Parris Island Reunion

Parris Island Reunion

I was at the Island June of 1962 and out posted Sep 13, 1962… I was in Plt 238… our series was 236-237-238 and 239.  I was able to find 150 Marines from this series in the last couple of years.  About 20 of them have passed away.   I worked with 2 other Marine Brothers and we pulled off a reunion at the Island this past April. I would suggest not waiting like we did to do this.  This was one of best things that has happened to us in a long time. We had a ball… We spent two days on P.I. and the last day saw a graduation from the other side of the parade deck next to the reviewing stands. The Marines at the Island treated us so good and couldn't do enough for us.  It was just great.  It had been about 50 years since we had seen each other and we bonded right away. It was one of the best times we could have ask for .  We had 27 Marines and and 17 spouses that attented.   As you can see we are wearing covers that I brought for our group from Sgt Grit.  We bought 37 covers and they did a very nice job on the wording we had done on the back of the covers and treated up right . Thanks to Sgt Grit for all your help.  By the way, there are 7 more Marines that missed this group picture due to being at Colors.

Semper Fi

Court Conkwright

SGT E – 5   

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  1. You marines look like you could still run the obstacle course. I , like you ,led a group of older marines on a similar trip a few years earlier and experienced the same thrill as your group. I’ll bet there wasn’t a dry eye in your group at graduation when they played the Marine hymn….Semper Fi !

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