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AmericanCourage #225     29 APR 2010

Re: The Pacific. Great. D-mn interesting and well presented with a few Hollywood touches. e.g. I keep wondering why so many Tommy guns and what happened to the BARs..when the two infantry platoons were crossing the airport. in chapter six that time the TO&E should have had 12 BARS to a platoon (2 x 12 is 24) minus they attrition due to heavy combat situations (d-mn realistic. Understand the 60mm mortar men would've had carbines, maybe a Tommy gun or pistols..

Also, remember T-shirt white went to war after Guadalcanal and became green reversing Luckies changing to white packaging. from green...wasn't it green out in the jungle and browns on Iwo and other greenless domains? The script seems to be following "Helmet ..." and :"...old Breed" manuscripts faithfully..making the story lines more realistic.

Hugh Ambrose's book "The Pacific" appears to be less a bit more removed..I thought one heck of a lot of solid true-to-life actors and stand-ins in each chapter so far..about the only fault I heard at the Rosenthal Chap meeting this week.. "the men too bunched up"... guess they had to the within camera lens coverage..

Dale Cook, Iwo Vet and past Nat'l pres 4thMarDiv..

July 4th Shirt

In This Issue...

More about the Pacific below, including why no BAR's? How a lowly P38, John Wayne can opener saved the day. "They" are still out there and expressing themselves with one finger salutes. Several responses to Unacceptable are very interesting.

Don't forget about our Sgt Grit Facebook. Growing daily and is a very active place, interesting and fun.

The Sgt Grit Blog is also growing. It's a place you can be more 'edgy' with your comments. So take a look and leave a comment:

Fair winds and following seas.
Sgt Grit

Father's Day Shirt

Sgt. Grit - I am the wife and mother who asked that question. I appreciate you posting it and the answers that have been printed. My husband was not in combat during Viet Nam but was stationed in Hawaii when we met and got engaged. He has told me that he knew he was going to marry me before he even talked to me! He sure had his objective in mind and how to reach it.

Sgt Grit Not as Lean I enjoyed being a Marine wife and was thrilled when our son came home one day and said he had just signed his life over to The Marines. He has since told me he intends to make it a career. My husband is a Marine through and through in everything he does. He is not as lean but still carries himself as a Marine and insists on a "high and tight" for his haircut. If he can pull on a hair up from his head, it is too long.

I know that I should understand why Marines in combat do what they do and I understand the brotherhood but it still amazes me how some go that extra mile in combat. Thank you to all that gave me some additional insight. Both my husband and son were and are not combat Marines although my husband was NBC/aircraft ordnance and our son is currently a Recruiter.

Thank you and God Bless all Marines, past, present and future for your/their service.

Marine Wife and Mother
The 2 Hardest Jobs in the Corps

Hi Sgt. Grit,

I'm a veteran of the 1st Division Marines of WW2 and Korea.

My grandson is a 19-year-old Lance Corporal in Weapons Co., 1st Battalion, 6th Marines in Marjeh, Afghanistan. His mother, my daughter, sends him a care package every other week and I send him one on the off weeks. He likes canned meats like Spam, corned beef and things like that and they all come in pop top cans now.

Last time I send him a can of tamales and needed a can opener. (I know that the USMC doesn't use can openers anymore since my grandson showed me their MRE's in plastic pouches. I remembered I've had a cigar box out in the garage for the last 65 years that had the old opener for the C-rations and 10&1 rations. Anyway when I got the cigar box I didn't find any of the openers - don't know where they got too in all these years.

You saved the day for me by having one in your catalog. I taped the opener on top of the tamale can and told my grandson, "If you aren't smart enough to figure out how to use this, maybe one of your buddies was shown how by a father or grandfather and can show you".

Thank you so much for bailing me out of this problem.

Semper Fi,
Bill Perkins
(former SSgt, Baker Co., 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 1st Provisional Marine Brigade)


That last shipment you sent was absolutely awesome. We were not at all expecting to get all those shirts. The parents loved the shirts and mugs. Thank you so much. Attached are some photos from where we went and saw the silent drill platoon.

