This Life

This Life
Cpl Figueroa 10/2005

This is the life that he has chosen.
Do I choose to be a part of it?
I must. It is my duty as his mother
To always send my love and care
No matter where he is needed.

Overseas, in the deserts, over the fifty states,
No matter where, he needs to be, I will be as well.
His life is mine and that will never cease.
That will never change.

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Through the Night

Through the Night
by Gerald Andrew Regan

For the Marines slain near Khafji on January 29, 1991:
Lance Cpl. Frank Allen, Cpl. Stephen Bentzlin, Cpl. Ismael Cotto Jr.,
Lance Cpl. Thomas Jenkins, Lance Cpl. Michael Linderman Jr.,
Lance Cpl. James Lumpkins, Sgt. Garett Mongrella, Pfc. Scott Schroeder,
Lance Cpl. David Snyder, Pfc. Dion Stephenson, and Lance Cpl. Daniel B. Walker

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Til the Day they Die

The below poem is not only representative of my thoughts as a Marine whose tour in uniform has ended, but the countless Marines who have viewed themselves in the same vain. As Marines we are branded by tradition, esprit de corps, pride and fraternity. Once we have earned the Title of Marine, be it in peace or war, we can no more purge ourselves of it then we could our natural birthright. It is a Title that remains with all Marines till the day we die? and some of us take it to our gravestones to tell the angles we have arrived, and the devils they are to beware.

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Time in Hell

Time in Hell
by Richard Milne

You can have your Army Khaki
You can have your Navy Blues
But here is another uniform
I’ll introduce to you
This uniform is different
The finest ever seen
The Germans called it Devil Dog
But the man is just a Marine
They make them down in Diego
The land that God forgot
Where the mountains are high
The rivers run dry
And the Sun is blazing hot
Now listen all you pretty girls
Cause here’s a tip for you
Get yourself a young Marine
There’s nothing he can’t do
And when he goes to Heaven
St Peter he will tell
Another Marine reporting sir
I spent my time in Hell

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Poem – The Title: United States Marine

The Title

It Can Not be Inherited
Nor Can it Ever be Purchased
You or No One Alive
can Buy It for Any Price
It is Impossible to Rent
and It Can Not be Lent
You Alone and Our Own
have Earned It
with Your Sweat, Blood and Lives.
You Own It Forever
The Title
“United States Marine”
In Honor of Our Fallen
and Disabled Brothers

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To My Marine

To My Marine
Fiance of LCPL Mattice

It’s been a year now since you first left for the Corps You traveled miles away to the California shores Boot Camp Graduation day was a day to always remember I was there to see you on that day last September You came home for ten days following boot you deserved it, you were now a Marine, no longer a Recruit The ten days went by quicker than any ten before Sitting in the airport together, watching you leave through the terminal door School of Infantry was where you were headed More time apart is something we have always dreaded The Thanksgiving holiday came, I picked you up at the airport Seeing you again was great like always, but we knew this visit was short Once again, back to the airport to say good bye We tried not to be sad this time, you hugged me and said “babe don’t cry”

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To My Marine Man

To My Marine Man
by Kristal Sewell

I never knew how fast time flies
when i was spending it with you
I guess I thought you wouldnt leave
but now I know its true
youre doing something with your life
and we are all so proud
but I cant help but cry cause where you are
cell phones arnt allowed
when you told me you were leaving
you said it wouldnt be for long
but I still miss you every day
every second that you are gone
the day you left snuck up on us
it came way to fast
and the night before you kissed me
I knew we would last
you wrapped your arms around me tight
told me u are doing this for us
I tried so hard to get them to let me stay that night
I went home and though all about you
weve got a great relationship and future
but you know you’re always in my heart
and I am so proud of u for living your dream
even tho it means for a while we’ll be apart
for the next month’s or so I’ll be without you here
and all the things we use to do
so heres alist of things I’ll miss most
and hopefully you will too
I’ll miss calling you on my way home
and spending every weekend together
even long conversations
when I just wanted to sleep
but wanted you to keep talking to hear your voice
mud ridin in the beat up Nissan
telling each other how their day went
how mad nana makes me sometimes
I miss havin u around
the little kisses you’d give me after making out
havin movie nights
just becuase we wanted to spend time next to each other
even tho we’d end up doing other stuff
no talkin on tha phone for hours on end
but thinkin about all this still makes me smile
I’ve heard lookin back on tears would make us one day laugh
and as i do this im not going to lie
I never knew as I looked back today
that our laughs would make me cry
I cant stop looking at our pictures
or reading letters u gave me
and as I cry I also smile
becuase of how good together we are
how happy you make me
so since you’re gone and I’m stuck here
dont forget here I will always be
till December waiting on my Mr.Marine
dont forget about me while you’re gone
you promised to write me too
you’ll me on my mind these next long months
and til they’re over… know I miss and love you.

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