Life of a Marine

Dear Sgt. Grit,
Two years ago my dad passed away, so we gave him a send off Marine style. We buried him in his favorite t-shirt Marines never die they just go to hell and regroup,along with his favorite vietnam vets hat, needless to say not all the relatives approved but the great men from the Marine Corps league that came and did my dads funeral said it was priceless. I read a poem at his funeral that he had written while he was in Vietnam, that I would like to share with you all.

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The Lone Rifleman

The Lone Rifleman
by Daniel Snuffer

You may have a lot of evil, boiling in your soul.
You may seek the lives of others, and your evil take it’s toll.
You may answer freedoms call with death, to those that seek its truth.
You may desire the hounds of hell; devour all who love true peace.
You may seek to hide your victim’s ashes, in the earth or desert sand.
You may seek to rule over innocent, peace loving peoples land.

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Poem from the Sunni Triangle

Gone for way to Long
Author: U.S. Marine, Al Sad, Iraq OIFII “the Sunni Triangle” 040714

We’ve been layin’ here tryin’ to find ourselves. We look behind ourselves, We need to go back ourselves..Always looking for the big pay back listen for the news distorted play back They say that all men bleed just like us.

Were never number one always the last in line. We watch our friends go by but it doesn’t help pass the time. Were fed to many pills that never eases the pain. We took a couple towns but it doesn’t help erase the pain. Nobody really knows us but that’s the price we pay.

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Lost But Not Forgotten

Lost But Not Forgotten
By Donna Hammerbacher

Memories linger in the mind,
Recalling time gone by;
Deeds of good, some of bad,
All captured with a sigh.

I see him moving as in a cloud,
Tall and confident;
His essence bright I shield my eyes,
I know not where he went.

The door bell sounds and brings me back,
I recognize the dress;
Two uniforms pristine and proud,
Brothers of the best.

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Falling in Love with a Marine Poem

A Poem for My Marine
By: Amanda D.

No better friend, no better love
A bad boy yet a good man
Strong inside and out
With a gentle heart and hand
Too easy it is to fall for him
And see your future in his eyes
Not worrying then of times to come
Not thinking of goodbyes
So there you stand with dogtags on
Worn close around your neck
Waving goodbye to him and praying
For the day that bus comes back
Then its lonely nights in bed
Waiting for the phone to ring
Dreaming of the times you’ve had
Remembering everything
You wait for letters sent by him
And cherish every word he writes
Reading them each over again
To help get through the lonesome nights
You wake up to midnight phone calls
To hear how he has been
And say “I love you” enough times to last
Until you talk to him again
You do your best to tough it out
Without a shoulder on which to lean
Smiling while thinking of how it feels
To fall in love with your Marine!

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Loving a Marine

Loving a Marine
By: Madison Meadows

The days may seem long, but that’s okay
Because they come and fade away.
Loving a Marine is a beautiful task,
It takes many things that one may lack.
It takes courage, love, and faithfulness too,
Also communication that is shared between the two.
Loving a Marine can be hard as well,
It can leave you longing for more and not feel so swell.
Yes, the time does feel slow,
But that shouldn’t keep you feeling so low.
Loving a Marine is found in many ways,
You can find it anywhere every day.
From mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers,
To friends, cousins, enemies, and lovers.
Loving a Marine is something I would never trade,
Thinking of him keeps me strong in every way.
The pictures, letters, and Marine items I hold onto,
Keep me smiling and hopeful in everything I do.
Loving a Marine should fill you with pride,
To know they are protecting you from every side.
They fight a battle that is hard to win,
But will claim victory in the end.
Loving a Marine is something special I feel,
It’s something no one can break down or steal.
Knowing I have a man so noble and brave,
Makes prince charming seem so lame.
Loving a Marine can take all your energy and might,
It’s worth every minute for that one day he’s in sight.
We should all respect and stand up for
Our men and women in the United States Marine Corps!

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Love You Forever

Tamala Young

At birth it was easy to love
You were an angel sent from above
With age came the true test
Of mothers I’d try to be the best

Curiosity would peak here and there
Sometimes i thoughtmore than i could bear
They were stagesyou had to grow
I can helpjust listen to what i know

I still loved you just the same
But with the growth, disappointment came
Disappointment not in you
But in some things you’d chose to do

Now you’ve chosen to take a stand
Step out of childhoodbecome a man
I can’t believe you’ve gone to Iraq
Counting the minutes till you get back

Don’t forget that prayer is a must
For it’s in god and not bush we trust
He’ll bring you home i have no doubt
If he takes you to it he’ll bring you out

Being there’s got to be rough
Just not being here is even tough
Whatever it is that you go through
Hang in there CoreyI love you!

I’ll love you forever
I’ll like you for always
As long as I’m living
My baby you’ll be!


Tamala Young to Son Corey
Serving in Iraq

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Ready On The Left and Dress Blues

Ready On The Left and Dress Blues Blues
By Howard Schnauber


Ready on the left —
ready on the right —
ready on the firm' line

Let out half a breath
close down half an eye
Squeeze that cartridge off
and know it's a miss or hit
from that guy down in the pit

When you've made your shot
get your ass back in the slot
and work that earthy ditch
like a sorry son of awhich
was the name of the state
where you said you was born?
'cause you'd better there return
if you can't make better scores
than a pair of Maggie's drawers

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