No Letter.

Why do I go to the mailbox every day? He told me it was his last letter but still I walk to my mailbox hopeful. Every day I am rejected by my mailbox. No letter. Why do I do this to myself waiting for word that will never come…? No letter. He didn’t give me a reason why it would be his last, surely he would? No letter. I’m angry at the mailman the mailbox at him. No letter. He comes home in twenty two days, which means twenty two days with no word. No letter. No love filled words that decorated the pages of his letters to me. No letter. Perhaps the mail just hasn’t come or my letter slipped within the pages of coupons. No letter. I find it hard to continue to write to him call it selfish but it seems so unfair. No letter. I can’t stop though I need that connection. No letter. Nothing changes how I feel, nothing. No letter.

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