my life I will cherish this period in which I had the honor to spend my days among such incredible men. And I know that it has been your sacrifices that have made it possible. I thank you for allowing me this time with your loved ones.

We are coming home.

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"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."
--Jose Narosky

On October 27, 2009 Capt. Kyle VanDeGiesen was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
November 4, 2009 I was honored to sit in traffic and reflect as the Patriot Guard escorted the Capitan to his final duty station at the National Cemetery in Bourne, MA.
On 10 November 2009 Capt. VanDeGiesen's wife gave birth to a son.

Please keep Capt. VanDeGiesen's family in your prayers
Semper Fi

Photo of James D. Temple's father and fellow Marine holding a snake My father gave me this picture, I'm so proud to say he served this country proudly as a US Marine, I thank God every day that he came back from Vietnam so many men gave their lives, and paid the ultimate price. My father Staff Sergeant James H. Temple of Warren, AR is still living, and loves being a Marine I just thought you would like to publish this picture thank you for everything you do for the men and women that serve our Country I'm studying to be an Assembly of God Minister and I pray for our men and women of the armed daily.

James D. Temple

I have read the "Old Corps" vs. "New Corps" letters with great interest and related a lot of them to my father. My father was a Marine aviator in WWII. He was at Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Vela La Vela and quite a few of the rather heated places in the 1942-1943 timeframe in the Pacific. He spent the rest of the War stateside, helping to train Naval Aviators the "Glide Bombing" technique that the Marine Aviators developed. Bet you won't get many Naval Aviators admitting to that!

Anyway, he's still with us and I have spent a lot of time listening to his reminiscences about the "Old Corps". It's kind of funny, that when he joined up in 1942, he was immediately a member of the "New Corps". He told me at that time the most prestigious appellation that could be given to a Marine in early 1942 was that he was a "China Marine". He was lucky in that his DI was one of those mystical "China Marines", and that added a cachet to his class and actually followed him to Pensacola and flight training. I imagine that the term "China Marine" is lost on today's "New Corps". Many friends of mine were Viet Nam era Marines (I was a Viet Nam era Army Officer) so I guess they are all "Old Corps" - so what does that make my Dad - "Old -Old Corps"? And those wonderful "China Marines", if any are left on this orb, must be next to sainthood.

Anyway the purpose of my little tongue and cheek note is that Marines are Marines, regardless of when they served. "New Corps" Marines are no different that the "Old Corps" Marines. They are just separated by time and technology. They are still men and women, who desire to be the best, and are willing to go in harm's way to defend our nation. When the Corps celebrates its 334th Anniversary, and we're all long gone to our great reward, I'll bet those Marines of 2109 will look back at the Marines of 2089 as the "Old Corps". Imagine the technology that we will have then. And no doubt, if there is United States and I fervently believe there will be, there will be a United States Marine Corps.

An yes, one of the greatest regrets of my life is that I took the Army ROTC route and did not join the PLC program after college. Young and foolish I guess.

Mike Sticksel

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"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."
--American author Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Subject: Member has unsubscribed.

The following member has unsubscribed XXXXX from all lists. They were logged on the Removal List for all lists.

Date: 11/11/2009

Reason: A member of my family has disgraced the Corps and I do not deserve to be included.
I am very sorry.

Laura with her fiance and Cpl Miles. this is my fiance and long time friend cpl. miles . we're at the Marine ball in san diego on November 9,2009. just wanted to show him off.


Marines in Blues just have something special. Get some!
Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

Birthday ball Photo Contest

In Reply to "Member has unsubscribed' Reason: My Marine just completed his mission here on Earth.

Please don't, your Marine has just changed permanent stations. My son has been on station for six years. He's fulfilling his obligations and his promises to the Marine Corps. Your Marine would not want you to ever forget that he chose to become a Marine and put his life on the line for our country. He paid the ultimate price. He should not be given a number and put on a shelf and call it a life. Marines live on, some in memory of family and other Marines but your Marine will never be forgotten unless you allow him to be. When he became a Marine, he became my brother. I will never forget my bother even if he has completed his mission on earth. He is still my brother!

Marine / Brother of a Marine / Father of a Marine

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And I Quote...

"If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy."
--Thomas Jefferson

20+ years ago, I was a beat cop on the night shift. A local watering hole had ejected a nasty drunk and he wouldn't take the hint that he was no longer welcome in the business. They called us and my back-up arrived about the same time as I which was shortly after that of our sgt. The drunk wouldn't tell us who we could call to take him home; he was too busy blabbering about how down and out he felt and how rotten things were.

