The Leader

The Leader
S/Sgt Richard Carlson

The qualities of leadership,
(expressed so many times),
Vary in the hearts of men;
But follow certain lines.

One line, of course, is self control;
Another, moral strength.
Disciples of courages men,
Will follow to great lengths.

Firmness of convictions;
The desire to suceed,
Capturing the thoughts of men,
(by sowing but a seed).

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The Marines

The Marines
by Blonnie Cason

The Marine are men who jump to fight, trying to protect America's pride.
They jump from planes and sore in the sky, like an eagle flying high.
They keep America from all harm, they always win cause they're always armed.
They come right away when called to fight, sometimes in the dead of night.
They wear black and green so they're never seen. America is nice and terrorists are mean,
MARINES fight to keep our country clean so terrorist stand clear of the UNITED STATES MARINES!!!!!!

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Tattoos – Poem

James G. "Sam" Gossage

The tattoo, the tattoo. Should it be hidden, or seen?
Does it really make a difference,
to a U.S. MARINE?

There are those people who talk and stare.
Do we need to answer, should we need to care?

Walked the Long Beach Pike a long time ago.
Drank neer-beer, and saw a burlesque show.
Decided that a tattoo parlor is where i had to go.
I was just seventeen, and that was a long time ago.

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They Raised The Flag

Dear Grit,

Years ago I read James Bradley’s book Flags of Our Fathers, I was inspired to write the following poem. I sent a copy to Mr. Bradley and also one to Clint Eastwood after he released his movie of the same name. Now I send you a copy to place in your files. I was, and am still, proud of my service in the Marine Corps. I was a radio operator and while in Vietnam I was attached to the 3rd Company, 1st Batallion, 2nd ROK Marine Brigade in Binh- Son and then moved up to Hoi-An right before the Tet Offensive. I am also extremely proud of this poem. Use it as you will.

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This Is Who I Am

Raymond James Byron Anthony Charles Plouhar
Born: May 26, 1976
Died: June 26, 2006
Son, Brother, Cousin, Husband, Father of Two, & Marine!

This Is Who I Am
-Sgt. Raymond Plouhar-

this is me this is who i am
i am a Marine to the very end
i live by the motto that is Semperi Fi

i come to countries in far off lands
to fight for freedom for which most are to scared to stand

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This Life

This Life
Cpl Figueroa 10/2005

This is the life that he has chosen.
Do I choose to be a part of it?
I must. It is my duty as his mother
To always send my love and care
No matter where he is needed.

Overseas, in the deserts, over the fifty states,
No matter where, he needs to be, I will be as well.
His life is mine and that will never cease.
That will never change.

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