Old Glory – Forever Shall She Wave

The Red – the White and the Blue are the true colors
of Peace in the world – Her glorious colors have been
defended by many lives – in many far off lands so our
freedom might live on – and on – and on

Old Glory is at Her best with the wind blowing sharply
and when you hear Her snapping in the wind – She’s
unfurling Her colors for all the world to see – She is the
sign of Freedom wherever She flies

Her colors represent the beautiful Blue sky filled with
bright stars – Her pure White for the Freedom of all
mankind – Her Red for the blood spilled by the many
heroic men and women who gave their lives for freedom

Freedom has not come cheap – Old Glory can attest to
that – She has had too many good men and women come
home using Her as a wrap

Today like many other days in the past our warriors
stand ready to preserve and fight for the Freedom of
another country – Old Glory is still there flying high
and proud still tightly affixed to Her mast

So whenever you see Red – White and Blue – stand
tall – stand proud and remember all those who have
fought for Freedom throughout the world and pray
to God our children will never again have to be called
to defend Her Glory

Old Glory all decked out in Her – Red – White and Blue
will always be there – She will be there no matter the
cost – the time or the place – preserving Honor and Peace

Yes – Old Glory will be there for those who need Her –
after all – She is the Red – the White and the Blue –
And Remember this! – Always – Honor – Our – Flag

Freedom Love Allegiance God

Larry Lovett – USMC 1954-1956
Amtrac "A" Company Kaneohe Hawaii
I Know "Tough" Duty Station

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