"Poor me, I was in VietNam, whine etc." The sgt said he wasn't buying that, "I was in 'Nam too." Hooray, the drunk has found a buddy! and immediately wanted to know where the sgt was, all about his unit etc. "I was a sgt in the Marines" said the sgt. "Oh, a F*****g jarhead!" the drunk responded and his tone of voice clearly indicated this was NOT meant as any sort of a compliment. My buddy and I exchanged glances and lifted the drunk off his feet and dragged him to jail. (It was conveniently located only about a block away.) Mandatory court, guilty, pay the clerk and get out, dumb@ss.

Letterman's Top Ten list (video)
Outstanding young Marines.
#1 is the BEST!

Happy Thanksgiving!
We all have much to be thankful.
We tend to forget "We are still at war".
We all need to take a moment and be thankful for the brave young warriors who continue the good fight.
We still have Americans risking and giving their lives for America.
We should all be grateful there are still young Americans willing to make such sacrifices. Many are not willing. May God Bless them all.

Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

"Always, Former, Ex or Once Marines"

Dear Sgt. Grit,

I have read the recent letters discussing how to refer to those who served in our beloved Corps and there seems to be those who would label all as simply Marines, as in, "Once a Marine, always a Marine". I have no problem with this thinking as long as we're referring to those who served honorably and faithfully as a regular Marine or a Marine Corps Reservist, no matter the length of service, and still present themselves as Semper Fidelis to all that being called Marine entails. I have no heartburn over the phrase "Former Marine" as long as MARINE is the operative word.

I believe all would agree that any who served in the Marine Corps and received a Dishonorable or Bad Conduct Discharge or were separated Under Conditions Other Than Honorable deserve the label "Ex-Marine". They have forfeited the right to being included in the "Once a Marine, always a Marine" brotherhood.. They don't even merit the title of "Former Marine".

In my opinion, there is another group of Marines who need to be placed in a category as other than "Once a Marine, always a Marine". This is a category which I would label as "They were Marines ONCE!". These are types who have forgotten or perhaps never really learned the intrinsic values drummed into us in the early stages of our training and fortified through our service in combat or otherwise. There is a United States Congressman who claims a stellar Marine Corps combat record as an officer in the Vietnam War, yet has seen fit to make extremely critical remarks concerning the dedicated, selfless actions of Marines in the war in Iraq, all to support his political party's opposition to that war. THIS individual I classify as having been a Marine ONCE.

Everett Tunget
LtCol USMC (Ret)

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And I Quote...

"Human Felicity is produced not so much by great Pieces of good Fortune that seldom happen, as by little Advantages that occur every Day."
--Benjamin Franklin

Phony-Wannabee Caught And the Dumb-Azs

Sgt Grit,
You are not a D-A, as soon as I saw the article I emailed you with suspicions as well as other Marines. This is a good thing we who have been there can spot an imposter a mile away because of our instinct, we know.

Those of us who subscribe will be your watch dog forever in the future rest assured that those who impersonate will be exposed. Keep up your great MOTO for Marines, I know I am one of your best fans.

Semper Fi

"Freedom is not Free, but you can bet your Azs the Marine Corps is paying your part of the bill"

Retired MGySgt Ski

David Szablewski

I forwarded Jim Grimes post to my husband, as I can tell you he still does most of the items on the list. He did mention there was one item forgotten.
NEVER EVER carry anything in your right hand.
My husband has been a civilian for 7 years and he still carries things in his left hand only.

Heidi, wife of a Marine

I Think, Therefore I Win

While the enemy sleeps,
I lay awake
While he licks his wounds,
I taste his scars
As he waits for me to strike,
I define my attack
I will out think my enemy,
Therefore I will win

--Jim Woods, "I think, Therefore I Win"

Dear Sgt Grit

This newsletter was a great read for me. I'm 17 and ready to swear in around next year some time. But what I just read makes me want to go pt myself for a couple of hours. I might not be a Marine yet but I might as well be one already because once my feet hit Parris Island the DI better watch out cause this man is not stopping now or ever.

Thank you again for the motivation.
Semper Fi.
Randall A. Bowers

Shaping the minds of America! One new Marine at a time. Your stories do make a difference.
Also, "the DI better watch out"; this could get ugly.
Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

Sgt Grit:

I work for Travelers Property Casualty Company of America in Hartford, CT handling product liability claims. The head of our 20 person unit is a Vietnam era vet and we have several Army vets as well. I decided that it would be a great idea to collect donations from the folks in our unit and buy the local Hartford Marine recruiters some Dunkin' Donuts gift cards as a birthday present.

