Personalized Cosmetics

Personalized Cosmetics

Just wanted to share with you the enclosed picture of my '98 Ford Explorer to which I added a bit of personalized cosmetics, my bumper had began rusting out which a few holes and blemished chrome. I found some digital camo duck tape would have preferred digital woodland marpat which I could not find and applied to bumper.

I don't tow or have a need for hitches; so, I purchased a dummy grenade, had a boot welded to the bottom and attached to the bumper hitch hole, what a conversation piece this has been! This along with my Vietnam Veteran tag and Marine plate frame has created new friendships as well as those surprising "Thank you for your service" greetings.

I served with the 1st Marine Division in DaNang from Feb '69 to May' 70 I too extended my tour while there; however, was with the 1st pull out or 1970 and sent stateside to HQMC in Arlington to finish out my obligation; Just wish I'd stayed for 20!

Danny Hopkins

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