Once a Marine, Always a Marine. A Marine Comes Home.

Few earn the title United States Marine. Once earned, the rest of their life they are a marine. A marine on Active Duty, A marine reserve, A retired marine, or as is most common a marine who served his country and returned to civilian life as a marine on-demand, whose skills if needed are always ready.

A marine on demand enjoys all the pleasures of the freedom earned through service and blood of all his fellow marines who have served. They have earned this, they live life free and proud and to the fullest, they know this respite is short. For in the fullness of time death comes for them as it does for all.

Their honor clean, they stand before the pearly gates of heaven and read a simple unadorned sign with two arrows on it, one pointing left that says “This way to Eternal Peace”. The other  pointing to the right says, “Marines”.

The marine turns to the right and up a steep path the temperature ever increasing until he sees a Quonset hut. He opens the door and steps inside. He crosses to a small table, behind which two Marines stand. Colonel Lewis B. Puller nods his head and Sergeant Major Dan Daly places a paper on the table before you and holds a quill pen out above a small bottle of black red ink. No word need be spoken. As you take the pen and dip it into the bottle, the label on the bottle is clearly visible, “ The price of freedom, is paid in blood”.

Your signature smokes as it is written, burning the paper without damaging it. Your heavenly robes fade to be replaced by standard issue, the firm fit of your cover brings a wry smile to your lips. You snap to attention and salute, a salute that is as crisply returned. A right face and the rear door of the hut beckons and as you step out, the yellow foot prints meet your feet as you muster as part of a new platoon that soon will be ready to join the USMC Devil Dog Division, Camp Glory, MCRD.

Your purpose clear, the mission to fight the forces of evil for all eternity, Always Faithful, under orders from the ultimate Commander-in-Chief, God Almighty!.  It’s good to be home.

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