Poolees and Recruiters Poolees, Marines, and Recruiters Sgt Ward, Sgt Wesley, and SSgt Dailer

From left to right (in all but one) are the recruiters; myself, Sgt Wesley SSgt Dailey. Not pictured is our boss, SSgt Griffin. This is 99% of our Delayed Entry Program (DEP). We had a blast. We gave some of the shirts to them for excelling in certain categories. If there is anything you would like us to do, please let me know.

Keep that MOTIVATING Sgt Grit gear coming.
Sgt Ward

And I Quote...

"Do not attack the Marines. They fight like devils. Leave the Marine yellowlegs alone. Strike the American Army."
--[a captured Chinese Army Headquarters directive to Chinese troops in Korea, 1951]

Oklahoma City Family Day with the Poolees.
(view pics and video)
Spending time in the presence of Drill Instructors doing their job is always MOTIVATING!

Poolee Day I had the privilege of getting up close access to the Drill Instructors as they engaged the poolees and gave them a taste of what boot camp will be like. SSgt Patten and Sgt Greeley both from MCRD San Diego did a top notch job in training these poolees.

They first taught them the basic commands that they would need to know and remember for the remainder of that day. When a DI says Eyeballs, the poolees respond, Click. When the DI gives a command, the poolee is to respond with, Aye Aye Sir. When the poolee is asked a question, he is to respond, Yes Sir. And finally when the DI says Zero, the poolee responds with freeze and does act that accordingly.

Once they had all of this down, the DI's escorted the poolees to the gymnasium and began the thrashing. The parents stayed behind with SgtMaj Cowperthwaite and received specific information and instruction as to what their child's 13 weeks of boot camp would entail.

And now the thrashing begins... yelling, spitting, sweating, veins bulging and finger pointing to the fullest, scared faces and the grand finale, yes we had a puker. That was the greatest moment for the Recruiters. It was what they had been waiting for.

Then it was chow time. This is where the parents really got a chance to see how the DI's work. Every move the poolees made was scrutinized and publicly picked apart. Just a minuscule beginning to the process of tearing down Johnny and building a United States Marine. Oorah.

Special thanks to RSS Oklahoma City South and RSS Oklahoma City North for keeping us posted on every move made months prior to the events right up until the day of. All of the recruiters were extremely helpful in getting me in and up close for all the good camera shots and for making this a memorable event for me.

And then there was the after party with the Grit Girls...

Videos on YouTube

Stories and Pictures on Blog

Don't forget Mom

More on The Pacific

In watching Pacific I was sad to see that they did not include the Battle for Tarawa. Until Iwo Jima it was the most heavily fortified island in the Pacific I believe. My Uncle PFC Ned L. Moore USMCR - 2nd Marine Division was KIA the first day there and is buried in Hawaii.

As a side note my son Sgt Josh S. Moore USMC June 2002 - June 2006 always wanted to be one of the best and did 3 tours of Iraq.

Thank you for your newsletters each month. I read and forward them all to friends with family in the Military.

Hey Grit,

How come they never show a BAR on "The Pacific"?

My Dad was an automatic rifleman in a fire team on Saipan and Okinawa.
Never got hit - not a scratch. He was in 2nd Bn, 2nd Marines.

Every fire team had 4 men: Fire Team Leader, rifleman, rifleman, and automatic rifleman.
But on HBO all you see are M1's, carbines and Thompsons.

Followed in his footsteps. PEBD: 12 Sept 66. Retired Reserve 22 Feb 2005.
Viet Nam all of 1969, 1st MAW. Regt CommO, 13th Marines 1972-1984.

Semper Fi,
J.D. Burkholder, LtCol, USMCR (Ret)

Note :
That's Hollywood, the BAR is not as s-xy as the Thompson. You know Capt. Dale Dye has got to just shake his head on some things and get right what they will allow.
Sgt Grit

Hey Sarge
Have you all been watching Pacific? Some show these producers have put together.
All the history of that time. When this great country was almost put down to her knees. The History of the First Marine Division. Which was my last unit to be within the Nam. Thanks for your time.
Vic DeLeon Semper Fi

And I Quote...

