Sgt Grit Newsletter - 19 NOV 2015

In this issue:
• Someone In The Herd
• Saipan And Okinawa
• Ham And MoFos

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"I have grown to look upon Marines as something sacred,
I have laughed with them and cried with them,
Cursed them and prayed for them,
Shivered and sweltered with them,
Fought with them,
bled with them, and held them in my arms while they died.
I have buried them.
And all the time I have loved them."

--Major Gene Duncan

Semper Fidelis
Bryan J. Holy
MGySgt. USMC Retired

MGySgt Holy standing on yellow footprints MCRD San Diego

Pease Greeters

Pease greeters, 900 flights to date with more to come.

John cannon

Pease greeter in Airport

Tough Old Marine Gear

The Wall

Sgt Grit,

A beautiful day for the annual trek to THE WALL yesterday. I finally took a pic that I thought some of the family might like to see. This is as you stand in front of the statue of the three soldiers and to your left.

Semper Fi,
Tom Flynn
RVN '70-'71

Epitaph near Vietnam Memorial Wall

Someone In The Herd

After reading Pete Kristall's platoon adventure (today 10/12) in the shower stall, it brought back what happened to my platoon "2107" in 1970 in San Diego.

In the shower there were about 75 privates taking care of business and someone in the herd was talking. Needless to say Drill Instructor, Sgt. Hoover heard the talking and ordered that the showers be turned-off. There we all stood b-tt naked the whole lot of us, then it started. Drill Instructor orders us down on our backs, then on our bellies, and back on our bellies. You get the picture, a bunch of turds rolling around b-tt naked all over the shower. Trying to avoid other guy's junk in the process. It was demoralizing to say the least.

Nobody talked in the showers from then on.

Sgt. Parker, JD

Marine Corps Dog Tag Ornament

Saipan And Okinawa

Adam Pizzutti WWII in Japan

Vietnam era Marines with Adam at lunch

Those of us who attended the birthday luncheon this week got to meet Adam Pizzutti who I met on the Honor Flight in May. Some of us took him to lunch later and invited him to this year's birthday lunch.

Yesterday I received three photos of him taken during WWII aboard ship and in Japan. The photos were accompanied with this note:


During my life I've had my share of surprises. I enjoyed them all. However on Tuesday, November 10th, I was overwhelmed! Thanks to you all, I was an honored guest at the Marine Corps Birthday luncheon and making me an Honorary member was another high point.

Then for the icing on the cake, I was invited into the cake cutting ceremony. All this has been the highest point of my life. Thank all of you over and over.

God Bless you all and Semper Fi,


Adam is 95 and served on Saipan and Okinawa. His photos are attached and there is one of him with us in June.


First Marine Corps Birthday

November 10, 1960, I was in ITR at Camp Gieger, NC. Never forget it. Company B, out in the boonies, cold, dark and raining, marching in route step down a dirt road. LT. setting the pace shouts out "repeat after me!" "Sir! One Hundred And Eighty Five Years Of Death, Hell And Desctruction. United States Marines. Gung Ho, Gung Ho!" We shook those piney woods.

Norm Spilleth

Remember When

Remember When DI Photo

Ham And MoFos

Ham and lima beans in juices can top

Ham and lima beans in juices open can

Ham & MoFos were beyond nasty. Some guys tried to doctor them with hot sauce and/or C-ration cheese. Absolutely nothing could help them other than when they became landfill.

I have seen the first photo many - many times. I have never gazed upon that second photo... and from now on, I will grab the eye bleach before making another sighting.

We had a name for these in Viet Nam... the name involved a rather nasty term. And, yes, they could (and did) cause gastric disturbances. We called them "Ham and Mother f-----s. Use your imagination or just guess. I do recall that there was a guy from Louisiana who just loved these, however. He'd trade beef steak and potatoes for them.

John Wear
Vietnam Tankers Association

Vietnam Era Zippo Lighter

Vietnam Era Zippo lighter with initials H.E.F.