The recruiters are working hard and doing a great job in a very difficult time. I emailed everyone in our unit and told them what I was doing and why and asked for $1,00, $$2.00 or $5.00 or anything towards the gift cards. We have many hardcore Democrats and several conservative types working together. I think most were Bush haters and against both wars. However, while not everyone contributed, most did and I ended up buying $70 of gift cards.

On November 10th, I walked to the recruiting office with one of the women I work with. When we entered I immediately told them that I served in the Corps in 1979 to 1983 and several others in out unit were veterans and our unit, vets and non-veterans, had a collection so we could give them this birthday present of D&D gift cards. Well, they were pretty shocked at first but recovered quickly and we exchanged Semper Fi's and some stories.

We told them that we appreciated the difficult and often thankless job they're doing and just wanted to make sure they knew it. They excitedly told us that they "live" on Dunkin' Donuts (coffee if presume because they were in rather good shape and showed no sign of a donut addiction!). I felt good, the woman I walked with felt good, the recruiters felt good and the rest of the people in the unit felt good... and that's... well, GOOD!

Cheers and Semper Fi!

Cris Yarborough
New Britain, CT, USA
Sgt, USMC: 1979-1983

Sgt Kurtz Sgt,
Hey Devil I noticed you did not have the Book "The Gift of Valor". I served with Jason at Marine Security Forces Kings Bay and I believe, with the new Marines today in combat, this should be on your list of reads. There are many lessons that can be understood by the younger Marines in it. Also I have included a photo of my girl and I because well I am just plain proud of her. As I am a veteran and not Active we were guests of LtCol. Harrison and 2/14. Had one h&ll of a time.

Sgt Kurtz
USMC 0311

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"Guard against impostures of pretended patriotism"
--Gen. George Washington

Was taking an order from a nice lady customer and she ordered dog tags, one set for a man and one set for a woman.

We finished the first one, which was for the man. And then for the second one. We did the last name and then the 1st name, and then she was kind of stumped on what else to put on the rest of the lines.

So I simply told her that they usually put the blood type and the gas mask size and then their religion.

But I then told her you could put whatever you want on it. Then she said, "let's put the gas mask size" and I said okay, and what size is that, and she said 34D...... and I paused and said excuse me, wondering if I heard her correctly... and laughing to myself, because to me that was not a gas mask size, and then I had to say without trying to giggle, Ma'am I am sorry but that is not a gas mask size.

Then she realize what she said and said, OMG, that is a bra size isn't it...then we both started to laugh, and she said, you know What, I should have you put that on there for her. Cause I know she was joking with me and I didn't realize what she said when I ask her the size, and that is not a gas mask size. We finally finish the dog tags, and ended the order, and no we did not put that for the mask size.. However, we both had a good laugh and I love taking orders like that.

Thank You
Rachil Martinez
Sgt Grit Return Department

Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon Hosted by the US Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Oklahoma Kristi Fomin, Sgt Grit Marketing Director, attended with her husband Sgt Scott Fomin.

Semper Fi
Sgt Grit

Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon

Hi Sgt,

I thought this might interest you..

I work for Shop Rite in Ewing, NJ.. On Tuesday, Nov 10th, yes USMC birthday, I made an announcement over the PA system reminding everyone to Thank A Vet with tomorrow, Nov. 11th, being Veterans Day. On Thursday, Nov. 12th, I returned to work, to be called upstairs to Managers office.. Needless to say I received a written warning for Improper Use of PA system. The person that did the write up, used the comment, She only did it cuz he son is a F***k'n Marine..

Yes, my son is a Marine, & I am D*MN Proud of that fact. My son did 2 tours in Iraq. My husband is also a former Marine, who did his service during Desert Storm. I have a daughter in law serving with the US Navy, & a nephew serving with the US Army. Now, the store personnel announce birthdays over the PA system, which I might add does not fall under Store Business. But they do not receive warnings or write -ups of any kind. How is reminding people to Thank a service person for doing what they have no opted to do wrong?? The store has a big poster in front window stating, ""Honoring all that serve"" ! How is that honoring them when you cannot remind people for their Special day???

Thank you for letting me vent on this.. I am proud & grateful to ALL Military Service personnel active or not, THANK YOU all for your service....

Catherine Woiewcki-Riddle

Mom, wife, aunt & mother-in-law

"Cause when push comes to shove / You taste what you're made of You might bend 'til you break / Cause it's all you can take On your knees you look up / Decide you've had enough You get mad, you get strong / Wipe your hands, shake it off Then you stand, then you stand"

--"Stand" by Rascal Flatts

Although I am a retired sailor, I am proud of my association with Marine friends and family members. My oldest Daughter's husband spent six years in the Marines, including a tour to Iraq. I am also a volunteer with the local Toys for Tots campaign through the Marine Corps League, and I have joined the League as an associate member.

