Once A Marine, Always A Marine

The other day I was talking with a friend from our church at the lab where we get our blood test done and he asked me why I wear  so many t shirt with Marines on them ( I get them all from Sgt Grit). He spent two years in the Army.  I said because Once a Marine, Always I Marine.  He just laughed.  He didn't get it.  I went to Parris Island in June 1960 with a platoon of all South Jersey guys, sponored by the Camden Courier-Post newspaper.  Platoon 358.  I spent three years at Camp Lejeune and one year at Newport Naval Base in R.I. I am proud to be called a Marine and my last duty station will be Guarding the Streets of Heaven like in our song.

Semper Fi,

Cpl DiGiacomo 1960-1964

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  1. How true only a person that has gone to boot camp and become a Marine will understand i went to boot camp in 1979 3rd battion PLt 3017 and was discharged in 1983 i will always be a Marine until the day l die semper fi and may God bless you Cpl Viteri

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