"They told (us) to open up the Embassy, or 'we'll blow you away.' And then they looked up and saw the Marines on the roof with these really big guns, and they said in Somali, 'Igaralli ahow,' which means 'Excuse me, I didn't mean it, my mistake.'"
--[Karen Aquilar, U.S. Embassy; Mogadishu, Somalia, 1991]

Female Marine Tattoos

Robin's EGA Cross Tattoo In the recent issue of the Sgt. Grit newsletter, I read a write in regarding female Marines and tattoos. Yes, we also proudly wear the badge of honor. Attached is a pic of my tattoo that I had done almost 3 years after I separated from the Corps. I knew I wanted a tattoo, but I didn't know what I wanted to get. This was what I finally decided on, and I proudly wear the EGA every day.

It's a great conversation starter, too!


Betty Boop Tattoo HELLOO! Sgt. Grit. I read the article about females with EGA's or tattoo's in particular. I do have an EGA that is on my right shoulder but its nothing special.. Just an EGA. I wanted to share with you a few pictures of the Awesome Marine Corps Tattoo that I do have.

My names Natasha Valerio. I'm 25 years old and am a Marine Veteran with two tours to Iraq with 2DMPBN out of Camp Lejeune, NC. I served from 2003-2007.

Death Before Dishonor Tattoo The Betty Boop Tattoo is one my friend drew for me. I love all things betty and I carried a M249 Saw both tours in Iraq.

The neck Tattoo says Death before Dishonor and then there is the EGA on my right shoulder in this picture with my 2 friends Andy and Jason.

Natasha in Iraq Natasha and her friends Andy and Jason showing off their tattoos

Veronica Reilly's Tattoo After reading the WM Tattoo request in your latest newsletter, I had to reply and send this photo of MY WOMAN MARINE PRIDE!

Veronica Ann Reilly
USMC, Retired

Dear Sgt. Grit,
Attached is a photo of my USMC tattoo. I am a retired MSgt having served in the Corps from 1979-2001. The birds are done in colors of the dress blue uniform, the roses (at least at the time I underwent recruit training), was the symbol of the Woman Marine, and "fide et amore" translates to "By love & faith" as I have always believed that those who serve do so with a special love of their country and faith in their fellow Marines.

MSgt Cook's Fide Et Amore tattoo My former spouse served in the Corps and both of our sons proudly served in the Army in Iraq. Our youngest son was injured by IED and lost the lower portion of his left leg. He is the young man who did the "Dear Mr. Obama" U Tube video during the last presidential campaign. Between the four of us, we have over 40 years of active service and sacrifice to our country.

I have been the wife of a Marine; I have been on active duty; and I have been the mother of two young men serving in harm's way. By far, and without a doubt, the "hardest" job was the years waiting for my sons' safe return. My thoughts and prayers go out to those now serving and their families.
Semper Fi,
MSgt Sandra Cook (Ret.)

More Woman Marine Tat's

Feb. 17th, 1996. Plt. 1071, 1st BN MCRD San Diego, We had finally earned the title of a United States Marine. I remember standing in formation, seeing my parents and grandmother in the bleachers, thinking about my Grandfather back home who is a disabled veteran Marine from Iwo Jima and doing everything I could not to let a tear go. I started singing in my head the Bob Segar song, "Like a Rock"!

Once we got dismissed and were able to go see our families for the first time in 14 weeks, we walked tall! For the first time with NO remembrance what it was like to be a slacker back on the block. I saw the look on my families face's, and I was proud of myself now knowing I WAS a man of my own (but owned by the Marine Corps). We celebrated and introduced my family to my new brothers. After going out for dinner which was the best I had ever had at that point in life, we went back to our hotel. I had noticed that around 6 different Marines from my Plt were staying at the same hotel.

Later that night we all got together in our room and made the decision to go get a case of beer and tattoo's. We drove my friends convertible to Tiger Jimmy's outside the base and got our Tat's. I got the same E.G.A. tattoo as my Grandfather. When we got back to the hotel my grandma and mother laughed and did not think we would all go thru with it. They did not yet realize that we WERE Marines and we WERE going to do what we said.

