A poem of PRIDE in honor of a Marine Family

I am Marine mom from here in the city. I wrote a poem about Pride, in honor of my son, daughter and son-in-law all serving in Iraq. I have been encouraged to share with others and I thought of your newsletter.

Written By: K. Shearon

Honor, courage and commitment as one is Pride
so pure and strong as a stallion at full stride
Its grace and beauty like an eagle soars through the sky
pride that is seen in every Marines eye

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Thanks for your publication. I enjoy reading each one from the first to the last article.

Dan (Danny) Roark
USMC Sgt. 1963-67

by Dianne K. Roark

I stand on the outside, looking in,
I catch just a glimpse of the ghost.
He catches himself before he’s exposed,
Lest he shares that which matters most.

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by Mitchell (Doc)

At night I hear the haunting sounds of the desert, the explosions of the bombs and the missles of war.
The wounded are crying out for someone to help,
All i can do is try my best to save them.
My heart bleeds for those who are beyond help,
For I know who is about to steal theirs souls.
As I gaze into their dying eyes looking toward the sky,
I fear what they are about to see; The Reaper.
All in Black, riding a horse black as death itself, With eyes as red as blood, I fight against his icy grip.
Trying to cheat him out of a soul or two, But sometimes the cheaters get cheated.

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by Cindy Crook

I was sitting at home not expecting this mention,
As I watched the news and came to attention,
The words I was hearing would affect my life,
I couldn’t help looking across at my wife.

She was cooking a feast, taking care of our kids,
And hadn’t heard the words that I just did,
“Marines are recalled, effective right away,”
“Pack your gear, you’ll soon be on your way.”

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Marine Corps Vietnam Poem

With a Rifle in my Hand
Written By Melissa Wood
Former Corporal, USMC

I was just a private with a rifle in my hand
Along with fellow Marines, we go to make our stand
The plane ride took forever as the tension filled the air
To a place called Vietnam, our country sent us there.

I’ve been on base, we’re packing up our ammo and some knifes
Heading out into the foreign fields where we could lose our lives
The jungle all around us, we’re crawling on the ground
The enemy is very near, and the sun is going down

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The Royal Marines – Green Beret Poetry

Author: Rod Spinks
former Royal Marine 1957/68.

A word in the house, a stroke of a pen
The country disbanded a fine body of men
With fighting finesse and fitness supreme
The creme de la creme wore berets of Green.

Their training was tough, it had to be so
How to fight with a knife and kill with one blow
Salerno, Vaagso, Dieppe and St Nazaire
With impossible odds the Commando’s were there.

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