I attended Navy Recruit Training in San Diego. While my recruit company was in its first phase of training and living on Camp Nimitz, next to MCRD, a recruit from our sister company decided to go U/A. I was standing the 0400-0800 Firewatch for my company, and I was standing at the door to the breezeway talking to the Firewatch from the other company. While talking, we saw some movement in the bushes near the back of our barracks. The sun was just starting to rise so the shadows were still playing tricks, so I started to walk over to get a better look. As I got closer, a recruit broke cover, crossed the road, and climbed over the fence, into the MCRD field at the end of the runway of Lindburgh Field.

I called to him, and told him to come back, but he kept running. At about this time, a training platoon of Marines out for their morning run happened by. Their D.I., hearing my call's, evidently observed the sailor making a break for it. The Marine formation changed course, swooped up the running sailor, then continued on their way. I returned to the barracks and called the OOD and reported what had happened. The First Class that was standing OOD just smiled and told me to make sure I logged it, and not to worry about it.

We didn't hear anything else about the incident until two weeks later when the sailor was returned to his company, still wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he went U/A. It turned out that the Marine unit kept the sailor, and treated him like one of their own problem cases for that two weeks, except he had to wear the same clothes the entire time.

In regards to the note from J.R.Morris...1051995 about people who served in the Marine Reserves not being real Marines. Several years ago I was moved to a new group and was told that one of the guys in it was in the Marine Corps. He is a quadriplegic, not caused by military service, and a great person. When I approached him and asked about his Marine Corps service his reply was "I was only in the reserves". I told him that my husband was in the Marines and according to him all Marines are Marines. He beamed. Since then my son, who is in the Marines, has sent me some Marine Corps emblems to give to my co- worker and a flag set. Every Nov 10 I send him an email "Happy Birthday Marine". I never let this man say "I was only in the reserves" again.

Linda (LindaRY)

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And I Quote...

"Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom"
--Alexis de Tocqueville

Sgt. Grit- Anyone interested in reading a good book about what the Marines have gone through in Afghanistan should read "Victory Point" by Ed Darack. My son, Phillip, was a member of 2/3 in Afghanistan in August 2005 and participated in an operation called Operation Whalers. As a squad leader in the mortar section of Fox 1 he was in the thick of one of the biggest battles in Afghanistan up to that time. The book is a terrific read and it shows that the Marines of today are as tough, as dedicated and as motivated as any Marine ever was.

Jeff Simonsen
father of two U.S. Marines

Dear Sgt. Grit,

Very much enjoy the great quotes you include in the News Letter and thought I'd forward this one to you... It is among my favorites and, what with that whole smear campaign which the media directed toward those of us who served in the Nam, one that's gotten me through some major periods of depression... The author is unknown.

Situated here in town and in front of Hicksville's Junior High, Long Island, NY, a Memorial dedicated to all who served in the Vietnam War is the "Tribute, Etched Upon Stone", that reads:

"Undefeated on the Battlefield:
Loyal and Patiend in Peacetime Tribulation"

Semper Fi',
(Cpl) Mike Regan
Hotel Company, 2/3
Vietnam's DMZ, '68/'69 PS "Thank You" for a great News Letter

Hey, Sgt. Grit!
Happy Marine Corps Birthday! Semper Fi! As a Marine Mom, I can say that, right?

I think it is only fitting that John Allen Muhammed be executed on the birthday of the Corps. Poetic justice, don't you think?

Tomorrow is Veterans' Day. Happy Veterans' Day to vets, past and present. God bless you for your service and sacrifice. My son Daniel served 50 months in the Corps. He did 3 deployments to Iraq and was promoted to Sgt. right before he got out.

He got a call to see if he was interested in going to Afghanistan. He's not. He has seen so much death. As his mother, I don't want him in harm's way again. He has physical problems resulting from his 3 tours. Daniel served as pallbearer on 2 separate occasions for his twin nieces after his second deployment. He was in Iraq on his 3rd. tour when my dad (his only living grandfather) died. He was able to be with us the week we waited for the Lord to take my mother (his only living grandma) Home. He served as Grandma French's pallbearer. Do you have any idea why he is my hero?

To all Marines, worldwide, God bless you very very much. Only He knows all you've been through and only He can see you through the pain of the memories. I love you all and count myself blessed to live in this country protected by Marines, past and present. Celebrate today for the Marine Corps birthday and tomorrow for Veterans' Day knowing this Marine Mom thanks God for you every day.