Throughout the night we drank those beers, like we would drink our water in boot camp. Holding them up, bellowing "To Chesty Puller" the pound the whole bottle. I think it took a whole 3 beers to get us drunk, with our bodies in shock from something other than Marine Chow and Juice in our bodies.

We even were in the hallway doing pushups yelling 1,2,3-1 / 1,2,3-2 and so on. This went on until what we thought was around 2 or 3 in the morning. The next day, my family let me know that we all crashed around 10pm. That would be the last time I would see some of my best friends I had ever had. Blood/Sweat/Tears we all shared.

I would like to say, Thank You brothers for helping me get thru and letting me help you. This was and always will be my Best Day! Semper Fi brothers!

Cpl. Stark, JJ
Honorable Discharge

Color Guard at rally Holyoke Rally Greets Wounded Granby Marine

HOLYOKE, Mass. -- An estimated 500 family, friends, public officials, including the lieutenant governor, fellow Marines, and veteran's Saturday afternoon cheered at a rally at the former Anne H. McHugh School parking lot ast U.S. Marine Sergeant Joshua J. (Josh) Bouchard was given a hero's welcome on his return home after suffering life threatening wounds in Afghanistan a year ago.

"I am overwhelmed," Josh blurted out as he was asked by crews from all three commercial television stations from nearby Springfield how he felt about the rally. He also said it was the continued support of his family and the community that helped him recover from his wounds.

Sgt Bouchard Sgt. Bouchard, 27, lost his left leg and suffered severe back injuries when an IED destroyed his Humvee, killing two of his fellow Marines and wounding him and another Marine in April 2009 during a patrol in Afghanistan. Josh had been recovering at McGuire VA Medical Facility in Richmond, Va., and is on a 30-day convalescent leave allowing him to return home for the first time since his wounding.

Frank Real
Sergeant of Marines
1956-59 Combat Correspondent
Public Affairs, New England Division, Marine Corps League

Veteran Family Network

Vets Helping Vets Join America's premier community network and help veterans and their families! I have found an organization that unites veterans and their families and provides support for those in need. Members recieve great benefits.
Check them out and become a member, I did.

Sgt. Grit,

My husband has several of your bumper stickers on the back of his blazer, which ones I really can't remember off the top of my head right now. The other day while he was sitting at a stop light he noticed behind him a car that had a few people in it and they were giving him the one finger salute. He started laughing and couldn't decide whether to salute them back or give them the thumbs up. This always sparks something in these kind of people not realize that he gives them the right to salute him like that, do they not realize that he has sacrificed seeing the first year of his first child's life so they can do this? Sgt Grit BumperStickers

I think that this would make a great bumper sticker if you could come up with a quote, a saying of some sort that states "a lot have sacrificed to give you the freedom of hating me..." or something along those lines.

P.S. this has also happened to me. Only instead of getting a one finger salute I had a couple of young ladies make a gesture with their fingers that resembled the "fish" for Christians (the Ichthus)

In God We Trust

And I Quote...

"What a glorious morning this is!"
--Samuel Adams, to John Hancock at the Battle of Lexington, Massachusetts, 1775

Sarge in respond to Katie Pasteur letter about honor her father at the Marine Corps birthday breakfast with some Jar heads on her home town police department. I believe she has the right because she been doing ever since she was a kid, going with her father. True she is not a Marine but she is there to honor her father that passed away and was a Marine in WW2. After his death she was told to continue coming in honor of her father, so why is someone after a few years telling her she has no rights to be there.

I say carry on Katie !

Moe LeBlanc Cpl. 1960 -1964

This is in response to the post from: Proud daughter of a Marine, Katie Pasteur

Not trying to prove a point, but..I retired after serving 22 plus years. I was married to a MARINE for about 17 of those years. My father, my paternal grandfather and 4 uncle's and my guess is a handful of cousins were Marines. I can't count the number of birthdays, special occasions, whatever you wanna call them that I missed. My daughters grew up in the Marine Corps. Even though they're both grown, they still tell me the best times of their lives were being Marine Kids. Both they and my wife went thru emotional h&ll because of my chosen profession. And there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank them for what they put up with. My point is very simple

You don't have to be a Marine to carry the banner. Continue what you're doing with the birthday breakfast....and if by some chance, this individual questions your doing what you do...just tell him "I'm doing what "THE GUNNY" told me to do.

