This Nation's oldest Marine, Al "Sarge" DeSerio, veteran of World War II, Korea, and the Viet Nam War, has passed to his final rest. Sgt. DeSerio served as an escort for WW II KIAs and served TWO tours in Viet Nam. He received eight (8) stars for Good Conduct. He "retired" in 1970 after 42 years of service in the Corps. He passed away at age 105 years, five months at a retirement facility outside Philadelphia, PA……AND NO ONE NOTICED !!!!     Cpl. JAD / 1969

One thought on “OLDEST MARINE”

  1. That is really sad that no one noticed the age of Sarge!!!! They ought to be someway the Marine Corps should have some type of notification system. Really would not know where to begin on this. R.I.P SARGE.

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