Welcome Home poem

I had a woman on one of my MOM boards ask for a Welcome Home poem from a Marine Mom to Marine… I became inspired as I never EVER again want another military member to come back and not feel WELCOMED HOME… I always tell every VET I meet, Welcome Home and give them a huge hug… ya know… Marines are required to give Marine Moms hugs, and once a Marine / Marine Mom always a Marine / Marine Mom… my son is with the 3/5 and will be home within the month… and I wanted to share this with you… if you feel its good enough to share with the world, you have my permission to use it on your site.

Welcome Home
By: Marge Reich

Welcome Home, my Hero, my boy, my Son
You’ve been through a lot, of this I’m assured.
For both of us it’s been a very long time
The good of what you’ve done yet to be heard.

I watched you as you gathered
the things you would need
Seeing your excitement,
innocence glowing in your eyes
Not wanting you to do this,
not wanting you to grow up
I sat in your room, biting my lip,
saying our goodbyes

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What Did We Do To Deserve This?

What Did We Do To Deserve This?
submitted by MGySgt Ralph Hoffman (Retired)

Below the Manchurian boarder, Korea is the spot
We are doomed to spend our lives in a place God forgot
Through the paddies with our weapons, digging foxholes with a pick
Doing the work of a gosh darn Mule, to damm tried to kick
We sweat, we swear, we freeze, it is more than we can stand
We are really not convicts, we are defenders of our land
We are the troops of The Corps, earning our measly pay
Guarding our Country’s millions, for a lousy $ 4 a day
Living with our memories, wanting to see our best girl
Hoping to see her, before she marries our best pal
Nobody knows we are living, nobody gives a damm
Back home we are soon forgotten, as the nephews of Uncle Sam
When we climb that final mountain, right up to that Golden Bell,
St. Peter will say, “Welcome MARINES you served your time in hell!”

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What Do You Say

What Do You Say

What do you say to a combat vet
When it comes to Memorial Day?
Have a ……happy?…a safe?…a sad?…a memorable?
None of those words can convey…

The emotions inside them….held in check, with the
memories and faces of brothers that gave all.
A human being…not a name that?s written upon a wall.
a life…..not a word that?s spoken at honor roll call.

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Where Are You Going

Dear Sgt. Grit,

Recently my mother in law was cleaning out some drawers and came across some of my father in laws things. (My father in law has been dead many years now). In it was a laminated code of honor, an old chauffeurs license and this poem my husband had sent him from Viet Nam. It came from a military news paper they had when he was over there. I want to share it with you.

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Poems provided James Whitson

A Moment in Time (Red Patch Bn.)
by Jeremy Howell

3rd Shore party Bn. A Co.
In the end, I found myself at the “Wall”
there for all the world to see,
asking myself, “why them and not me?”
The many names reminded me of how life was at hand,
to die in a foreign land,
Where life was given, and suddenly taken away,
for freedom has a terrible price,
for the spirit and the flesh,
where lives were thrown away,
like the throw of the dice,
Where the true hero in measured,
didn’t come home at all,
So here I am, standing before the “Wall,”
listening to their voices crying out,
OH America! have you forgotten?
For whom prays for peace more,
than the one who fights the war,
As I stood there with tears on my face,
a lump in my throat,
I could only remember what one great general said,
“Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

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Who We Are

Who We Are
by Vela Eddie

Who we are you ask
We live on our feet, definitely
Will not live on our knees.
When duty calls
We leave everything behind
Family, friends everything we love.
We will kill for those who cannot kill
Die for those too scared to

We fight for what many wont
We take the punishment and pay the price
For all that you enjoy.
Fear not our fate, enjoy your freedom
While it is not free, we will pay your share
Often ultimate sacrifice is the cost.
There is nothing you should fear.
We have your back, the bullets hit our chest.

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Who Went and Didn’t Come Back

Who Went and Didn’t Come Back
Julia Holewinski

Your heart is the strongest strength,
even if it is purple.
Or broken,
like the families,
who loved ones went to war and will never come back.
They are strong,
so are you.
On Memorial Day,
guess who it’s dedicated to,
that family member,
or other members of families,
who didn’t come back.
Who went and didn’t come back.
Always in prayers,
they’re okay up there,
they went to war and didn’t come back.
Or did they?
Not physically, anyway.
But when you say they didn’t come back,
they can still live,
always around you,
with you,
in you.
They went to war and came back.
They came back in you.
In your heart.
In your mind.
And they will never leave again.

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