Gunny "C"
The boondocks of JawJaw

. I suggest Katie Pasteur go right on attending those Marine Corps Birthday breakfasts to honor her dad, and all Marines, and ignore the occasional yardbird who wants to play "Marine Corps Gotcha." Real Marines will appreciate your dad's service and think it an honor that you want to remember him and be with Marines.
Semper Fi,
Former SSgt Robert a. Hall


This is in reply to the letter by Katie Pasteur. You are the daughter of a Marine and so are also part of the Marine Corps family.

My daughter always wanted to be a Marine but due to a heart valve defect she was not allowed to join. Still she participates in all of our FMDA functions and one year help create a float for the local 4th of July parade.

One time (I don't remember what brought this up) she asked one of the chapter board members that if after I died would she still be allowed to participate in FMDA functions. He told her. "Honey you're part of the family now, you are always welcome here."

My view is that anyone who honors her father by organizing a Marine Corps Birthday breakfast should be thanked. The person who told her that shouldn't do that because she was not a Marine is not only wrong but rude!

This year we are going to the John/Jane Wayne day at Camp Del Mar for 3rd Tracs. This is when the families are allowed to ride on Amtracs, go to a range and fire small arms and have an MRE lunch (much, much better than C-Rats, right Sarge?). My wife and daughter always have a blast. And every year on The Birthday we go down to the local VFW and participate in our Birthday celebration which includes a dinner of SOS, the Commandant's message, the cutting of the cake and at the end a march of the old times down a couple blocks (we are worse than first day recruits, always a good laugh seeing us trying to keep in step). In fact many times Army Vietnam vets join in to support their "bothers in combat" and always give us a rousing cheer.

The Marines are a family but the family of Marines are part of that family.

Katie, you keep organizing those birthday breakfasts! If that gentleman does not approve than he is free to do his own thing. I am sure that the rest all appreciate your efforts and I know your father is proud of what you are doing.

Luis De La Cruz
Corpsman of Marines

Those closest to the situation have chosen to 'grandfather you in'. They are honoring your father and acknowledging your contributions to the Birthday Breakfast over the years. In essence, they are saying, "You're one of us". They want you there.
R.M. "Zeb" Zobenica
Capt. USMC (Ret)

And I Quote...

"It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare."
--Mark Twain

Thanks to the Old Jarhead with the incurable disease, who receives inspiration to keep going from his "Don't you quit on me, Maggot!" bumper sticker. His gratitude for all he has is a reminder to us to live daily acknowledging our blessings. Thank you, sir, for your service to us all.

Daughter and wife of Soldiers, sister and mom of Marines.
Marian Schwartz

To the Marine wife and Mother wondering what inspires Marines to do what they do. The answer is simple. You do.

LCpl. Walsh K.P.

Sgt. j. spoon, I find it hard to believe that the American people have two standers for the Marine Corps personnel. I served for 7 years and really wish I did the 20. But people don't look at me as a Marine but as a want-a-be, because I missed out in both actions due to my enlistment times and other factors.

However we could have had action if they would have extended or started another war during the time I was in, But I was one of the unlucky ones the forgotten ones, just a body at the time to fill a hole. I am 62 now and still in better shape than most of these new Marines and would go back in, in a heartbeat. but they would rather use boys who are not old enough to even drink.

I am and will forever be a MARINE and will serve it, no matter what the American people think. J.S.

I don't understand where "Unacceptable" is coming from. He is upset at the "behavior of the Drill Instructor at MCRD in your first story" who told the recruit to "S**t another bunk. Unacceptable further said, "You never 'relieve tension' at the expense of another Marine."

Recruits in training at the MCRD are NOT Marines. Recruits don't acquire the name Marine until after they prove themselves. If recruits pass all the tests, then on graduation day recruits have earned to right to be called "Marine," but not until then.

