Poking communist in the eye since 1971

Serving in this timeline I caught the DC military movement by hellivacopter in 1971 from LeJeune Marine Base to surround white house for about a week and went back to go to Camp Hanson Okinawa then on Pacific Fleet movement to Vietnam for Marine removal by Tricky Dicky Nixon. The commies piled up on the South Vietnamese with North Nam and in 1972 nay 140,000 to 165,000 uniform regular Chinese moved to get to Da Nang along the coast were 2nd Pacific fleet came in. In a meeting on ship we all decided to move the Navy boats into Da Nang river and clobber these communist with the big guns when they come through elephant valley, which was a communist blood bath… We used to hit the radio man and piped out his radio to the communist “We are the Marines, We are devil dogs, we are coming for you, we carry this flag so you know whom will kill you, and we bring you a helmet full of hell”. Their ranks lost 50% for their runaways… and marines made them run, run, and run… hahahaha…. and since we had a kill ratio 10 to 20 times higher than the army, they believed us…

John Rowe, P.I. – USMC 1970-76 Vietnam 1971-72 Pacific float B L T 3/4 2/9
Poking communist in the eye since 1971
Marine Airwing, Cherry point N.C.

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10 thoughts on “Poking communist in the eye since 1971”

  1. This article is difficult to read. Basic grammar errors including incomplete sentences. Not sure what his point is. I am not challenging his story. Just that if this person has difficulty in composing written material might suggest he seek someone to edit his composition(s).

  2. I was the Communications Officer of 2nd Bn, 9th Marine Regiment (2/9), 3rd Marine Division from Jan ’71 to Nov ’71. While afloat as the ground combat element of the 31st Marine Amphibious Unit (31st MAU) 2/9 was designated Battalion Landing Team (BLT) 2/9. 31st MAU ( today it’s designated a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)) with BLT 2/9 as its ground combat element (BCE) did conduct ready operations off Viet Nam during the summer of ’71’. 2/9, when not afloat in ’71/’72, was home based at Camp Schwab, Okinawa not Camp Hanson. I made every landing, participated in all exercises and operations 2/9 executed from Jan-Nov ’71 when I was reassigned to 9th Marine Headquarters located at Camp Schwab where I served until rotating stateside in Jan 1972. Maybe Mr. Rowe remembers his tour with 2/9 in the way he described but I sure don’t. M.J. Nielsen USMC (ret.)

  3. I’m not impressed with this individuals remembrances of the time and doubt the wisdom of it being published.

  4. Landed on The Rock May “71–1St MAW-MAG36-HMH462 @ Futema-Went TAD with31st MEW-FMF PAC-on LPH10-USS TRIPOLI- Oct”71-along with HMM165-composite Squadron–OUR “Float ” was nowhere near VN @ that time–We were in Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea-when East Pakistan had it”s “Ordeal” and became Bangaldesh–So evendently he was”t on OUR Float with our 31st MEU–We lost 3 choppers and 11 good Marines-Pilot and Crew on that trip–
    RMD-Crew Chief/Gunner-HMH 462–CH53-

  5. 140,00o-165,000 uniformed Chinese on the way to Da Nang in 1971???????? Really???????????
    I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m with most every body on this story. In April 10 1972 I left K-bay with VMFA 212 for duty in Viet Nam. We were stationed at Da Nang Air Field. This was my second trip and I never herd of Elephant Valley. My first trip took to Hill 37 we called it Happy Valley, I don’t know why. Maybe Harry knows he was at the bridge a little before me, or maybe Top Pro!

  7. I was just thinking if the story was true we would have packed up and gotten the hell out of there.

  8. I’m in agreement with JM Driskell. To the best of my fading memory I was in the 9th Marines late April to September 72. We went afloat during this time. I think it was end of May, early June. All we did was cruise off the coast of Vietnam. Never did go ashore. I think the original poster has forgotten more facts than I have. I’m not saying BS but close to it

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