Pass Down Your Story To Your Future Generations With A Sgt Grit Shadow Box

Let Sgt Grit narrate the story of your Marine Corps service with one of our shadow boxes. Our shadow boxes are made of high quality cherry or oak wood and will display our finest anodized medals, badges, ribbons, patches, dog tags, and devices prominently for you, your family and loved ones to cherish for years to come. We offer shadow box background options that you will only find at Sgt Grit. We also offer a uniquely designed Military Warchest/Shadow box. This product allows for the storage of larger keepsakes that you have collected throughout your time in service.

If you are a Do-It-Yourself Marine you can order your shadow box and accessories all online, but if you want your shadow box to standout and to be squared away let our Production Department Specialist build you a masterpiece. Just call 888-668-1775 and one of our motivated Customer Service Representatives will be honored to assist you with your order.

Check out all of the options that we have available:

12″ x 16″ Display Frame Shadowbox in Cherry or Oak

16″ X 20″ Shadowbox in Cherry or Oak

Cherry Shadowbox & Flag Display Case

Military Warchest/Shadowbox

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