Sgt Grit,

While attending another great Veteran's Day celebration here at our RV park in Mesa, AZ. yesterday, I was talking with a fellow veteran and he relayed a story to me of his finding a Zippo lighter in Viet Nam in 1970. Here is his info regarding the lighter:

Vietnam Era

Found this lighter in 1970 somewhere around Nha Trang or Hon Tre. Carried it for 30 years until I quit smoking. It would be wonderful to reunite with the owner. Anyone know a H.E.F. that was in Vietnam?

I have attached a photo of the front with the initials H.E.F. on it. The reverse side also has some data and hopefully someone will recognize this item and relate what data is on the reverse side. The owner can contact me and I will put them in touch with the individual who has that lighter. Hopefully it will be returned to the original owner.

Thanks, Semper Fi and Happy Birthday Marines!

Pete C.

Former SSgt.
Marine Veteran
'Nam '66-'67 and '69

Words Mean Different Things

Words mean different things to the branches of the service. For instance, when you hear the words "secure the building" the Navy shuts the door and turns out the lights; the Air Force takes out a five year lease; the Army post a guard; the Coast Guard calls the Marines; the Marines kill everyone inside and set up a new HQ.

Harry W.

What Time Is It

Pilot to control tower: "What time is it?"
Control tower to pilot: "Who is asking?"
Pilot: "What difference does it make? I just want to know what time it is."
Control tower: "If you are an Eastern Airline pilot, it is 3.00 P.M.
If you are the Air Force, it is 1500 Hours.
If you are the Navy, it is six bells.
If you are the Army, the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 3.
If you are the Marine Corps, it is 120 minutes to Happy Hour."

Nicer Than Some

In regard to Robert A. Hall's comments in the last newsletter, and as a point of clarification to the general reader, the following is offered. The colored bands on a resistor represent the resistance value, in ohms, of said resistor. Each color has a numeric value assigned to it, from 0-9 for the colors: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, gray, white. The order of the colors is remembered by using the phonetic ditty: Bad Boys R-pe Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly. Not exactly politically correct, but a lot nicer than some of the cadences we sung! Think back, you know which ones I'm talking about... LOL

Ron M.

Learned this 52 years ago. Why can I remember this but not what I did with my phone.

It was an acronym for the color code of the bands on the component which stood for the value of the component. Used mostly on resistors but was on some capacitors too. Bad Boys R-pe Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly - Get Some Now (Component Tolerance Bands)

B = Black = Zero (0)
B = Brown = One (1)
R = Red = Two (2)
O = Orange = Three (3)
Y = Yellow = Four (4)
G = Green = Five (5)
B = Blue = Six (6)
V = Violet = Seven (7)
G = Gray = Eight (8)
W = White = Nine (9)

Component tolerances were:

G = Gold = ±5%
S = Silver = ±10%
N = None or no stripe = ±20%

Made a living off that training for over 40 years. Transistor theory - The holes flow. (those who were there will get it).

Basic Electronics School and Radar Fundamentals, MCRD San Diego approximately 4 July 1963 until March 1964 (flunked Radar Fundamentals and had to repeat it).

Semper Fi
Forged on the anvil of discipline.
The Few. The Proud.
Jerry D.

Sgt Grit Catalog

My Granddaughter loves it!

David Moore

David Moore's granddaughter enjoying his Sgt Grit Catalog


Underdogs book cover

In his 2012 book, Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps, which in my opinion is very well-written, Aaron B. McConnell talks about Marines:

"Perhaps more than any other group in America, the Marines have always been culture warriors, open and unapologetic about advertising their identity, preserving and sustaining it, and policing the boundaries that separate them from the uninitiated. They seem almost addicted to their paraphernalia: wherever a Marine appears, Marine hats, sweatshirts and jackets are never far behind. Marine Corps flags fly outside their homes; the eagle, globe and anchor emblem adorns cars, boats, backpacks and biceps. Few military organizations think of their culture as a form of power; the Marines do so explicitly, protect it zealously and deploy it offensively. It is almost a type of weapon or armor - an armored personhood carrier that protects them in both war and peace. While other services may sport similar trappings of identity and community, many Marines do so obsessively. Aaron Sorkin's 1992 film, A Few Good Men, summed it up well: to a certain degree, Marines are fanatical about being Marines."

