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Mr. Paul S. Laskodi, USMC Ret. recently wrote in the last newsletter of Gen LeJeune's signature on a discharge document and it reminded me of a promotion warrant to corporal.

In December 1990, 2/23 Marines were called up in support of Operation Desert Shield/ Storm. I was serving with 2/23 HQSVCO Motor T. We were moved to Camp Pendelton and two weeks later flown to the lovely island of Okinawa. While there we were tasked with becoming the MAGTF and aside from movements to various locals, Korea, Japan, we pretty much remained on the island till the end of the live training excersice in Kuwait. During the later part of our stay a few of us L/Cpl's were put up for Corporal and we went through the riggors of promotion boards.

Then in August we were given our marching orders to the states with no word on who may have been promoted.  Mid September I received a call from my MotorTtransport Chief MSgt. Chris Neville (best in the Corps) to report the next day pressed and polished. I was told to bring my wife and a camera. When my wife and I arrived we were asked to meet in the CO's office where I was to be mertoriously promoted to Corporal.

After the pinning of my chevrons and blood stripping to go along  with them and a few that-a-boys my wife and I went home.

Many years later, while dusting off a few things I came across my promotion warrant and that is when I noticed it had been signed by General James E. Livingston former CO of Echo 2/4 with whom he earned his MOH.

Aside from the birth of my now very adult kids and graduation from MCRD San Diego it will be the proudest moments of my life.

Once a Sgt always a Marine


2/23 MotorT "You call We haul"

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