No Bayonet For The Carbine

No Bayonet For The Carbine

I would like to point out a flaw in our beloved Iwo Jima Monument, the Marine with the shouldered M1 Carbine clearly shows the Carbine with a bayonet attachment, The WWII issued carbine did not have a provision to attach a bayonet to the barrel; no bayonet for the carbine existed during WWII. The bayonet attachment device at the barrel was an improvement as well as an adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation, there was also a modification to the stock and a new magazine release button to hold the heavier 30 round magazine from falling out of the trigger housing and a bayonet was designed for the Carbine.

I suspect that the sculptor of the monument was given a Korean War vintage M1 carbine as a model copy. Maybe you are aware of this fact? See attached picture.

Semper Fi
V.M. Mejias 1497518  

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