James Blackston
Parris Island 1963
Platoon 168

And I Quote...

"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil."
--Ayn Rand

It is good to read about the Valor of those who have served and are serving. The response to those in the car accident show what the Corps are all about.
At my ripe age it does my heart good to read that there still is within some of the youth the zeal of my generation. Draftable no rights till 21. It did instill a conviction that rights must be earned. It is my humble Prayer that God my Bless All Semper Fi

Curtiss A. Greer
In God We Trust

Hey Sgt, Grit,

You've kept up with both of my sons as they progressed through the Corps, even putting my oldest one in one of your books on the Corps and being in boot camp. My oldest, Sgt. Charles Aaron Beltram, II went from going to Iraq during the start of the invasion to other times to him being an Instructor at MCAS New River. My youngest, Sgt. Samuel Adam Beltram as he volunteered and graduated from EOD school. Now, my oldest has made Staff Sgt.!

My boy's have made this old Marine prouder than any son could have made his dad!

Semper Fi

Charles A. Beltram
Viet Nam Vet


I just couldn't resist commenting on the picture posted in your newsletter #224 15 Apr 2010, "5 Marines, one family". Check out the young Lieutenant. Please don't take this the wrong way, I have all kinds of respect for him and mean no offense but can they get any younger?? Can he legally drive a car? Wow! I hope the sergeant is around to teach the young man the ins and outs of the Corps that can only be learned by experience.

Hopefully the young Lt. will accept a little humor from an " Old Fart ".

Semper Fi.
U.S.M.C. "64-68"
C. W. Engler

Hi Sgt Grit -- I was very interested to read your account of the Marines in China after the war ended. My late father (Amos Burnette, Tennessee) was there and told me about both the attack on the French Arsenal and the attack on the ammunition dump. Thank you so much for your service and for writing about the Marines in China.
Deborah Burnette, CAPT, USN (Ret)

And I Quote...

"On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?"
--Thomas Jefferson

Sgt Grit:

I just wanted to comment to a few of your contributors from the American Courage Newsletter #223, if I may:

To Kari Underkofer: I was deeply saddened to read of the loss of your son and very moved by your tribute. I thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as your son with us. May God welcome your son and allow him to watch over his Brothers and Sisters still serving around the world. And may God bless you and your family as you continue to heal and find comfort and peace! Thank you, again!

To GySgt with the dilemma of his son: Although I completely agree with your point of view, I was a bit surprised by the response I got from my son. I recently had the honor of having both my son and one of his Marine Brothers home for a long weekend. I had just read your dilemma and asked their opinion of your situation. After careful consideration, both Marines agreed that your son did rightfully earn the title of US Marine; however, he should indicate that he was a Marine and not imply that he still is.

Sgt Grit: I love your newsletters and appreciate the hard work that goes into each issue. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have gone from tears to smiles while reading a single newsletter. Keep up the great work. Semper Gumby! ~Dawn V.

Pictures on Sgt Grit Facebook

Sgt. Grit,

I am a rural mail carrier here in Georgia and on my route is Treehouse Academy, a daycare for pre-K children. These kids are great! I've done a "show and tell" with my Mail truck and was I warmly greeted. They have a project under way of sending letters to men and women in our military. I am hoping that your customers and readers will send these folks the names and addresses of loved ones and friends who are serving.

The daycare is Treehouse Academy at 2740 Five Forks Trickum Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30044. Ms. Penny Holt is the Director and will love hearing from you. Thank You and God Bless our men and women who serve and have served. Thank you Sgt Grit for all you do. Not to mention you have a few nice products! HA!

Semper Fi! Thank you all at Sgt Grit!

John M. Harrell
GySgt USMC Nam-68-69

To: Sgt. Grit
From: Tony Clark
Subject: Contribution for 224 mile Wounded Warrior Run

Greetings, My name is Tony Clark and the reason for this letter is to see if your company would have an interest in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project event I will be doing in September, below I will give you a description of what we have going on.

