Old Marine’s Dream-Dead Dog to Devil Dog!

Old Marine's Dream-Dead Dog to Devil Dog!

A Vietnam buddy (Army) heard I was forced into retirement and had to sell my motorcycle a few years ago. He found this 1983 Yamaha (Dead Dog) and brought it to me on his trailer behind his bike. Picture # 1.

After months of work and a fun project with some accessories from Sgt. Grit, I now have my Devil Dog Scoot (without manifold & carb). Saving my nickels and dimes for the parts so I can provide harassment to the Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard golf carts in my community. Oooooorah! See next 4 pictures.

Semper Fi,

Robert Bartell
1964 P.I. MCRD 2nd Battalion Platoon 212
1965-1966 Chu Lai, Viet Nam

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