prisoner and left in dakness/ back in el Salvador 1985

prisoner and  left in dakness/ back in el Salvador 1985

in 1985 I enlisted thinking that I wasn't going to pass the course and I did in 1985 on January 15,1985 I got to san Diego to start my training again I thought I was not going to make but I did and then 6 weeks later we were send to el Salvador,we were there for six month before they told us that some American women got killed and that's when it all began for me and to of my friends we had a few men leave the came were we were camp at and they got captured and myself and 2 other were send to look at area I was a sniper in recon a 2 others with me,we help about 135 escape from were they were kept and we got caught was a prisoner of war for 4 years my two brothers in arm were killed I waited for my turn it never came people from el Salvador help me escape got me all the way to acunia ,Mexico gave money to cross to united states I know I have not spoken to only one other person and that's my wife its Bernhard when you learn that the government never looked for you but make you as killed in action just want others to know,I have received a silver star and other medals,just wanted to tell others don't want it to keep eating with in me

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