There is actually no such thing as an ex-Marine. There are only Marines and former Marines. Rick Spooner, a Marine who is now in his 80s and is the owner of a Marine restaurant/tavern in Quantico, Virginia, has said that "there's a magical feeling about being a United States Marine," and I continue to personally feel that magic. It's a spiritual thing, and we Marines call it Esprit de Corps. We are a proud family, and in our hearts we carry a deep reverence for each of our family members, whenever or wherever they have served.

Today, November 10, is the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and we Marines invite all Americans to celebrate our day with us by remembering our family and the Corps' sacrifices that have been made and are still being made in the defense of freedom. Semper Fidelis!

Your Bud,

Get this book in 5 different formats or editions at:

Underdogs: the Making of the Modern Marine Corps

It is the Veteran

Attitude Is Everything Quote 141

Drug Around The Pacific

Yep, a Happy 240th to all my fellow Marines out there. Think "Leathernecks" came from the same era. The Muslims were knife fighters, and went for the throat. The Marines wound their leather belts around their necks for protection. Our Dress Blues still have the high stiff collar. The one thing I always regretted about my 4 plus years of active duty was that I never got to wear Dress Blues. They weren't issued during WWII.

All we got were Greens, Khaki's, and Dungarees. You could buy Blues, but who had the money. Besides, they would have looked like hell after being drug around the South Pacific in a seabag.

Bob Kline, WWII, U.S. Marines

Rest In Peace Brothers

The small community of Yazoo City/County Mississippi invited my wife and I to participate in a parade and Veterans Day celebration 7 Nov. 2015. The events actually covered several days to include the Vietnam Moving Wall and Vietnam Museum. The parade was held in a monsoon type rain storm but was attended by many Yazoo County citizens followed by a reception. At the reception the person in charge told me about how much effort their county had went to in preparing for their Vet's Day celebration. They had wanted to locate the Vietnam Moving Wall in a special place. So they selected the spot and began a major renovation of the grounds by removing lots of concrete, installing sophisticated lighting, numerous US Flags and planting new rye grass. Their efforts/results were amazing in many ways. Ms. Pat Brock, one of the key organizers, told me that the deer (20 or so) came from near and far to graze/eat the newly planted rye grass. The more the humans shooed 'em away the more they ate and frequented the spot. As she spoke I smiled and clearly imagined the veterans whose names adorn the wall sitting near the site smoking non-C-Rat cigarettes and perhaps drinking a cold beer and enjoying the show/deer. Rest in peace brothers, we love you and miss you.

Great job Yazoo County, we all appreciate your efforts and you thinking of us.

Cpl. Bo Van Fleet, Nam '67-'68
LtCol Duane "Dutch" Van Fleet, USMC (Ret)

Except The Corpsmen

Semper Fi Grit,

I hope you and your staff have a good B-day on the 240th B-day of the brotherhood of the (UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS). We Marines in Manitowoc, WI, are having a big party at Wensels bar. The owner throws one every year. Don't worry, we will kick the Navy's azs if they ever to try to crash our party, except the corpsmen. I hope you all have a drunken Marine Corps party, But a safe one!

Semper Fi Grit, Also To Your Staff!

