The Hardest Job

Sgt. Grit,

I noticed that you have posted a few poems about Marines and Marine familys i wrote this before basic and never showed it to my mother i would greatly apreciate it if it was posted thank you.

Cpl. Lasse Larsen

The Hardest Job
by Cpl Lasse Larsen

This is mom her job is the toughest in the world.
She is a millitary mother.
Everyday she is strong.
She waits for her boy who may not come home.
Her job is to be strong when I call home.
Cuz its mom that I called when I was scared.
Mom that was there when I broke my arm.
She taught me how to be a man.
How to hold my wife and raise my girls.
To hold my head high.
To love my country and never back down.
She taught me its OK to cry to the pledge.
She is my mom and I do this for her.
For I have learned what mom really means.
Its Mother Of Marine.
SEMPER-FI!! To my M.O.M.

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Who are they?

Who Are They?
By Jim Hattabaugh
18 May~ 2004

Unhonored lives from days of yore~
Bask on shores of unopened doors~
Risking all on their mystery ships~
Slipping farther into obscurity with tightened lips~
Presence of rememberance is afar~
As history holds reality ajar~
Holding the keys to death or life~
They move in shadows without light~
Cornered in the dusk of doom~
While waiting for the final blast of gloom~
Whether they are or not or never were~
As future approaches they sharpen their spurs~
Forgotten ghosts of the past~
They will once again be called to mold and cast~

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Marine Corps Mom Poem

Just to heal a tortured heart
by PMM of SSgt. LeMay, currently serving in Iraq.

USMC Sword

Just to heal the tortured heart: I will relay a hero chart
You know the Marines are built to part
Every two, they deploy to be smart
In preparation they do train, every clime to be prepared.
Come March, they did arrive to impart
A relief to the Army, so they could depart
To see those heroes souls to America cart
Though not to happen, a plan designed the ground be shared.
In the year 04, they felt this change start
Commander Bush needed our best to, again, depart
To fight with vigilant resolve to dart
The insurgent evil in Falloujah was despaired.
As the fight progressed, the public felt this heart
In every note, or news, all felt apart
The headquarters sorted those that would be marte
And every Marine’s work to execute was totally squared.
The battle was pit, as the strategy of tacticians prepared a flip-chart
1st Marines collected prepared to battle this jarvik-heart
As deemed in history, day one saw the honor of the purple-heart
With honor and resolve the Marines did as were dared.
Marines, in true tradition, fashioned their tart
As Echo Company dispatched to mark a head-start
While pinned in an alley, some lost, they diverted with some martial art
Response came to alert, as the enemy strength was stared.
Never to lose their spirit, the Marines advanced on belly to take freedom-heart
Upon a mission devised for compassion, and right-smart
One designed and focused as of Descartes
As the news chatter continued; as politicians compared.
The pundits did chatter in struggle to take part
Of an American election soon to be fought, seeking victory in-part
Upon the lonesome, tough work of heroes a-la-carte
The unfettered Marines continued the fight to restore those spared.
In the Sunni Triangle…the war did impart
Marines doing business without a star-chart
For the love of each other and nation, always state-of-the-art
They pitted their trained skill to destroy the evil laird.
Marines doing business to secure a good start
George W. Bush Crawling, sleepless to prepare love and heart
In a nation of turmoil, skillfully to avoid the destruction to tear-apart
Brave warriors shared, to restore a rose where thorns were shared.
A mother’s love is always perceived pure within her heart
While a Marine’s mother’s love remains hard to pick-apart
The loss of courageous souls of the future provides a kick-start
And carries forward a mission of purpose-n-resolve;
That the history of such heroes always be aired.

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He Is My Marine

He Is My Marine
by Stormy (Lynn) Elliott

Strong, polite, loving,
He is my Marine,
I love him with the very depths of my soul,
We share everything,
Good times,bad times,
We never run out of things to say,
H e makes me laugh when I am down,
He holds me close when I cant sleep,
He is my Marine,
My lover, my soul mate, my life long partner,
I hold him close to my heart,
Always there for each other,
Always Faithful,
Always Strong,
He is my Marine,
I would walk to the ends of the earth for him,
He would hold my hand every step of the way,
He is My Marine

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Hello, God?

The following is a poem written by our niece after her cousin, Branden, was killed in Iraq November 6, 2004;

Hello, God?
by Jocelyn Michelle Hegesi

Hello, God? I know you can hear me and I’m sorry it’s been so long. But God I just have some questions because I don’t know how much longer I can be strong. But God, if you’d just answer my questions, I’m sure things would be alright, because God I have to tell you, it’s nearly impossible to sleep through the night. It seems like only yesterday I was talking to you keeping him safe and God I still remember that feeling of reassurance and how it felt like a deep embrace. But God, things are so different now and I’m not sure if I can move on, But God if You’ll hold my hand tonight I’m sure You’ll help me along. So God, here are my questions and I have to trust that You’ll give me peace. So here I go God, please stop me if they get too deep.

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“Hero” by Erin Walker

This is a poem written by Erin Walker who is engaged to Sgt. Justin D. Cox. (His Unit are Combat Engineers based out of Folsom, Pa.). Justin is a Reservist who recently went active with the Marines, as he feels this is his calling to serve his Country. Shortly after returning back home from his 2nd tour in Iraq (10-04) Justin had seen the ultimate…the loss of brothers and one badly wounded from a daisy chained car bomb while out on patrol. (Justin had served 2 tours in Iraq and not yet reached the age of 21). His fianc?, Erin Walker, was going to college and was given an assignment from her English Literature class. Not to get political, her assignment was to take any opening line from poet Allen Ginsberg, and then finish the poem with any topic of her choice. The attached ending to his poem, "Howl" is her work. It is her desire to honor her friends and fianc?'s 'brothers' who have either given their all or were wounded in the War in Iraq.
Some added notes about Sgt. Cox and his family:

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Brad Featherston

They volunteer country in mind
only wishing to speed up time
fight is the only thing on their mind
yet They train for hours to find
they are the Military’s best find
Of to WAR they go rifle in hand
Fighting until there is an end
an end that isnt seen by many men
They try their best only to find
some people at home arent so kind
yet they press on with hope on their mind
that all at home will find
that they are there protecting
the very freedom they provide.

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Hey Bro

Hey Bro
by Marshal Duval

You’re off again there bro,
To train for the Corps,
The last I saw of you,
Was from the closing of a Door.

Becoming one of the Few,
As you train there all day long,
As you sit there and read this,
Just be glad I’m not singing a song.

They’ll teach you how to Fight,
And even how to kill,
But your absence from home,
Is a hole that no one can fill.

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