I am a veteran US Marine/Combat Veteran of Afghanistan and also an avid ultra marathoner. This will begin at 10:00pm Thursday September 9th, 2010 at the Nebraska/Kansas border and run north to south the entire length of Kansas to the Oklahoma/Kansas border. We plan to accomplish this in 60 hours or less hopefully finishing sometime around 10:00am Sunday September 12th, 2010. We have assembled a team of veteran runners and some medical staff to assist me along the route. I will however run this entire 224 miles solo, only having a roving aide station along the way and a law enforcement escort through most of the route. The entire focus and point of this run is to bring awareness and raise money for the over 34,000 Wounded Warriors we now have from the Afghanistan/Iraq wars.

This event is neither promoting nor going against the war, it is only to help bring awareness for those men and women who have sacrificed so dearly for their nation. We have a Facebook Fan page set up "Tony's 224 mile trot, Honoring Their Sacrifice". We let everyone know when a donation has been made and if you're a business donor we post a link to your business on our page, with your permission of course. If you do not have access to Facebook, you can go to then click on "Sponsor Participant" enter the name "Tony Clark" and you should go directly to the personnel donation page.

Your donation goes 100% to Wounded Warrior Project. We also have a blog where you can track my training progress, mini fundraisers and new sponsors!

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions contact me anytime. Semper Fi!
Tony Clark

And I Quote...

"I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious."
--Thomas Jefferson

Formed 9 & 10 Sept 1971, we were assigned Sr. DI SSgt Godwin and Asst. DI's SSgt's Czosnyka & Baratka (his 1st Plt @ PI). GySgt Hollingsworth (or Hollingswood) was our Company Gunny. SSgt Godwin was a Virginian if I remember correctly. Both ADI's were Polish Catholics from Buffalo, NY and called the Catholic guys in the Platoon "Mackerel Snappers" when we fell out for Sunday services (alternating bet. Catholic & Protestant) each week - referring to us eating fish on Friday because of the then- mandatory can't-eat-meat-on-Fridays rule in the Church.

We were very lucky to have 3 experienced, Vietnam veteran SSgt's to make Marines out of us - or as they put it : "To snap us out of our scummy civilian sh-t." We took numerous poundings from our DI's (and various other forms of "motivation"), but no one revealed this to the Judge Advocate Officer the week before we graduated - because we had too much respect for these men.

We were topside in the old 2nd Battalion wooden barracks with the old laundry tables outside (even though by then we had stopped doing our own laundry). But the sands of PI were dumped out on our wooden deck and water then splashed on top so we could scrub the decks with our scrub brushes and brush the dirt out the forward hatch - not like the brick barracks at 3rd Battalion & at the Rifle Range (1st Battalion's new brick barracks were just being built). They still lit the smoking lamp every now & then (and they still issued 4-cigarette packs in our C-Rations!). 782-Gear still had metal canteens, steel WWII/Korea/Vietnam helmets and we had knapsacks and haversacks.

We took the Rifle Range, the Battalion Field Meet AND Drill Competition - the Triple Crown of Parris Island - and graduated just before Thanksgiving., in time to spend Christmas @ ITR (Infantry Training Regiment) @ Camp Geiger outside Camp Lejeune, NC, before we got shipped out to our respective duty stations.

If any of you old men from 39 years ago are still around - especially you SSgt's who trained us - contact this old Marine, former SSgt of Marines Thomas J. "MUGGS" Daly from NY @ fazzjo @ hotmail .com. One particular DI took a special liking to me - he clocked me literally everyday - then again - I laughed a lot and he had to break me down. Are you still out there GySgt Baratka ? (I heard you were promoted after we graduated). Remember my Buddy from the Bronx - then-Pvt Richie Lally ? How about the 6 or 8 Dudes from Massapequa, LI, who all came in together on the "Buddy Plan"? (with the photo op @ Ft. Hamilton before we left NYC!)

Hope to hear from some of you. Semper Fi !
former SSgt of Marines Thomas J. "MUGGS" Daly from NY

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My BROTHER Is A Marine Bumper Sticker

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My SON is a Marine Bumper Sticker

God Bless America!
Semper Fi
Sgt Grit