Korea 1953

Korea 1953


This is a photo that was taken with my Argus, C-3 camera, some time before July 16th 1953, and the last time I was on line. We were on hill 229; our MLR, our combat Outpost was Kate, hill 128= 2000 yards north, of the trench line at Able Gate. And Our Dog Company 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment Commander was Lt Col. Andrew Geer. Our Company Commanding Officer was Captain Woods, I had been a BAR man in the 3rd squad 2nd platoon 1st fire team for nine months, but had transferred to a 3.5 rocket launcher platoon in May 1953 when the 33rd draft arrived, My good buddy Cliff Kroeber encouraged me to do it. It was an easy transfer handled by Lt. Evans; he knew I had a wife and child waiting for me in Con.US. Before we went on the two MarLEXes = Marine landing EXersizes in May and June 1953 that I have recorded in my diary, and written about in another reflection, I trained on the weapon and became a gunner. Since I had survived a lot of line time for past nine months, and was getting close to being a short timer. Early in the morning after my night watch, I left Able Gate where I was stationed and passed through on my way to the supply point that was on south behind a hill where I would get a 5 gallon can of water; I stopped to say hi to these guys, and took this photo, the five Marines with mud on their bloused pants had been out on one of the patrols that were carried out each night, they probably hadn’t had a lot of sleep, [no we didn’t weekends off, our base pay was $122, $45 combat, $12 overseas; $10 was deducted for insurance each month there wasn’t much need for money since the Marine Corps gave us cloths ammo food, and a place to sleep, so I sent most of my pay home to my wife, Parthene. Keeping enough to buy film and pogy bate from the PX truck when we were off line.

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An Account of “Incoming Fire” over two Gooks

Two Gooks on a Jeep!
By Chris Sarno

It was mid autumn 1951 on the Eastern Front at the Punchbowl sector. I was basically a boot-ass replacement in “A” Company 1st Tank Battalion (Our Company Commander was Capt. Schnell), and I was anxiously awaiting my baptism of fire any day now, as our tank company was operating practically every other day with direct fire combat missions.

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The Fourth Marines in Shanghai, China


While Shanghai is rapidly changing with old buildings giving way to new buildings, there are still many places remaining related to the Fourth Marine regiment's long presence in the city from 1927 to 1941. The 1st and 3rd Battalions of the regiment were deployed to Shanghai in 1927 to protect American citizens and property in Shanghai's International Settlement (the "Settlement") on the Puxi or west side of the Huangpu River (then called the Whampoo River). The 2nd Battalion was deployed to Tientsin, China at the same time and redesignated into another regiment. The 2nd Battalion of the Fourth Marines was reactivated in Shanghai on September 18, 1932 in order for the regiment to be at full strength to effectively defend the U.S. defense sector of the Settlement. The 3rd Battalion was deactivated in Shanghai on December 19, 1934.

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Clinton’s Loathing Letter

Clinton’s Loathing Letter
by Lt. Col. Michael Mark (Reprinted with permission of Military magazine, 2122 28th St., Sacramento, CA 95818. A sample copy of Military may be obtained by writing to the above address)

The story on page 6 about Bob Dole as a young man during World War II contrasts dramatically with what is known about Bill Clinton when he was called upon during time of war. Bob Dole served in the infantry with courage and nearly died from wounds received.

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Col. Mike Lowe’s Speech at Quantico

Col. Mike Lowe’s speech at Quantico

Col. Lowe was invited to be a guest speaker at a formal “Dining In” at Basic School at Quantico and who took the time to actually compose a crowd-friendly, entertaining message.

The following are the remarks of Col. Mike Lowe, the Commander of Marine Corps Base Quantico. These remarks are very much to the point and the Colonel held the absolute attention of everyone at the mess. Colonel James M. Lowe
Marine Corps Base Quantico

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Southern Nevada Devil Pups Pictures

Devil Pup Pictures

Dear Sgt. Grit:

I thought you would appreciate some pictures of our Southern Nevada Devil Pups. If your wondering why these kids are sitting at a VFW Bar, they had just finished 4 hours of “spring cleaning” pulling weeds, mopping, scrubbing floors KP duty and cleaned the bathrooms all for our Veterans.

When I saw them all lined up wearing the shirts you donated, I couldn’t resist the “kodak” moment. These kids have volunteered over 826 hours of combined community service and everywhere they went to serve in the community they wore your Sgt. Grit’s t-shirt “I want to be a Devil Pup.”

Southern Nevada will be sending 21 qualified teens to Camp Pendleton on August 4-13th. This is the first year Southern Nevada has gone over our allotted quota. The turnout of kids wanting to participate was overwhelming and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of dedicated teens.

Please once again accept our sincere thanks for your continued support of this most worthy cause. We will continue to wear your name with honor and respect.

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A Bit of a Ride in the CH53E?

High Flyin Times
By George Kremer

Got to have a small dream realized today and I thought I would share with you.

We are in the middle of the ESPN X-Games, kind of an extreme winter sports competition with skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and motor-cross motorcycles. All in the snow and ice. One of the big sponsors of the event is the United States Marine Corps. They flew out some of their top recruiters for a working vacation along with 2 CH53E helicopters and 2 Cobra attack helicopters. These served as static displays at the event and they did a fly-by over the event itself. Well, needless to say, the Marines were giving rides to the muckity-mucks involved in the event and local government. Nice, round race-track patterns, then back to the airport for another round. Yours truly couldn’t be held back with a team of wild horses and I was taking pictures from the tarmac as I have an airport security pass. Did I mention I just happened to be wearing a certain black ball cap with the Third Recon logo on it and the EGA’s on my uniform collar? Well, Capt. Cambell with the Corps was shooting the breeze with me and asked me if I would like to go up for a bit of a ride in the CH53E?

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Marine Corps Ball Speech

Sgt Grit,
I read every edition of your newletter, and from your articles I am reminded of the pride I feel for my two tours as an FMF Corpsman, and one tour on a Marine Corps District Staff.

On November 10th, the Marine Corps League, Detachment 708, Spring Hill, FL held a Marine Corps Ball. This year they chose to honor the FMF Corpsmen.

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“In Retrospect” of the Vietnam War

Mr. McNamara’s Other War
Published in the Washington Post, Sunday, April 30, 1995

The bitter controversy unleashed by the publication of former defense secretary Robert S. McNamara’s Vietnam memoir, “In Retrospect,” gives new meaning to the words “McNamara’s war.” Having now slogged our way through the book itself, the outpouring of criticism with which it was met at the moment of publication and some of the relevant history of the time, we conclude the following: In a strange way both Mr. McNamara and those who belabor him for not having either resigned or spoken out at at time when he might have hastened the end of the war are saying the same thing. The critics say he should have done one or the other or both. The author provides a devastating case study of a governmental process, which he did much to create and keep running, that all but guaranteed he wouldn’t. He and the others would instead just keep on improvising, trying one more thing, taking one more step, finding one more reason not to do what both he and his critics now wish he had.

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