Debbi in Martinsburg, WV

And I Quote...

"History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people. The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy."
--Benjamin Franklin

To Marines and Friends on Our 234 Birthday,

The measurement time of Earth began with "God" creating Heaven and Earth and that was millions of years ago

Not much is known before History was recorded way back when,

One thing we've known since then; many a civilizations have come and gone in all those years

Those that lasted longest had elite warriors to preserve its way of life

Centuries and centuries ago there was the Roman Legions, the Greek Armies, Napoleon's Troops, Russian Cossacks, Mongol hordes, all protected and preserved or forced a way of life

There is the Scottish Night Watch, the British Commandos, the Gurkhas, the Turks, the Rock Marines all renowned warriors in the last 400 years or so

Since November tenth 1775 US Marines have been in the measurement of Earth's time

Now that's been 234 years and that's not long in the measurement of time, but we are already renowned as the Nation's finest and one of the world's best, if not the best

To think a Man's life is but a speck in the measurement of this time and to give a portion of it to defend the best Democracy the world has ever known, is a sacrifice only a small portion of that society really understands

If you have spent any portion of your speck in time wearing the Eagle, Anchor, and Globe honorably; you have been and always will be one of the few and the proud, a US Marine who understands that sacrifice

And what is this Corps of Marines whose motto is Semper Fi?

Ah! From the Commandant to the last Private leaving the drill field on graduation day

We are Marines now and forever

For when you sign up you do not become a Marine !!! { Asked Dan Rather}

Until you walked off that drill field on graduation day and then and only then do you become a Marine forever and then only dishonor will cause you to lose that honor

Ones time in serving could be 2 years, 4 years, 10, years, 20 years or 30 plus, but we all endured the discipline, honor, courage and commitment it took to carry the name Marine

Many a person who have gain success and notoriety after leaving our beloved Corps, have said time and again, " My time as a Marine is what set me apart "

Why is this so?

Every Marine knows he is the organization, for we make it what it is and what it stands for

There can never be failure, for it's a word a Marine could never understand and the mission is on every Marines shoulders

I don't believe other branches of the Service ever gets this reasoning across to their multitudes

Oh! they all have their elite outfits, but there set apart

Every Marine knows that all has to work for the machine to be oiled and each is responsible for his share of the load

Time crosses over for an active Marine and one of the past

You can start a conversation as if he is a brother no matter the time that has past ,

For your body's blood runs true with Marine Corps green

Yes, we are a breed set apart and no one can fully understand us, as we do ourselves

We all served but a speck in our History but we all made the Corps what it is. " The Finest Fighting Breed of Men the World has ever known " the Few and the Proud, the US Marines

We will go to our graves, knowing we stood up and apart to defend and preserve our way of life

Not worrying what others thought or did, for the mission was our way of life

We had vowed to protect and defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic and we will until we're called to guard the streets of heaven as only our hymn calls out

Stand proud, for less than 1% in a land of three million people can be called a Marine

Happy Birthday Marines

Ed Emanuel
USMC (Ret)
1956 - 1985

Veterans & Volunteers Actively Creating History's Largest MIA Recovery Effort

Thought I should pass along a few pictures from our Veterans Day ( Saturday the 7th ) visit to our local ( Danville, IL ) VA Hospital. We ( Leathernecks MC Blacksheep Chapter ) make quarterly visits..Next visit is in Feb..

Note the TABLE full of Marine Gear ( thanks to Sgt Grit ) that flew off the table.. Thanks EVER so much..

I am including pictures of the 5 ( yes count em 5 ) 32'' Flat Screen TV's that the club presented with the help of a TON of charities & members, including "Free Throws for Heroes".. based out to the Chicagoland area..

Once again A BIG Thank-You & the Sgt. Grit staff for helping our Hero Veterans in need! Semper Fi & HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

Donations from Sgt Grit Veteran's Day Cake Donated TVs

Semper Fi

Todd "fingers" Fingerle
Black Sheep Chapter
Eastern Illinois Leathernecks MC LMCI

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And I Quote...

"It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution. "
--Thomas Jefferson 1781

Sgt Grit
reference the newsletter (11/18/2009) , the newspaper article about the fake Marine

Personally I feel if he was in uniform numerous times and at different ranks at that (nco vs. o) and photographed numerous times wearing the uniforms and at special functions, then his actions speak as loud if not louder than words, that he was trying to defraud and impersonate.

In a way I feel sorry for his cry of help, he went about it the wrong way. But he should be prosecuted. But in lieu of jail time, he should be ordered to do a year o