Tony Packowski

Life Changing Event

Dogs 4 Warriors Introduction

Dogs 4 Warriors brochure page 1

Sgt Grit,

I am a former SGT/USMC and spent 8 years on Active Duty. I deployed for OEF and OIF. I came back home with issues that were not always visible. My life was coming to abrupt end if it was not for this one organization I found. I wanted to make you aware of an organization that has changed my life completely. Dogs 4 Warriors, Inc has provided me with a life-changing Service Dog to assist with combating my PTSD, for free. My Service-Dog Samson mitigates all the symptoms of PTSD and comforts me when I am in an unfamilar environment. Dogs 4 Warriors has paired 55 Service Dogs with Disabled Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD and/or TBI within the past 2 years. D4W can not continue to do these life changing things without the support of organizations around the country. Please take a few minutes to check out their website at and read my, and other Veterans, testimonials. I have also attached a brochure that includes a bit more detailed information. I have loved your magazines for years. While I do not have the funds to order much I do enjoy looking through them all. Thank you again for all you do to support the USMC and veterans world-wide.

Semper Fidelis
Joshua A. Jones

Good About Being Here

I read Robert A. Hall's post with interest. I too went through Ground Radio course at MCRD about a year after he did. But Bob, we're old guys; we don't have to be PC.

To clarify that long string of letters for non-radio Marines, they stand for color bands on resistors denoting numbers 0-9: Black, Brown, Red Orange, Yellow, Green Blue Violet Gray & White in that same increasing order. To remember it, we used: Bad Boys R-pe Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly.

Being old has its advantages which reminds me of a joke: An old Marine is in a wheelchair in a V.A. care facility being visited by two younger Marines. While they're talking, a pretty young nurse comes over to fuss over the old Marine - smoothing his shirt, fluffing his pillow. While she is bent over, the old Marine shoves his hand up her skirt. With a look of shock, she straightens up and brushes his offending hand away saying, "Oh Joe, you behave yourself." and walks away. Joe turns to his younger guests and says, "That's the only thing good about being this old. You can get away with that sh-t".

Cpl. Bill Reed

Short Rounds

Hi Robert,

Regarding your comment about electronics school, everybody remembers Violet! LOL! Civilian electronics schools used the same acronyms... Good old Violet... She was around a lot!

George Engel
Dec '54 - '57


God Bless America and success to the Marine Corps! You are the best of the best!

Semper Fi,

Mike Whelan
MGuns (Ret)

For 240 years the finest and toughest fighting organization in the world. Raise a stein to many more years keeping our country (and others) safe.

Semper Fi Men and Women

To All Marines,

Happy Birthday! May GOD keep all of you in the palm of his hand!

"Gunner" Scott Colburn

I enlisted in Feb. 1964... MCRD San Diego... My question is... I went to the range at Camp Matthews, with Plt 324... Went back to the range for mess duty and caught pneumonia... wound up graduating with Plt 128... I remember drilling with both M-1 and M-14... Maybe M-14 at MCRD, and M-1 at ITR... Could that be the case?

Semper Fi
L/Cpl H Young '64-'69
Vietnam Nam '65/'66/'69


Thomas Paine quote

"To argue with a person who has renouced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead."
--Thomas Paine, English-American political activist, writer and revolutionary

"If he wants to go to hell, I know an awful lot of Marines and Sailors who know how to do that."
--Gen. John Kelly, talking about "the murderous enemy" U.S. troops have faced in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world

"In our private pursuits it is a great advantage that every honest employment is deemed honorable. I am myself a nail-maker."
--Thomas Jefferson, 1795

"Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them."
--Thomas Jefferson (1775)

"I was summoned by my country, whose voice I can never hear but with veneration and love."
--George Washington, 1789

"You people made me proud today; you might even make a pimple on a real Marine's arz someday."
--Virtually every DI who ever lived

"Only when the human spirit is allowed to invent and create, only when individuals are given a personal stake in deciding economic policies and benefitting from their success — only then can societies remain economically alive, dynamic, progressive, and free. Trust the people."
--Ronald Reagan

"Still rockin' 'n rollin', kickin' azz and takin' names."

"This food isn't fit for human consumption, But it is fit for United States Marines!"

Semper Fi, Mac!
Sgt Grit

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