Untitled – Sanchez

by Carmen Sanchez

This is a poem i wrote with the honor and respect of having friends and family in the marine corps. i know it may not be the best but it has been my favorite.

People doubt us.
They think we're all the same.
We fight to protect their freedom,
Yet all they do is criticize our decisions.
Every day we see our brothers die,
One by one.
But facing reality is the real challenge.
To go back home and live again
Is a thought too hard to face.
But the truth is,
We will never be sane.
When you live your life as a Jarhead,
Nothing will ever be the same.

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Untitled (Vincent W. Paul)

Semper Fi :::Here’s something that I wrote over the holidays. Thought ya might like to read it.

by Vincent W. Paul

While we celebrate the holidays, here in the states, some Marines, in Dress Blues, stand at heavens gates…
While folks take for granted, being free…
they forget that they died for you and for me….
not because they wanted to, but they knew that they had a job to do…
With bravery, courage and and a whole lot more, they unselfishly remain true to the Corp…
All have relatives, children and wives, yet they go in harms way, and they lay down their lives…
For what? You ask…
What is this creed? Well to be a Marine, takes a special breed…
A person unselfish, a person with wit, a person who doesn’t, know the word quit…
A person whose pride is as big as the sky…
Who does what they’ve trained for and is not scared to die…
I speak from experience…
I know what I’ve seen…
Because now and forever I AM A MARINE!

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The United States Armed Forces Veterans

Almost a year ago God gave me the words to this poem. As we fast approach Veterans Day again, I am led to share it once again. I’m so thankful to those who have served in the past, to those who have seen loved ones depart America’s shores for foreign lands of battle, and received a flag folded tri-corner in return. I’m thankful to those who even now prepare another generation to step forth in the Uniform of The United States, to go where they are sent, to obey harsh orders, to stand where no one wants to stand — in front of tyranny, defending justice.

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Poem – I am a US Marine

A United States Marine
Written by: Hershey S. Gehris, CCAM

I am
A United States Marine.
My Tenets are Duty, Honor, and Commitment
in services to God, Country, and Corps.
No matter the Cost;
No matter the Sacrifice
Even to the last full measure;
I will do my Duty.
I will Honor the traditions of those Marines who have gone before me;
As they have passed to me so will I pass to those who follow,
The sword of Freedom, the banner of Courage,
the unblemished Honor of the Corps.
For services without Honor is not our tradition.
I will serve with Honor.
I will be, at all times, always faithful
To my Corps, my Division,
To my Regiment, my Company
To my Platoon, my squad,
To my Fire-team, and to these Tenets
I will be Committed.
I am a United States Marine
I am neither an Ex Marine nor a Former Marine
I am or I am not
For a Marine, there is no middle ground.
I am
A United States Marine.
H & S 1/8

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U.S.M.C. Baby Girl

U.S.M.C. Baby Girl
by Crystal Baxter 2007

I’m a Marine’s baby girl and I’ll always be
Giving up precious time so we can all be free
He doesn’t work 9-5 or get to buy nice things
But still I’m the baby girl of a United States Marine
Even before that day I was born
My daddy has worn that elite uniform
Khaki and green with dog tags to wear
No matter what, I know my daddy will always be there
When he returns from work I nestle in his arms
Protecting me from the surrounding world and any type of harm
He might look scary and sometimes even mean
But here’s my little secret, he’s a softy for his baby girl even as a Marine
I wear my pink as my daddy wears his blues
Daddy and I snuggle on the couch and we love to snooze
Ribbons in my hair and medals on his chest
You can keep your famous dads, my daddy is the best
He’s fought in many wars and stepped on foreign lands
My daddy has held deadly weapons and now he holds my hands
Telling me many stories upon his lap I’ve sat
I love it when people call me U.S.M.C. brat
My daddy goes away so yours can stay at home
Sometimes there are weeks when mommy and I sleep alone
But my daddy always comes back and we tell him the things he missed
Then he hugs mommy and I and gives me a giant kiss
I am the Cadence to which my daddy’s heart beats
With the rank on his collar and the boots on his feet
Just taking one look at my big, brown eyes
My daddy knows why he is Semper Fi
You may call him leatherneck, jar head, devil dog and many other things
But I call him daddy ’cause that’s what he’ll always be to me

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U.S. Marine Grunt

U.S. Marine Grunt
By S. Haffey

We marched and marched some more
And sung about the core
When we got to the town
We all looked around
There was no one to be found
Gunny told us to hush
Explosions and bullets ripped through the air
We were caught in an ambush
I felt the wiz of a bullet go past my ear
Grunts all hit the ground
While rpgs rained down
My friend was hit in the gut
So I moved him into a hut
The fire did not let up
I could hear the cries of the U.S. Marine Grunt
?Core men up front?
I was pinned down in a bend
I knew this was the end
But I had been trained to be a Marine Grunt
So I started to fire, I was the best
As I fired I grew calmer
Then a bullet hit me in the chest
But did not go through my body armor
The bad guys were held up in a fort
So we called in close air support
The battle was over
The next week at the funeral
They played taps as they were put in the ground
We lost ten good men in that god damned town
We all knew they were heaven bound
We went on patrol the very next night
But there was no one around
As we sat in a tight 360 the rain did not let up
We were all on the hunt
This is the life a U.S. Marine Grunt

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USS Cole Poem

Yesterday We Were Parents
by Michelle R. Christman

Yesterday we were parents
We were called mom and dad
I sat and watched the news today
How times over there turned bad

A fear welled up inside me
A chill ran down my spine
The USS Cole was bombed
And she held a son of mine

Fear ripped through my heart
As I searched for any news
Part of me not wanting to know
Part needing to know the truth

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Marine Corps Veteran Poem

by: Sunny Paula Barnhart USMC

Veterans are easy to recognize
By their special swagger
And their shattered eyes
By the way they stand so tall
When the flag is raised
And how they bow their head
When the Lord is praised.
They may have clabbered voices
And brown and mottled skin
A missing arm or leg or eye
But you can see the youth within.
What horrors did they see
What hell did they endure
To keep my flag and liberty secure?
What would our nation be like
Without veteranssuch as these?
Let us remember each of them
When we bow our knees
And may we give all reverence due
To the brave men and women
Who defend the Red, White and Blue.

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