Old Glory

Flag hung in bldg for Memorial Day

A few years ago I worked at a company that made carpets for automobiles. I worked evening shift in the Engineering Center programming a robot that cuts samples for different automobile manufacturers.

I changed employers to get closer home and the Friday before Memorial Day was my last day there. There were a couple other veterans employed there. Most were younger men and were veterans of the Gulf War. I was the only Vietnam veteran among the other veterans. On Friday night of my last day I decided to leave a surprise for them to see when they came in to work on the day after Memorial Day. So, after they had all punched out I attached Old Glory to the robot and hoisted it over the work area. Some time after that I heard from one of the men that they were really glad to see our flag when they came in that next work day.

Cpl Bob Mauney
Co. A, 3rd Shore Party Bn
Vietnam 1966/1967

4 thoughts on “Old Glory”

  1. Well done “Red Patch” Semper FI; Cpl Mike Smith Eng Plt, H&S Co 3rd Shore Party Bn. Nam 69/73

  2. I always wanted to do that when I worked at Westenhouse (TV). My foreman was a retired Army Cpt., who always seem to be watching over me (maybe it was the PTSD). Man! I can see his face now—“beet red”. Thank you brother….Semper Fi

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