Not all reservists are Veterans


Just read the article about Captain Holmes: The Legend  in the November 20, 2013 newsletter written by Sgt. Philip Drugge 1957-1968. It was a very fasinating  story about a great Marine. However in the article Sgt. Drugge wrote that he was a reservist serving his six month active duty. I am writing to point out that I also was a reservist who served six months of active duty and seven and one half years of active reserve duty (1956-1964). I have recently have been made aware that I CANNOT be considered a VETERAN. The Marine Corps League has accepted me into their ranks without any problem. In fact, I recently have been elected as Jr. Vice Commandant of my detachment with less than one year of membership. At the same time of my joining the Marine Corps League I attempted to make arrangements to be buried in my local Veterans Cemetary, but was informed that I COULD NOT be buried there because I am not considered a Veteran. My intent was to have my ashes put into urn which holds my wife's ashes and we buried together. At this time there is no hope for me, but I do have my local congressman looking into getting a waiver. I am writting in hopes that other Reserve Marines, who were never activated , reading this might check out their situation. I have been informed that six months of active duty I had is considered "training" and to be called a Veteran one would have to assigned to another regular unit for an at least an additional 180 days. Check this out for yourselves Marines.    

Semper Fi!

Sgt. Robert G. Peloquin


USMCR 1956 – 1964

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