Marine Poem

Hi, I wrote a poem back when my son had just went to Bootcamp. A friend said I should share this with you, and you in turn share with others.Son, Lcpl Shane currently deployed in Iraq

The first trimester has come and gone…
Written By Marine Mom, Marti

The first trimester has come and gone,
the broken man, the man I’ve become.
My youthful ways has left my skin,
I bring up my armour, the man within.
A Marine I’m learning to be
so you and I can be free.
Onto the mastering of what I have to give and more,
my strength, my endurance, the best I implore.
For the Marines I have pledged my oath,
to give my heart and soul, I give my both.

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A Marine’s Mother submitted by Clarence Briggs

“A Marine’s Mother”
Submitted by Clarence Briggs

I will never be first lady,
Nor grace a movie screen
I?ll never be world-famous
Nor will I be a queen.
But I would never change my lot
With any that I?ve seen.
For you see ? I am the Mother

Submitted by: Clarence Briggs

This is a thing my mother found in a newspaper back in 1943. She kept it with her till she died in 1978. I’m her son the Marine.

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From a Marine in Kuwait

Wish You Were Here
By: Cpl Joshua Miles

For all the free people that still protest.
You`re welcome.
We protect you and you are protected by the best.
Your voice is strong and loud,
but who will fight for you?
No one standing in your crowd.
We are your fathers, brothers, and sons,
wearing the boots and carrying guns.
We are the ones that leave all we own,
to make sure your future is carved in stone.
We are the ones who fight and die,
We might not be able to save the world,
Well, at least we try.
We walked the paths to where we are at
and we want no choice other than that.
so when you rally your group to complain,
take a look in the back of your brain.
In order for that flag you love to fly
wars must be fought and young men must die.
We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear.
If that`s not respected, we would rather stay here.
So please stop yelling, put down your signs,
and pray for those behind enemy lines.
When the conflict is over and all is well,
be thankful that we chose to go through hell.

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Marine Version of Adam Sandler’s “Hannukah Song”

I wrote this last year when my son and his brother marines could be home for Christmas, this year they are in Al Qiam.


There’s a lotta Christmas songs out there, but not too many Marine songs, so I wrote a song for all those nice Marines out there.

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submitted Kristal Sewell

You can keep your Army khaki,
You can keep your Navy blue.
I have the world?s best fighting man, to introduce to you.
His uniform is different, the best you?ve ever seen.
The German?s call him the ?Devil dog, ?
His real name is ?Marine.?
He was born on Parris Island.
The sand is eighteen inches deep,
The sun is blazing hot.
He gets up every morning, before the rising sun.
He?ll run a hundred miles and more,
Before the day is done.
He?s deadly with a rifle, A bayonet made of steel.
He took the warrior?s calling card; He?s mastered how to kill.
And when he gets to heaven,
St. Peter he will tell, ?One more Marine reporting sir, I?ve served my time in Hell.?
So listen all you young girls, to what I have to say:
Go find yourself a young MARINE,
To love you every day.
He?ll hug you and he?ll kiss you, and treat you like a queen.
There is no better fighting man: THE UNITED STATES MARINE!

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The Marine Corps Wife

Billy & Maggie Bagget

We enjoy your newsletters so much and I would like to pass along a poem that my husband gave me when we were stationed at Camp Lejeune in the ’50’s. He gave this to me just after an IG inspection.

The Marine CorpS Wife

No stripes on her arm, but she’s no boot
A squared away gal who’s really quite cute
She takes her order’s as a real “salt” should
And takes care of her job as a good Marine would.
She want be promoted, though she deserves to be
She’s happy with the life the Marine Corps gave me
For the years to come and throughout her life
She’ll proudly bear the title of “Marine Corps Wife.”

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USMC Fiance Poetry

Marine Corps Fiance Poem
By: Anonymous

You think you know me, but you haven't the slightest clue.

Im the brunette standing behind you in line at the grocery store, eyeing the newest "Support Our Troops" magnet while paging through the latest issue of Modern Bride. The look on her face is complacent and her thoughts are thousands of miles away on some military base she's only been verbally described of over the phone.

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A Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day
by Michelle R. Christman

As we stand here looking
At the flags upon these graves
Know these flags represent
A few of the true American brave

They fought for their Country
As man has through all of time
Except that these soldiers lying here
Fought for your country and mine

As we all are gathered here
To pay them our respect
Let’s pass this word to others
It’s what they would expect

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